Sustainability Student Group Inventory

University of Toronto’s 2023-2024 Sustainability Student Group Inventory

The 2022-2023 Student Group Inventory is the 5th edition of this inventory completed by CECCS.

Source: This list includes student group, clubs, societies, unions, and associations at the three University at Toronto campuses and affiliated colleges with mandates that align with the United Nations’ (UN) Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The groups were identified through the U of T Student Organization Portal.

Methodology: The 2023-24 inventory was compiled by first using a set of Python programs, where organization names and descriptions were matched to a set of keywords related to each SDG. The identified organizations and keywords were then manually screened to ensure relevance to the UN Sustainable Development Goals. The resultant list is sortable by Group Name, Campus, Group Description, Primary Contact, Email, and SDGs. 242 student groups were identified, out of a total of 835 student groups (34%) that existed on U of T Student Organization Portal when the inventory was completed in November 2023.

The following table contains the inventory. If you are a member of the U of T community and you believe a student group should be added or removed, or information edited from the inventory, please contact us at

Club NameCampus Club DescriptionPrimary ContactClub EmailSDGs Covered
A Better Day Tomorrow (ABDT)UTMA Better Day Tomorrow (ABDT) aims to raise public awareness about the homelessness situation in Canada. According to Homesfirst organization (2022) around 8,500 people in Toronto are experiencing homelessness on any given day. Through ABDT we would like to raise awareness to the homelessness situation in Canada, and provide resources to those in that situation. We plan to achieve this by collaborating with non-profit organizations such as Youth Without Shelter, Toronto Alliance to End Homelessness (TAEH), Salvation Army, and local shelters. We will be arranging seminars and tabling events to raise awareness about this situation. Furthermore, we plan to take mini field trips to areas experiencing high rates of homelessness such as areas in downtown Toronto. In these mini field trips, we will meet with shelters around the GTA and drop off little care packages with goods and hygiene products. As well, this will allow group members to speak directly to shelter staff, and different organizations to increase awareness about this situation.Alexis KonopnyUTMABDT@gmail.comSDG1, SDG6, SDG8, SDG16
African Studies Course UnionSt GeorgeThe African Studies Course Union represents all students enrolled in African Studies at the University of Toronto. We are an events-based organization that facilitates an increased sense of community and encourages learning that pushes boundaries beyond the classroom. This year, we are hosting African Storytelling sessions, panels on careers, art, and African identities, a theatre production, an art exhibit and spoken-word show, Launch of ELIMU Volume 3, AGM, Co-sponsoring Creative Writing Workshop for racialized students by Prof. Comfort Udah, Collaboration with the Anthropology Students Association. and creative writing workshops, among other things. We also provide support for students related to the African Studies program.Osarieme Martyn Ogbeiwiasc.union@gmail.comSDG4, SDG8, SDG12, SDG16
Ahmadiyya Muslim Students’ Association (AMSA)UTMAMSA aims to spread the true, peaceful message of Islam, dispel misconceptions, promote interfaith dialogue, and provide support to its members. Our motto is “Love for all, hatred for none.” You can expect events such as interfaith dialogues, discussions about religion, charity runs, planting trees, supporting local food banks, and blood drives. AMSA works under the direct guidelines of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Youth Association Canada (AMYA) Sheikhamsa@studentorg.utoronto.caSDG4, SDG16
Ahmadiyya Muslim Women Student AssociationUTSCThe Ahmadiyya Muslim Women Student Association (AMWSA) is a spiritual – faith based student chapter that promotes peace and love for all. It provides students guidance and promotes interfaith importance while completing academic studies in the University.Mahida Shakeelamsa.utsc.lajnaca@gmail.comSDG4, SDG16, SDG5
Appassionata Music GroupSt GeorgeAppassionata Music Group is a non-profit, volunteer organization founded by students from the University of Toronto with a passion for music. We hold 3-4 regular concerts on campus each year, often two more to connect the musical community around campus. We also provide classical music performances in local hospitals, community centres, and senior care homes free of charge, giving patients and residents more opportunities to enjoy live concerts. Since our first concert in 2010, our organization has grown to include students from a wide range of programs, including Engineering, International Relations, Physics, and of course, Music. Having performed at over 100 events over the past 12 years, and with many more performances planned for the 2023-2024 season, we are looking for more musicians to join us! Please feel free to contact us if you’re interested in learning more!Sarina Xiappassionata.musicgroup@gmail.comSDG4
Architecture and Visual Studies Students Union (AVSSU) St GeorgeThe Architecture and Visual Studies Students Union (AVSSU) is a democratically elected student government established in 2014. We represent, and advocate for the rights of the undergraduate student body at the Daniels Faculty of Architecture, Landscape and Design at the University of Toronto. AVSSU dedicates its resources to improve the university experience and create a diverse community for our students. We promote an inclusive environment between all students to build a strong nurturing and connected student experience. Academically, we advocate easy access to resources and facilitate communication between students, professors and the faculty. Outside of the classroom, AVSSU promotes the use of the city as a place of further exploration, a learning tool, through art communities and the urban fabric of the city itself. As the undergraduate programs grow into their place in the Daniels Faculty, AVSSU plans to continuously grow and adapt with them to best serve all of the future students of architecture and visual studies.Zikra Hoteeavssu@daniels.utoronto.caSDG4, SDG11, SDG15, SDG16
