Agent of Change

The agent of change (AOC) subcommittee is an enabler, convener or agent of empowerment with the objective of supporting the University community to work more actively with private, public and civil society sector partners on sustainability issues, with a particular focus on student engagement. The subcommittee is also looking to scale up broad outreach on sustainability to find new partners and determine how best to leverage current research partners into a broader approach with a strong degree of student engagement. Lastly, the subcommittee is focusing its efforts on increasing sustainability in community-engaged learning courses at the University.

AOC Goals

  • 5000 students/year on AOC projects in the community
  • Develop sustainability-oriented Community Engaged Learning (CEL) principles
  • Sustainability a priority in CEL courses


Fiona Miller, Professor and Chair in Health Management Strategies, Institute of Health Policy, Management and Evaluation, Dalla Lana School of Public Health
Jennifer Murphy, Professor and Associate Chair, Graduate Studies, Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Arts & Science
John Robinson, Professor, Presidential Advisor on the Environment, Climate Change, and Sustainability

Derek Newton, Assistant Vice-President, Innovation, Partnerships and Entrepreneurship
Claire Westgate, Placement & Employer Relations Officer, MScSM Program, University of Toronto Mississauga

Lisa DeMarco, Alumni

Project Managers: Ayako Ariga and Dione Dias