Community-Engaged and Experiential Learning

For more information about CECCS efforts on expanding sustainability Community-Engaged and Experiential Learning, visit our Teaching & Learning Subcommittee page and our Sustainability EL Course Inventory.

Campus as a Living Lab is a unique form of experiential learning that involve students in addressing real world sustainability problems of interest to the University. Learn more about our Campus as Living Lab program here.

The Centre for Community Partnerships works with students, faculty, and community partners to explore and enact a collaborative vision for a better world. Through community-engaged learning and research opportunities, students can learn from and work with community organizations to contribute to a more just and sustainable society. Current partnership opportunities can be found here.

Researchers are encouraged to consult the Researcher’s Guide to Industry Partnerships created by the Innovation & Partnerships Office. External organizations interested in collaborating with University of Toronto researchers and students are encouraged to use Blue Door, U of T’s single point of access which provides a seamless partnership experience that leverages our vast resources to help organizations achieve their goals. Local, national, and global corporations, foundations and other not-for-profit organizations, and local, provincial and federal governments can all benefit from Blue Door. Experts from across the University will connect you with areas that match your needs and identify potential opportunities for you—including ones you may not have considered—to streamline the collaboration process.