Aremanian Students Association UTMThe Armenian Association is a welcoming community that celebrates and preserves Armenian culture. Whether you’re of Armenian heritage or simply interested in learning about this rich culture, you’ll find a supportive network here. We organize cultural events, share insights into Armenia’s history, and advocate for important causes. Join us in creating unity and understanding while embracing the beauty of Armenian traditions and share it with others. Together, we’re building a stronger, more connected community that transcends borders. In addition, our group will connect and collaborate with other cultures to make meaningful exchanges and promote cross-cultural understanding. By forging connections beyond our own community, we hope to build a more welcoming and inclusive society where the diversity of all cultures can be enjoyed and shared together. Join the Armenian Association and be part of a global network dedicated to preserving, celebrating, and advocating for the history of Armenia.Mary Avanessianarmenian.association.utm@gmail.comSDG4, SDG8, SDG16
Aremanian Students' Association (ASA) UTSCThe purpose of the Armenian student alliance will be to provide a platform for Armenian students to build and develop a strong sense of identity, discuss valid concerns, and socialize with fellow Armenians about the status of Armenia and Armenian culture. This will allow them to build or continue to build foundations in their community through learning about students’ experiences, goals, motivations, and academic achievements. The goal of ASA is to enhance the educational, recreational, social, and cultural environment of the University of Toronto Scarborough by valuing the contribution of every member, learning about their cultural experience as fellow Armenians, and participating invaluable discussions while promoting culture and helping the status of Armenians around the worldKarine Daghliansabrina.tomarci@mail.utoronto.caSDG4, SDG16
Aspiring Physicians of TomorrowUTMThe Aspiring Physicians of Tomorrow (APT) organization serves to provide a support network for minority students who wish to pursue a career in medicine or healthcare. This will be done through various workshops and seminars that will link the members of this group to current medical school students, physicians, other professionals, and relevant resources, who will be able to provide guidance, tips and advice regarding the field. The various workshops and get-togethers will take place throughout the school year. This organization will also support general research on current events in medicine and science to keep students updated with the field. The main focus of this organization is to produce a community of support amongst its members so that each member of this organization can feel as if they can confide in their peers for help, whether it be academically, or non-academically related.Sushmita Kiriaspiringphysicians@utmsu.caSDG3, SDG10
Bangladeshi Students’ Association, University of Toronto–St. George Campus St GeorgeThe Bangladeshi Students’ Association works to showcase and promote the Bangladeshi culture both on and off campus. It’s main objective, aside from creating an atmosphere conducive to social networking and cultural acceptance, is to raise money to send to underprivileged people around the world in hopes of increasing social development.Tahseen Galib Pavelbsauoft@gmail.comSDG10
Because I am a Girl- UTSC ChapterUTSCChampions of Change, formerly known as Because I am a Girl, is a Non-Profit initiative under Plan International Canada, and this organization seeks to establish and strengthen subjects of gender equality all around the world. Champions of Change at UTSC is a student-led organization which dedicates to promoting ideas of gender equality around campus in the community, whilst hosting various events which would have direct positive impact on marginalized communities. As a team we hope to inspire other individuals to join us on our journey to creating grounds of equity on our campus and establish a fun platform through which individuals can learn, contribute, and advocate.Thipa Easwarakumarutsc.biaag@gmail.comSDG4, SDG5, SDG10, SDG16
Best Buddies UTSC Student ChapterUTSCBest Buddies is an international organization that promotes inclusivity and works to provide meaningful friendships for people with intellectual/physical disabilities. One-to-one pairings are set up for students that have the availability to commit to spending time alone with their Buddy outside of campus. In addition, monthly group events are held throughout the school year to create fun social networking opportunities for members. Please visit our Instagram (@bestbuddiesutsc), and Facebook or contact us by email if you wish to join our amazing group of volunteers, or learn more about the program! We encourage Peer Buddies and Associate position sign-ups throughout the year! * Peer Buddy: a student at the university who is paired with a Buddy * Buddy: an adult with an intellectual/physical disability, who is paired with a Peer Buddy * Associate: student at the university who attends events, but they are not paired with a BuddySophia Jiangbestbuddiesutsc@hotmail.comSDG3
Bike ChainSt GeorgeBikechain is a non-profit bicycle shop working to make cycling and bicycle repairs more accessible for students and the wider community.Cindy Buibikechainuoft@gmail.comSDG11, SDG13
Black Doctors of TomorrowSt GeorgeBlack Doctors of Tomorrow (BDOT) is an organization dedicated to assist aspiring medical school individuals to be knowledgeable about the medical journey and become better candidates to reach medical school. We plan to achieve our vision through peer-mentorship, research opportunities, workshops, advocacy, outreach, etc.Meredith Blaiseblackdot.cos@gmail.comSDG4, SDG16
Black Graduate Students’ Association (BGSA)St GeorgeThe Black Graduate Students’ Association (BGSA) will engage in powerful discourse of local and international issues and experiences in the Black community. While empowering the community, BGSA also celebrates Black culture. We will be dedicated to host events, initiatives and outreach to support and strengthen our members at UofT and beyond.Jolomi Tosanwumibgsa@studentorg.utoronto.caSDG16
Black Students In BusinessUTSCAs Black students at the University of Toronto Scarborough (UTSC) within the BBA Management program, The Black Students in Business have joined together with the aim of targeting the current under representation of Black youth in our school. The club will serve as a support outlet to address some issues that Black Youth face in their journey through post-secondary education by providing insights and information on resources that can help bridge the gap that currently stands between higher-education and their goals as future students. We will also be providing a community for current Black students within the program and providing support to them as students through community engagement, mentorship programs, and unparalleled networking opportunities with the vision of seeing a tangible transcendence of Black excellence.Angelica Blakeutsc.blackstudentsinbusiness@gmail.comSDG4
Black Students’ AssociationSt GeorgeThe Black Students’ Association (BSA) is the largest representation of self-identified Black students at the University of Toronto. The BSA remains dedicated to the education, experience and empowerment of the Black-Canadian and international community, aiming to represent and foster black culture through community interaction and outreach. In doing so, the BSA coordinates countless events and initiatives with a social, political and academic focus, to support our future leaders.Doyin Adeyemiuoft.bsaexec@gmail.comSDG16
Blankets for T.O.UTSCInspired by the extreme cold in Canada, Blankets for T.O. is a non-profit organization. We focus on helping the homeless through initiatives like blanket distribution. Our primary initiative is to help the homeless brace for the winter by providing them with blankets for warmth. We believe that everyone should have the right to quality of life, and by supporting our cause, we can work towards a better future for those who are less fortunate. However, what makes us stand out is our innovative approach to this problem. Instead of conventional blankets, we distribute thermal blankets, which are relatively superior.Nivedita Upadhyayblanketsforto@gmail.comSDG1, SDG16
Blossom Books UofT Women’s Book Club (UofT BB)St GeorgeBlossom Books is a vibrant club that celebrates the power of reading while fostering connections among women and allies on campus. Our club is a haven where likeminded individuals can come to form friendships and ignite a passion for literature, while also giving back and inspiring the community. Our vision at Blossom Books is to empower women and the community through the transformative power of literature, spreading the love for reading to all ages.Sierra Casolauoft.blossombooks@gmail.comSDG5, SDG16
Bridges U of T Student ChapterSt GeorgeAt Bridges, we are a community bringing together Canadians & international students from around the world through mutual support, friendship, learning, and faith.Shihan Yanguoftglobal@p2c.comSDG4
Buddhism and Psychology Student Union (BPSU)St GeorgeAll U of T students are welcome to attend our social/academic events. Our intention is to create an open (and respectful) forum in which one can discuss the implications of integrating Buddhist, and other spiritual practices with Western medicine/psychology. Bpsu also provides an opportunity for students in the Buddhism, Psychology, & Mental Health (BP&MH) program to develop a strong sense of connection with one another. Those students enrolled in BP&MH are encouraged to join (, get involved, and help build the bpsu community! Visit us at or email ut.bpsu@gmail.comDisti Sanghviut.bpsu@gmail.comSDG3
Cam’s Kids: University of Toronto Student ChapterSt GeorgeAt the University of Toronto, we never underestimate the power and impact of student groups who want to see change. Cam’s Kids is a national not-for-profit organization that is committed to supporting young people struggling with anxiety and promoting mental health awareness. Starting in 2016, the foundation now has chapters of student ambassadors at 21 different Canadian universities and colleges. According to the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH), anxiety is the most common mental illness that impacts young adults. Cam’s Kids aims to help lessen this burden on adults by providing the resources to help students support and empower one another. By running events and fundraisers to raise awareness and provide support, we strive to create a web of interdependence to lessen the burden of everyday anxieties on children and young adults.Melissa Sgambelluricamskids.uoft@gmail.comSDG3, SDG16
Campus ChurchUTSCThe purpose of Campus Church will be to: • Provide A Church FOR students BY students with Pastor Mark’s oversight • Provide a place to believe, belong and be loved • Provide a safe environment to practice beliefs and spiritual self-expression • Hold a Chapel service for students in the middle of the week • Observe holy sacraments (ex. Communion) • Cater to those students who work part-time jobs to pay for school and can’t make it to a church service on a Sunday morning. • Cater to the spiritual needs of students, staff and faculty • Welcome and encourage students to come and observe – you don’t have to be a Christian to come to chapel • Nurture and develop the spiritual aspect of students’ holistic well-being • Show exploring students and new Christians what a church service is like before they find one in the community as they graduateRachel Nimmakayalautsc.campuschurch@gmail.comSDG3
Canadian Feed The Children @ UofTSt GeorgeCanadian Feed The Children @ UofT aims to fundraise for the Canadian Feed The Children charity organization with which we are partnered. We also intend to advocate for child food security, education & welfare within Indigenous Communities in Canada, as well as communities worldwide.Hiyabel Samuelcftcuoft@gmail.comSDG1, SDG2, SDG10, SDG16
Capes for Kids Club (CKC)St GeorgeCapes for Kids is an annual fundraiser run by Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital. Every year, thousands of individuals, teams, and businesses take part in raising money and awareness for youth with disabilities. Our club is committed to ending the stigmas surrounding youth with disabilities, learning about this issue together, and raising funds for Holland Bloorview’s 2024 fundraiser.Emily Shincapesforkids.uoft@gmail.comSDG3, SDG4, SDG15, SDG16
Cards4HumanitySt GeorgeOur mission is to eliminate the stigma that surrounds the act of giving money to people who are asking for funds on the streets. We fulfill our mission by distributing gift cards for food enterprises or businesses that carry hygiene products, in the place of distributing cash. For individuals who are homeless, this provides meaningful access to food, water, and care resources. These gift cards will be distributed during monthly student-led outings, facilitated by the club’s executive members. The club will run events and fundraisers throughout the year in order to purchase gift cards which will be distributed during outings. Our ultimate goal is to provide resources for Toronto’s homeless community by collaborating with community partners, and by generating awareness about issues related to homelessness.Michelle Sueuoftcards4humanity@gmail.comSDG1, SDG6, SDG8, SDG16
