Student Orientation

In September 2023, CECCS participated at Club’s Days on each campus, engaging with students on sustainability initiatives at U of T and becoming #SustainableChangeAgents! There were also opportunities to win some great prizes! Although our Orientation month promotions have ended, below you will find a list of relevant resources and programs.

Become a Sustainable Change Agent with these resources and programs!

Student in SDG circle. I pledge to be a Sustainable Change Agent

1. Sign up for our monthly CECCS newsletters

CECCS newsletter banner, updates from the Committee on the Environment, Climate Change, and Sustainability (CECCS) at the University of Toronto

Subscribing to our monthly CECCS newsletter is a great way to learn about important sustainability news and opportunities that arise throughout the year.

2. Follow us on Social Media

In September, CECCS teamed up with the Sustainability Office on a Social Media Prize Giveaway. The prize giveaway has ended, but students can still stay updated by following us on Instagram @UofTCECCS. Be sure to also follow the Sustainability Offices on each campus @SustainableUofT, @SustainableUTSC, and and @SustainableUTM.

3. Participate in the Sustainability Pathways Program

Pathways logo

4. View or add sustainability events to our Tri-Campus Sustainability Calendar

Screen shot of sustainability calendar

5. Get involved in the Tri-Campus Sustainability Offices

Sustainability Office logo

6. Check out our Sustainability Student Group and Other Inventories

Student doing research on a roof garden
Adriano Roberto, a graduate student at U of T Scarborough shown here on the roof of Highland Hall, is studying ways to overcome the limitations of Toronto’s current green roof designs to grow food for the city’s residents (photo by Don Campbell).

7. Learn about the University’s Climate Positive Campus Commitment

Ron Saporta touring the central steam plant with Karina Gould, Ehren Cory and Meric Gertler
Ron Saporta, U of T’s chief operating officer, property services and sustainability and CECCS Co-Chair, takes Ehren Cory, CEO of CIB, Karina Gould, families, children and social development, and U of T President Meric Gertler on a tour of the university’s central steam plant (photo by Johnny Guatto).

The University of Toronto St. George campus has pledged to become climate positive by 2050. Learn more about what this means and what we are doing to fulfill this pledge.

Congratulations! You are on your way to making meaningful change on campus!