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Curriculum Innovation

The curriculum innovation (CI) subcommittee supports the development of sustainability pathways as its central priority. Such curricular pathways would provide each undergraduate student with the opportunity to add sustainability learning to their program, no matter what program they are enrolled in, and to be given community-engaged learning opportunities, and develop cross-cutting interdisciplinary skills, in so doing.

Crucial to the development of the sustainability pathways approach is inventories of available courses with sustainability content and community-engaged learning opportunities. The CI subcommittee has overseen the development of the inventories led by the Expanding Sustainability Education (ESE) group comprised of five undergraduate students.

Conor Anderson
Shamaila Bajwah
Steve Easterbrook
Shashi Kant
Bryan Karney
Liat Margolis
Daniella Mallinick
John Robinson
Ayako Ariga

Coming soon

Content about the curriculum innovation at the University will be posted here in the coming weeks. Please check back!