Caribbean Studies Students Union (CARSSU)St GeorgeThe Caribbean Studies Students Union (CARSSU) is the academic student group representing all full-time undergraduate students who are enrolled in a Caribbean Studies course or program at the University of Toronto. The overarching objective of CARSSU is two-fold: (a) to promote and advocate for improvements to the Caribbean Studies program at the University of Toronto (St. George) and provide diverse representation and support for members of the Caribbean Studies Program and (b) to organize with its membership to advocate for the betterment of the Caribbean region and its diaspora, through knowledge sharing in social and community-based programming. CARSSU’s intent is to organize with students to advocate for the betterment of the Caribbean Studies program, while addressing the issues of Eurocentrism and lack of interdisciplinary courses amongst mainstream subject matter. Recognizing that academic experiences are closely linked to the many systemic barriers that students face in academia, CARSSU works to address these issues, while providing a space for critical thought. These spaces include and are not limited to the University of Toronto Journal of Caribbean Studies (Caribbean Quilt) published annually by CARSSU. As the only student organization that both represents Caribbean Studies students, and lobbies for the betterment of those in the region and its diaspora, CARSSU has a unique focus on academics, as well as community and social development. CARSSU strives to not only showcase the complex and profound history, political climate, and socio-cultural environment of the Caribbean region but, also to raise awareness for issues that are affecting the region and continuously hold ourselves accountable as diaspora representatives.Alyssa Nursecarssu@utoronto.caSDG4, SDG13
Center for New Immigrant Well-Being (CNIW) – University of Toronto Student ChapterSt GeorgeCNIW Students & Youth Committee’s vision is to preserve CNIW’s heritage, raise future leaders and decision-makers, and build a platform that will enhance the quality of life, health, and well-being of the younger Chinese Canadian generations. Our mission includes: (1) Provide volunteer and work opportunities; (2) Organize or host youth-led events for health promotion and knowledge dissemination; (3) Provide youth mental health support services in Chinese; (4) Empower youths to reach their full potential in both academic and career developmentYang Louinfo@cniw.orgSDG3, SDG4
Champions of Change UTM (COCUTM)UTMWe are a non-profit campus group affiliated with Plan International Canada made of young advocates. Like our parent organization, our mission focuses on social and economic barriers that transgress the rights of some of the world’s hardest-to-reach youth. Our call for gender equality and empowerment extends from our local community to communities around the world in hopes of addressing the root causes of such injustices (e.g. child marriage, domestic violence, inaccessible education, neglected healthcare). You can find us tabling on-campus, hosting events such as workshops, panel discussions, and socials, as well as on social media @championsofchangeutm. Learn more about our work at championsofchangeutm.comTehreem Iqbalteam@championsofchangeutm.comSDG3, SDG4, SDG5, SDG10, SDG11, SDG16
Charitable Organization of the Speech and Auditory DisordersUTSCThe sole purpose of this club and everything this club will work towards will be to provide charitable donations to people with Speech and/or Auditory disorders that are financially struggling to get the treatment they need. We make educational videos on our Clubs social media and Website about Speech and Auditory disorders to raise awareness for such disorders to encourage people to make donations for patients with speech and/or hearing disorders that are financially struggling to get the treatment they need. We create educational and entertaining events on the school campus to raise funds for patients who can’t afford Speech and/or auditory therapy to receive the treatment they need. We increase students’ knowledge and awareness of the different Speech and Auditory disorders, and we aim to get rid of any negative stigmas associated with people with such disorders. We support the Speech and Hearing community as we work directly with the University of Toronto to make donations to people that can’t afford treatment who are struggling with Speech and/or Hearing disorders. We create fundraisers, workshops, and events that are enjoyable for students to raise funds for people in need to get the treatment they need (Speech and Auditory Disorders). We maintain the highest moral standards.Amir Elmicharitableorganization.s.a.d@gmail.comSDG4
Choose Humanity Club at the University of TorontoSt GeorgeThe University of Toronto Choose Humanity Club is an initiative aimed at creating awareness on the Chinese Communist Party’s violent persecutions of peaceful religious, ethnic, and pro-democracy groups in China, along with all individuals whose fundamental human rights are infringed by the CCP.Jerry Yanjerryzhixi.yan@mail.utoronto.caSDG4, SDG16
Green Up InitiativeSt GeorgeThe Green Up Initiative's goal is to encourage environmentally friendly actions by nurturing our understanding of the impact of our lifestyles on the environment. We provide opportunities for students to practice environmentally friendly actions through events such as DIY workshops, talks, and more. We hope to create a  community where like-minded individuals can come together and engage in larger-scale environmental reforms.​greenupinitiative@gmail.comSDG12
Climate Justice UofT: The Student Voice on Environmental JusticeSt GeorgeClimate Justice UofT is a student-led activist group working toward climate justice and a #FossilFreeFuture at UofT. We are working hard to build solidarity and momentum for real, substantive, and progressive moves toward equity and justice. In addition to organizing the fossil fuel divestment campaign at UofT, we also organize panels, workshops, rallies, protests, socials, and a book club, all centered around themes of environmental and social justice. We’re always welcoming new members — email to find out how to get involved!Erin Mackeyclimatejusticeuoft@gmail.comSDG4, SDG10, SDG13, SDG16
Communist Party of Canada / Young Communist League of Canada ClubSt GeorgeThe University of Toronto branches of the Communist Party of Canada and the Young Communist League of Canada.Samir Mechelsamir.mechel@mail.utoronto.caSDG16
