Responsible Investing

A comprehensive approach to the challenges posed by climate change and sustainability includes a systematic assessment of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors as they relate to the University’s investments.

Considering ESG-based factors – including those linked to climate-related risk – as they pertain to all sectors of our economy is the best approach to issues of sustainability from the perspective of the University’s investments, while simultaneously allowing us to fulfill our fiduciary duties to the University’s Pension and Endowment Fund beneficiaries.

Accordingly, in 2016, the University of Toronto directed its asset management team, UTAM, to expand significantly their application of ESG analysis in investment decisions. UTAM was also asked to report annually on its progress.

UTAM has created a comprehensive Responsible Investment website where it posts its annual reports, as well as details of the approach to responsible investing it has taken.

Please visit the UTAM Responsible Investing website at: