Living Lab

The campus as living lab (CLL) subcommittee aims to bring together faculty members, students, staff, and, where appropriate, external partners to collaborate on developing sustainability projects that combine operational and academic activities. Such projects contribute to the operational sustainability goals of the University while providing an opportunity for research and experiential learning, where students are directly involved in addressing real world sustainability problems of interest to the University. A significant priority of the CLL subcommittee is to find ways to involve students in analysing the sustainability dimensions and implications of operational policies, guidelines, and plans, and to propose improvements in line with good practices elsewhere.

CLL Goals

  • 1000 students/year on CLL projects on campus
  • Global leadership in sustainability standards
  • Signature sustainability projects


Aimy Bazylak, Professor, Faculty of Applied Science & Engineering
Jan Mahrt-Smith, Associate Professor, Rotman School of Management
John Robinson, Professor, Presidential Advisor on the Environment, Climate Change, and Sustainability

Ahmed Azhari, Director, Utilities, Sustainability & Grounds, University of Toronto Mississauga
TBA, Chief, University Planning, Design & Construction, Office of the Vice-President, Operations and Real Estate Partnerships
Jeff Miller, Director, Facilities Management, University of Toronto Scarborough
Ron Saporta, Chief Operating Officer, Property Services & Sustainability
Marc Couture, Director, Sustainability & Energy Management

Project Manager: Dione Dias

Campus as as Living Lab Principles

The concept of living lab projects used at a number of institutions. The CECCS created and adopted a set of guiding principle to help select and categorize what a ‘living lab’ project is for the University of Toronto, regardless of the project’s location at U of T, the type of client involved, or the student, staff, or faculty involvement.

Read the Campus as a Living Lab Principles.

Campus as a Living Lab Projects

There have been many campus as a living lab projects at the University of Toronto. The following are projects that have given their permission to share publicly.

Water Conservation Project at Trinity College: A Rainwater Harvesting Proposal for the Rooftop Garden at North Munk
Xiuyi Wang, Daniel Jubas-Malz, Sam Slisarenko, Mathilde Siderius, Richelle Haynes
Client: Trinity College
12/11/18 Download
A Post-Occupancy Evaluation of the Sidney Smith Student Commons
Min Ah Kim, Harpreet Chohan, Ting-Hsuan Sally King, Michelle Chia, Lauren Tom
Client: Faculty of Arts and Science
Huron-Sussex Laneway Housing: A Net-Positive Community
Andrew Figueiredo, Harrison Gray, Kira James, Perlina Lim, Ria Perrault, Amy Yang
Client: Campus & Facilities Planning
12/11/18 Download
Pre-Occupancy Evaluation of the Physical Geography Building
Craig Klomp, Hillary Kwok, Joanne Lau and Ru Yap
Client: Facilities & Services
12/11/18 Download
Sustainability Office: Engagement Plan & Recommendations
Megan Schmieder, Farida Abdelmeguied, Noor Fatima, Abir Ali, Gurdeep Kang
Client: Sustainability Office, Facilities & Services
Sustainable Building Design Standards
Christopher Ford, Etiosa Igbinakenzua, Junior Osei Wireko, Mbonella Phiri-Nkomo
Client: Campus & Facilities Planning