Council For Exceptional Children, OISE/UT Student Chapter 1175St GeorgeThe Council for Exceptional Children (CEC) is an international community of professionals who are the voice and vision of special education. The CEC OISE/UT Chapter 1175’s mission is to improve, through excellence, professional development, resource-sharing, and advocacy. The student chapter will accomplish our goal by providing professional learning opportunities, which will help students and members of the education community achieve the skills and resources necessary for effective professional practice. The CEC OISE/UT Chapter 1175 organizes a variety of workshops throughout the year, which cover a range of topics related to special education. Workshops might cover topics such as gifted education, learning disabilities, ADHD, autism, brain-based research in neuroscience, behaviour management, sensory processing disorder, mindfulness training for students with exceptionalities and much, much more. Monitor your UTOR inbox for updates from your Program Liaison and our Communications Officer about upcoming workshops.Abigail Machadocecchapter1175@utoronto.caSDG3, SDG4, SDG16
Dalla Lana School of Public Health Students’ AssociationSt GeorgeThe PHSA is the representative body of masters and doctoral students enrolled in the Graduate Department of Public Health Sciences at the Dalla Lana School of Public Health at the University of Toronto.Losang Sadutshangdallalana.phsa@utoronto.caSDG3
Diaspora and Transnational Studies UnionSt GeorgeThe vision of the Union of Diaspora and Transnational Students is to provide a milieu of discussion and intellectual engagement for students who would like to reflect on their experiences of migration and/or diaspora. The purpose of this union is to bring together students, faculty members, staff and alumni, from all disciplines, who share an interest in the dispersion of people from their original homeland and aftermath of such migration.Erica Matsuidtsu.uoft@gmail.comSDG15, SDG16
Dig In! Campus AgricultureSt GeorgeThe Dig In! Campus Agriculture Network exists to support, empower and grow small-scale, sustainable food production at the University of Toronto. We represent a network of autonomous urban agriculture projects, rooted in particular colleges, campus organizations, and academic departments. We welcome everyone from the UofT community and beyond to garden with us!digin@regenesis.ecoSDG2, SDG3, SDG13, SDG15
Diversity in STEMUTSCThe purpose of Diversity in STEM will be to diversify the field of science, technology, engineering and math through hosting a diversified field of speakers who will give insight and tips on how to overcome barriers present in this field.Samarasinghe De SIlvadstemutsc@gmail.comSDG16
Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Graduate Student Association (EGSA)St GeorgeRepresents the interests of graduate students in the department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology.Jill SandersonNoneSDG15
Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Undergraduate Union (EEBU)St GeorgeThe Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Union (EEBU) is a student-run organization devoted to providing Ecology and Evolutionary Biology undergraduates with various academic services, social activities, and resources. The Course Union holds many events each year including educational seminars with guest lecturers, field trips, nature hikes, movie nights, and socials. EEBU also offers students previous years’ tests, course information, advice on lab write-ups, test-writing, and course work. The EEBU executive serves as representatives for the Ecology and Evolutionary undergraduates to the Arts and Science Student Union (ASSU), who in turn represent the interests of all undergraduates to the Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Science. The EEBU office is in RW 536 (Ramsay Wright Laboratories Room 536) and run by a network of volunteers. All full-time U of T St. George undergraduate students enrolled in a course or program offered by the Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology are members of EEBU. If you are interested in becoming involved or finding out more about the many resources we have available to us, contact us at or just stop by our office in RW 536.Silas Peterseebu.mail@gmail.comSDG8, SDG15
EmpowART UofT – Student ChapterSt GeorgeWe aim to increase the use of painting and other visual art media as a healing tool in hospitals, senior homes, and rehabilitation centres while empowering students to be leaders and take control of their volunteering experience. Students will lead fun and interactive painting workshops through step-by-step instruction. We hope to cater towards patients that are recovering from traumatic injuries and to help alleviate loneliness in hospitals and long-term care facilities. Our goal is to also serve as a reflective space where we can share our experiences and collectively grow our skillset to make a stronger impact on the community.Cecilia Tsaiuoft.empowart@gmail.comSDG16
Engineers In Action – University of Toronto Student Chapter (EIA – U of T)St GeorgeThe Engineers in Action University of Toronto Student Chapter, formerly the Bridges to Prosperity University of Toronto Chapter, is a group of students dedicated to raising awareness and making a positive impact on student and global life. At the University of Toronto, we work to enrich student life through educational events and speaker series, allowing students to apply their education in meaningful ways. This includes events such as bridge design workshops, AutoCAD and construction skills workshops, as well as guest lectures from professional engineers and UofT alumni. Globally, we help bridge the gap of isolation in developing communities around the world through the strategic funding design and construction of footbridges for communities facing impassable obstacles. We provide the infrastructure that enables isolated communities to access health care, education, and economic opportunities. So far, our chapter has completed footbridge projects in Guatemala, Bolivia, and eSwatini.Emily Hueia.uoft@gmail.comSDG3, SDG9
Engineers Without Borders, University of Toronto Student ChapterSt GeorgeEWB UofT catalyzes changes that address the root causes of poverty and inequity by investing in people and ideas. We’re a tight-knit community looking for leaders who ask tough questions, strive for continuous growth and share a common interest in social change and global development. We are the biggest chapter of EWB Canada, and have six project- and learning-focused portfolios: Youth Engagement, Sustainability & Environmental Justice, Cyber Ethics & Digital Rights, Indigenous Reconciliation, Policy & Advocacy, and Local Poverty Alleviation.Ashna Jainuoft@chapter.ewb.caSDG1, SDG4, SDG9, SDG10, SDG16, SDG13
