Sustainability Pathways Program

U of T Sustainability Pathways are clusters of courses and co-curricular activities with a common theme of sustainability that allow students to explore sustainability from various disciplinary, methodological, and practical perspectives. We aim to develop and offer these curricular and co-curricular pathways to all undergraduate students to provide each student with the opportunity to incorporate sustainability learning into their program, regardless of the degree program they are in, and to develop cross-cutting interdisciplinary skills.  

With the sustainability curricular pathways at its core, U of T has developed a three-tiered Sustainability U Framework:

Sustainability Citizen – Student completes a certain number of approved sustainability-oriented co-curricular activities (recorded on Co-Curricular Record)

Sustainability Scholar – Student completes a Certificate or Minor in sustainability (recorded on transcript)

Sustainability Leader – Student completes Citizen and Scholar requirements, and adds an experiential learning capstone activity

Sustainability U Framework 

The Framework is to encourage students to incorporate sustainability learning in their curricular and extracurricular activities on a voluntary basis. Recognitions are made on their transcripts (for Sustainability Scholar), Co-Curricular Record (for Sustainability Citizen), or both (Sustainability Leader). 

Sustainability Citizen

The Sustainability Citizen Program allows students to receive official recognition for their sustainability-related extracurricular activities. The Program is being run in partnership with the Sustainability Offices at the three campuses (UTSG, UTM, UTSC).  These Sustainability Offices  will validate the activities of their respective students.  This program is scheduled for a tentative launch in 2022.  

Sustainability Scholar 

The Sustainability Scholar program has been underway across five divisions led by current or former CECCS members: 

We expect to expand the Sustainability Scholar program to other divisions and graduate students.

Sustainability Leader 

The Sustainability Leader Program will give recognition to the students who complete the Scholar and Citizen Programs plus an added experiential learning capstone activity or event development experience.