Sustainability Citizen Program

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Program Description

The Sustainability Citizen Program on CLNx allows University of Toronto students to receive official recognition for their sustainability related extracurricular activities. The Program is being run in partnership with CECCS and the U of T Sustainability Offices on each campus. 

As part of the Program, students must complete this “Introduction to Sustainability” module on Quercus, as well as a brief reflection module. The rest of the Program consists of activities offered by different student groups and departments at U of T, which are posted in the Tri-Campus Sustainability Calendar on CLNx. Students can choose between activities to customize the experience as they wish. Students can also submit activities for consideration that are not captured in the Sustainability Calendar, for example off-campus community service.

Sustainability Pathways infographic, showing a road going through the different tiers of the program: Citizen, Scholar and Leader

Students who complete the Sustainability Citizen Program will have the option of continuing to the Sustainability Scholar and Sustainability Leader programs. The three programs together form the Sustainability Pathways Program, which clusters courses and co-curricular activities with a common theme of sustainability that allow students to explore sustainability from various disciplinary, methodological, and practical perspectives. 

Our goal at CECCS is to develop and offer these curricular and co-curricular pathways so all students have the opportunity to incorporate sustainability learning into their U of T experience, regardless of the degree program they are in, and to develop cross-cutting interdisciplinary skills.


Students can enroll in the Sustainability Citizen Program by logging in to CLNx using their UTORid and navigating to Program Registration under Programs on the left-hand menu. The general program CLNx dashboard can be found here. Scroll down until you see the Sustainability Citizen Program (listed in alphabetical order) and click the blue Enroll button to the right.

Screen shot showing Program Enrollment on CLNx

Requirements & Recognitions

Sustainability Citizen Program Structure detailing steps of program.

There is a 10-credit completion requirement for Sustainability Citizen CCR (Co-curricular Record) recognition. The Sample Menu of Options below provides examples of different activities that will be available on the Sustainability CLNx Calendar, or that students can request credit for even if they aren’t captured in the calendar. 

1 credit is earned for completion of the Intro Module, which is available here on Quercus. This intro module will introduce students to the concept of Sustainability, as defined by the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The Intro Module must be completed before students can start earning additional credits.  

The remaining 8 credits are earned by participating in activities under the following categories: Events, Community Service/Student Group Campaign, Student Group Executive Service, Conferences, or UTM Global Sustainability Modules.  Participation will be validated by CECCS and Sustainability Office staff via CLNx. 

1 credit is earned for the Final Reflection.

Learn more about the value of CCR opportunities such as this by viewing the CCR Office’s four-part video series on YouTube.

Sample Menu of Options by Category

Note the below examples are not meant to be an exhaustive list; they are meant to provide examples of how credits can be earned based on previous co-curricular opportunities. 

More examples can be found in the Tri-Campus Sustainability Calendar.  

  1. 1 Credit Intro Module
  1. Events: e.g. Ontario Water Works Association Movie Night, Ontario Water Works Association Trivia Night, Green Up Initiative Panel, Sustainable Buildings Network Workshop, Regenesis Eco-Circle, Adams Sustainability Celebration
  1. Sustainability Community Service: e.g. BikeShare UTM, Regenesis Free Store, Hart House Farms, BikeChain, Shoreline clean ups, etc. 
  1. Executive Service or Participation in a Sustainability Student Group Campaign: e.g. UTEA Executive, Zero Waste UTM Executive, SEA Executive, Climate Justice UofT Campaign, Regenesis – Co-VP Fundraising and Campaigns 
  1. Sustainability Conferences: e.g. Rotman Net Impact Conference, STTPA Conference UTM, SEA Conference
  1. UTM Sustainability Modules: e.g. Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Global Sustainability, Systems Thinking and Global Sustainability, Sustainable Consumption. Module descriptions available here. Note these modules are only available to UTM students.  
  1. 1 Credit Reflection

Credit Allocation

10 credits are needed to achieve the Sustainability Citizen CCR.

Sustainability Event 1 credit each
Sustainability Community Service5 hours = 2 credits
Sustainability Student Group Campaign5 hours = 2 credits
Sustainability Student Group Executive Service1 credit
1-day Sustainability Conference2 credits
Multi-day Sustainability Conference 3 credits
UTM Sustainability Module1 credit each


CCR Approved Logo. Build Your Experience. Tell Your Story

1. Who can participate in the Sustainability Citizen Program?

Any student at U of T across the tri-campus. 

2. What is the timeline for completing the Sustainability Citizen Program?

You can enroll and complete the Sustainability Citizen Program from the first day as a student at U of T and have until graduation to complete it. We encourage you to continue participating in sustainability-related activities even after you complete the program!

3. How can I enroll in the Introduction Module?

You can access the Introduction Module here on Quercus. Once you have enrolled and completed the module, take a screenshot of the grades page where your name is visible and upload it to the Sustainability Citizen Program on CLNx as per the below screen shots.

First click on the blue Complete the Sustainability Citizen Introductory Module in Quercus button.

Screen shot showing where to access Intro Module on CLNx

Then confirm you completed the Intro Module by clicking yes, and uploading your screen shot of your quiz results.

Screen shot showing how to upload proof of completion

4. Can I complete all the requirements just from one activity category to complete all the additional 8 credits?

Yes. For example, if you are a member of a sustainability-related club and complete 20 or more volunteer hours (5 hours for every 2 credits, 20 hours for 8 credits total), you are eligible to receive 8 credits for this. Alternatively, you can also receive 8 credits by participating in various sustainability events, conferences, community service, etc.

Adapt the program requirements across the various categories to suit your interests and co-curricular activities!

5. Does paid work (e.g. work-study position) count towards the additional 8 credits?

No, only unpaid volunteer work can count towards the program.

6. Do activities completed online count towards the additional 8 credits?


7. Do activities completed off-campus and/or with non-U of T affiliated groups count towards the additional 8 credits?

Yes. However, we encourage students to find opportunities on-campus to help build a community of sustainability change agents during their time at U of T. 

8. What kind of documentation do I need to provide to show that I have attended a certain sustainability-related activity?

Complete the forms on CLNx for the relevant activity category after you have participated . 

9. Where can I find the Final Reflection Module?

The final reflection module will be accessible on CLNx once you have completed 9 credits.

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