Welcome to Orientation Week 2022

Thank you to all the students who took the time to engage with us during Clubs Days at UTSG, UTM and UTSC! Although we are no longer accepting Sustainable Change Agent pledges for the chance to win great prizes, you will still find below ways you can get involved.

Become a Sustainable Change Agent with these resources and programs!

1. Pledges to become a Sustainable Change Agent

Many students made pledges to be a Sustainable Change Agent on our Jamboards during Clubs Days at UTSG, UTM and UTSC. Please find below links to the results:

UTSG – I pledge to be a Sustainable Change Agent by… – Google Jamboard

UTM, I pledge to be a Sustainable Change Agent by… – Google Jamboard

UTSC, I pledge to be a Sustainable Change Agent by… – Google Jamboard

2. Get involved in the Adams Sustainability Celebration

3. Participate in the Sustainability Pathways Program

4. Follow us on Social Media for a chance to win a Sustainable Prize Give-away

CECCS is teaming up with the Sustainability Office on two Social Media Prize Giveaways during the month of September. To participate, follow CECCS and the Sustainability Office @SustainableUofT. Watch for the Prize Give-away post, like it, and leave a response tagging a friend for your chance to win a Sustainable Prize Give-Away valued at $400!

5. View or add sustainability events to our Tri Campus Sustainability Calendar

  • Login to CNLx and view the calendar for upcoming sustainability events (or view the calendar without logging in here).
  • Submit a sustainability event to include in our calendar
  • Attend any events listed in the calendar to earn credit towards the Sustainability Citizen Program when it launches this fall. Those who complete the Citizen program will have it noted on their Co-Curricular Record (CCR).

6. Sign up for our monthly newsletters

Stay updated with monthly CECCS and other sustainability news on campus.

7. Check out our Sustainability Student Group and Other Inventories

 Adriano Roberto, a graduate student at U of T Scarborough shown here on the roof of Highland Hall, is studying ways to overcome the limitations of Toronto’s current green roof designs to grow food for the city’s residents (photo by Don Campbell).

8. Get involved in the Tri-Campus Sustainability Offices

9. Learn about the University’s Climate Positive Campus Commitment

Ron Saporta, U of T’s chief operating officer, property services and sustainability and CECCS Co-Chair, takes Ehren Cory, CEO of CIB, Karina Gould, families, children and social development, and U of T President Meric Gertler on a tour of the university’s central steam plant (photo by Johnny Guatto).

The University of Toronto St. George campus has pledged to become climate positive by 2050. Learn more about what this means and what they are doing to fulfill this pledge.

Congratulations! You are on your way to making meaningful change on campus!