EnviroCare Organization (ECO)UTSCA student-led environmentalist group at UTSC, which serves to increase local environmental sustainability at the UTSC campus and surrounding community, to plan and execute various eco-friendly initiatives and projects, to spread environmental awareness and education, and to provide a social platform for like-minded environmentally conscious individuals.Pascal Cheungeco.utsc@gmail.comSDG13, SDG16
Environmental and Physical Sciences Students’ AssociationUTSCThe Environmental and Physical Sciences Students’ Association (EPSA) is a Departmental Student Association (DSA) with the purpose of acting as a link between students and faculty within the Department of Physical and Environmental Sciences at the University of Toronto Scarborough. Our goal is to continually act as a voice for students enrolled in a specialist, major and/or minor program in the physical and environmental sciences, addressing and relaying their concerns to the administration, faculty, and other student organizations when and where found appropriate. EPSA strives to foster a collective vision and purpose among our membership, while serving as a comprehensive resource for students who look for assistance and/or guidance with their education. We encourage the interaction and exchange of ideas between the students and the faculty through mingling and networking events. By providing our members with information and academic resources, we also hope to provide you with social forums to meet other people and to get involved at UTSC!Patricia Lumantopresident@myepsa.caSDG13
Environmental Students’ UnionSt GeorgeThe Environmental Students’ Union is a student-run organization representing the students enrolled in the programs of the School of Environment and affiliated departments. ENSU acts as a liaison between students enrolled in the programs listed above and the corresponding faculties. If you are having academic or social difficulties, don’t hesitate to come talk to us. We always welcome feedback on environment-related programs and courses. ENSU’s aim to promote environmental awareness in the student community is realized in the organization of social events and offering information on the various environmental programs at U of T. These programs range from the undergraduate to graduate level, offering a variety of environmental career paths available to students, and general information on sustaining our individual lifestyles, our campuses and the planet.Jiazhen Sunensu.utoronto@gmail.comSDG13
Equity Studies Student Union (ESSU)St GeorgeResist • Dismantle • Reimagine The Equity Studies Student Union (ESSU) is a student-run course union that represents the Critical Studies in Equity and Solidarity program, supporting students in exploring course concepts while dealing with world issues. ESSU functions to promote the program as well as provide a voice and resource for our membership, individually and as a collective. Arts and Science students on the St. George campus enrolled in the Critical Studies in Equity and Solidarity program (major or minor) or enrolled in a minimum of 1 CSE course will be permitted to vote/run in ESSU elections. However, general membership is not exclusive, and there are no membership fees. Anyone from the University community is welcome to attend our events.Aleeya Middletonuoft.essu@gmail.comSDG4, SDG10, SDG16
Ethics Society and Law Student AssociationSt GeorgeThe Ethics, Society, and Law Students’ Association is the undergraduate course union for the Ethics, Society, and Law program at the University of Toronto. We are open to any student who is interested in this program. We strive to supplement the curriculum by providing various socials and academic seminars throughout the year. Joining our student association, we hope that you will find a community of like-minded, yet diverse students who share your passions.Ashley Hiltoneslsa.president@gmail.comSDG16
Every Nation Campus (ENC) – Student ChapterSt GeorgeEvery Nation Campus is a multi-ethnic Christian group at the University of Toronto. Our mission is to help students “Follow the Call” – which means to find God, and find your purpose. We host all types of student gatherings from bible studies, to small groups exploring relevant topics, student conferences, to games nights and other fun hangouts. We also give students an opportunity to serve at Adam House, a support and advocacy home for refugees in Toronto. We are affiliated with Every Nation GTA, a church that meets on campus at Innis College for worship on Sundays and with Every Nation, a global network of churches and campus ministries.Charlotte Sonnenberghello@everynationgta.orgSDG10
Food Security AnalyticaUTSCFood Security Analytica (FSA) aims to collect and distribute data on food security at UTSC, which is the availability of affordable and nutritious food, by highlighting the role that food-related social services such as the Food Centre play within it. FSA serves to educate the student body about its food security situation, to communicate usage statistics of food-related social services, as well as to reduce the stigma regarding social service use and to find ways to improve the current system in place.Maria Barsamyanfsaclub.utsc@gmail.comSDG1, SDG10, SDG2, SDG16
Foresters’ ClubSt GeorgeThe Foresters’ Club aims to build and maintain a community of undergraduate students who are enrolled in forestry programs, forestry courses, or have a general/career interest pertaining to the field of forestry and foster a positive and academically encouraging environment to students taking forestry courses. Through events (social, environmental, and athletic), club members and a dedicated executive team, we aim to build a community of students, faculty, and staff that will remember their times at Forestry for the years to come. The club also maintains ties with the Forestry Graduate Students’ Association in order to provide mentorship to club members and to participate in athletic competitions and casual activities.Andrej Askovica.askovic@mail.utoronto.caSDG13, SDG15, SDG16
Formula For Our Future (TFFOF)St GeorgeTFFOF brings together business-focused individuals to promote sustainable life and business practices. We want to stress the importance of living your life with an environmentally friendly conscience and ways we, as future business leaders, can implement and advocate for sustainable practices in our organizations. Through educational social media posts and fun events, we are bringing together a community of people that believe that change can and should happen.Eryn McDevittuoftffof@gmail.comSDG13, SDG16
