The Operations Subcommittee brings together students, faculty members, staff, and external partners as applicable, to collaborate on sustainability projects with operational and academic activities. It also works on staff training initiatives and tri-campus operational collaboration and coordination.

The Tri-Campus Sustainability Board was a committee created in 2007 to bring together those working on operational sustainability. As its mandate now overlaps strongly with that of the newly created Operations Subcommittee, it was decided to fold the Tri-Campus Sustainability Board into the Operations Subcommittee.

Operations Subcommittee Goals 

  • Involving 1000 students/year on CLL projects on campus
  • Establishing global leadership in sustainability standards
  • Signature sustainability projects

Campus as a Living Lab

The Campus as a Living Lab (CLL) projects aim to bring together faculty members, students, staff, and, where appropriate, external partners to collaborate on developing sustainability projects that combine operational and academic activities. Such projects contribute to the operational sustainability goals of the University while providing an opportunity for research and experiential learning, where students are directly involved in addressing real world sustainability problems of interest to the University. 

The concept of a Living Lab Project is used at several institutions. To aid in creating a common understanding among different partners in living lab projects, the CECCS has created and adopted a set of guiding principles that define what a ‘living lab’ activity is for the University, regardless of the activity’s location at the University, the type of client involved, or the student, staff, or faculty involvement. Although CECCS is not involved in all living lab projects and these principles are not exhaustive of the types of activities going on at the University, the purpose of these campus as living lab principles is to develop a path for U of T to become a leader in integrating operations and academic activity around sustainability on all three campuses. 

Learn more about Campus as a Living Lab here.


Faculty Alumni Student Staff

Marc Couture (Chair)Director, Sustainability & Energy ManagementStaff
Chris ChoiBA Candidate, Environmental Science & Environmental Studies, UTSC Undergraduate Student
Deborah BrownChief Administrative Officer, UTMStaff
Jan Mahrt-SmithAssociate Professor, Rotman School of ManagementFaculty
Karen ShimCommunications Associate in the Office of the Vice-Provost, Academic ProgramsStaff
TBCChief Administrative Officer, Faculty of Arts & ScienceStaff
Andrew ArifuzzmanChief Administrative Officer, UTSCStaff
Ahmed AzhariDirector, Utilities & Sustainability, UTMStaff
Christine BurkeAssistant Vice-President, University Planning, Operations & Real Estate PartnershipsStaff
Jeffrey MillerDirector, Facilities Management & Capital Projects, UTSCStaff
Adam TrotterSenior Planner, University PlanningStaff

Project Manager: Dione Dias