Future Black PhysiciansUTSCFuture Black Physicians (Community of Support UTSC Student Chapter) – FBP – is a club that was created to raise awareness about the highly disproportionate amount of black physicians in canada, provide support and opportunities for racialized students whom’s goals are to work in the medical field, work as a cohesive body to collaborate with campus groups within UTSC and stakeholders external to UTSC.Wizya Gyssagarafbp.utsc@gmail.comSDG8
Future-Living LabSt GeorgeWe are a student-run innovation lab with a passion for exploring the future of sustainable building design and pushing design innovations. Our team consists of architecture and engineering students from the University of Toronto. We focus on conceptual building designs while merging our collective interests in sustainability, building science, architecture, and structural engineering. Our aim is to provide students with hands-on experience through various building projects to promote and enrich quality of life, strengthen communities, and raise environmental awareness. We provide opportunities to participate in design studio workshops, seminars with industry experts, field trips, and prototyping projects.Isha Dinesh, SDG11, SDG13
Global Health Students' Association (GloHSA)St GeorgeThe Global Health Student Association (GloHSA) is a group dedicated to promoting and supporting the Global Health Major and Specialist programs at the University of Toronto. We serve as the primary contact between students and the Global Health programs, providing information and resources about program requirements and career paths. Our mission is to build and strengthen the Global Health community at UofT by providing opportunities for social engagement, networking, and career development. Join us to learn more about Global Health and connect with like-minded individuals!Bay Bahriglohsauoft@gmail.comSDG3, SDG16
Global Medical Missions AlliancesSt GeorgeGlobal Medical Missions Alliance strives to mobilize aspiring and established Christian healthcare professsionals for mission-minded roles both at home and abroad. Our core values are H.E.A.L a) Help local churches to fulfill medical mission work around the world through connecting, teaching, and training. b) Empower the next generation of healthcare professionals to advance into the medical mission field through mentoring, training, supporting, and providing mission opportunities. c) Awaken mission-minded healthcare professionals to fulfill the great commission through networking and partnering. d) Link healthcare professionals with global organizations and mobilize them. All are welcome to join!Deborah Leegmma.toronto@gmail.comSDG3
Global Research and Consulting University of Toronto Student Chapter (GRC Toronto)St GeorgeGRC is a nonprofit, founded at Wharton and Harvard, with the mission of helping global NGOs and social impact startups achieve their goals while simultaneously empowering students to give back to the global and local community. Housing over 19 branches and 1000+ active members across top universities around the world, join us in our continuous pursuit of interdisciplinary research to understand and inform innovations in private, public and social sectors. Members from all disciplines are welcome to engage in the GRC, with many different possible skills to build and portfolios to develop. The GRC engages with many non-profits all across the world each year to conduct research and pro-bono consulting projects in providing solutions to fit each unique organization’s need, which are then implemented to create real world impact! Getting involved could mean working directly on projects, writing insights articles, or working in our internal portfolios, such as creating marketing material, developing external relations, or managing the operations of the chapter. There is something for everyone in the GRC Toronto chapter – for those who wish to join a close knit, dynamic learning environment, the GRC is the group for you.Audrey Vairtoronto@grcglobalgroup.comSDG4, SDG11, SDG16
Global Spark UofTSt GeorgeOur mission is to spark the next generation of leaders, ideas, and solutions to tackle the world’s most pressing challenges. Global Spark educates and mobilizes thousands of university students in STEM, business, and social sciences in social entrepreneurship and global development. Our goals are: To provide an immersive and interactive learning experience for multidisciplinary students at UofT and beyond to understand social entrepreneurship and global development To help create the next generation of global thinkers to solve the world’s toughest problems Our methodology: Every year, we host several professional development events for students at UofT and beyond to participate in. Since its inception in 2017 as Global Engineering Week, Global Spark has impacted over 5,000 students at U of T alone. Activities include: A keynote speaker series from industry and academia (past speakers have included Professors Amos Winter and Dan Frey from MIT) A social impact hackathon: Through this event, participants will be challenged to understand the key stakeholders involved, the economic and long-term feasibility of proposed solutions, and the unintended consequences of actions. This multidisciplinary social hackathon bridges the gap between international development, business and engineering. A social impact consulting program: where students work with real-life non-profit organisations to solve a problem for them, with the support and mentorship of young professionals experienced in non-profit work and consulting. Through this, students gain hands-on experience interacting with community organizations, developing and pitching pragmatic real-world solutions, and receive direct mentorship. Curriculum integration: We have partnered with the UofT Engineering Faculty since 2017 to introduce real-life global development case studies, speakers, examples, and readings into the engineering curriculum and beyond, impacting 2,500 students in the classroom alone.Armin Kusmiccontactus@globalspark.worldSDG4, SDG8
Google Developer Student Club – University of Toronto St. GeorgeSt GeorgeThe Google Developer Student Club is an initiative backed by Google Developers to bring developer technology closer to students in universities and colleges. Our aim as a club is to impact and empower students through learning about, understanding, and reflection on the latest and greatest in technology. We wish to encourage innovation through speakers, workshops, as well as hands-on community projects.Aurorauoftgdsc@gmail.comSDG4
Graduate Environmental Students’ AssociationSt GeorgeThe Graduate Environmental Students’ Association fosters a sense of community at the School of the Environment, and represents graduate students’ interests within our programs.Prarthana Narayanangesa@utoronto.caSDG13
Graduate Super Women Engineers University of Toronto (GradSWE)St GeorgeWe are a U of T graduate student group of self-identifying women engineer volunteers working to build a supportive and inclusive community for students in STEM at U of T. We are supported by the Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering and organize community building and professional development events for the graduate students throughout the academic year. We are also engaged in collaborating with and supporting other student groups on campus. Our vision is to be a supportive, inclusive and diverse community catalyzing change for self-identified women engineers and their allies by promoting equity, dialogue, and action at the University of Toronto. We hope to achieve our vision using this mission and these goals: . Creating a social space for open discussions where students can engage in meaningful conversations with their peers and professionals that will help them to navigate opportunities and challenges of graduate life . Collaborating with organizations within the university and beyond to create positive change around inclusivity, diversity, mental health and wellness in engineering . Fostering social leadership and professional development through events and campaigns that evolve dynamically as our community growsClara Phillipsgradswe@studentorg.utoronto.caSDG3, SDG4, SDG5, SDG8, SDG10, SDG16
Green Chemistry Initiative (GCI)St GeorgeThe Green Chemistry Initiative (GCI) is a student-run organization based in the Department of Chemistry in the University of Toronto. We aim to provide green chemistry resources in order to promote sustainability in chemistry research and education. Since the start of the GCI in September 2012, we have established ourselves as a reliable source of green chemistry information by hosting an ongoing Seminar Series, an annual Symposium, and a weekly Trivia Challenge. Through these regular events, we cover a large variety of topics related to green chemistry and sustainability, which demonstrate applicability across all areas of chemistry. We have a large group of members who are all passionate about promoting green chemistry. Everyone’s personal interests have also allowed us to branch out and grow our list of projects, including undergraduate curriculum development, a video series on green chemistry, community outreach events, proper disposal of chemical waste, and energy reduction campaigns, among others in development. For a more complete description of each initiative, check out our list of current projects here.Francisco Yarugreen.chemistry@utoronto.caSDG7, SDG12
Habitat for Humanity UofT Student ChapterSt GeorgeThe Habitat for Humanity UofT Student Chapter (UofT HFH) aims to coordinate with Habitat for Humanity GTA to provide students with volunteer opportunities while simultaneously bringing awareness to the issue of housing insecurity across the GTA. Through collaborating with Habitat for Humanity, we hope to bring awareness to the variety of work that the organization does whether this is in through volunteer work in the ReStore, community build days, or fundraising projects. UofT HFH is open to all students interested in housing justice, or those looking to get involved in the community.Rachel Shimonovr.shimonov@mail.utoronto.caSDG8, SDG11, SDG16
Hart House Student Farm CommitteeSt George, UTM, UTSCThe Hart House Farm is an actual farm and much more. It’s an 150 acre property located on the Niagara Escarpment, in Caledon Ontario, just 55 km northwest of Toronto. Since 1949 it has been owned by Hart House and managed by the students and alumni of the Farm Committee and Hart House. The Farm Committee has a fivefold mandate: – Creating developmental policies within a sustainability and equity framework, including land use and building renovations. – Organizing social activities at the Farm and on campus, including four seasonal events: Cider ‘n Song, Winter Carnival, Sugaring Off and Midsummer’s Eve. – Organize farm workdays, whereby Committee members partake in activities such as sugar bush maintenance, small agricultural projects, wood splitting and trail maintenance. – Overseeing the proper use of Hart House Farm by various groups. – Work in alliance with campus groups to promote sustainability. Volunteers are always welcomed! For more information, please visit: Facebook: Microsite:, SDG4, SDG10, SDG15
Hart House Student Social Justice CommitteeSt George, UTM, UTSCThe mission of the Hart House Social Justice Committee is to raise awareness of social justice issues through proactive engagement in partnerships, networks and the student body as a whole. We seek to facilitate deep dialogue based around awareness, appreciation, and action into the lives of individuals and communities within and around the University of Toronto. Through broad-based programmes that engage to the entire student body, we aim to introduce many different issues and opportunities for participation around Social Justice. Our events are free, accessible and secular. Pillars:  Sustainability  Equity  International and Community Development  Empowerment through Education The Hart House Social Justice Committee (SJC) is dedicated to raising awareness about social and environmental issues by hosting events that provide an open forum for members of on- and off-campus social justice groups to meet and collaborate. SJC values involve equity, activism and action. The primary purpose of the SJC is to connect students and community members to opportunities for education and participation, and to encourage involvement in social justice projects. The SJC seeks to provide accessible and creative ways to learn about a range of social justice issues. Programming includes: – Social Justice Awareness Week provides programming that encourages involvement and reaches out to groups doing work in areas of social justice – Workshops and Coffee Houses explore how to deal with a range of social issues affecting our community – Community Kitchens bring student community members together to learn how to prepare nutritious meals while expanding their knowledge of food-related social justice issues For more information, please visit: Facebook: Twitter: Microsite: Administrative Officesocialjustice.harthouse@gmail.comSDG4, SDG8, SDG10, SDG11, SDG13, SDG16
Health and Disease Student Association (HDSA)St GeorgeWelcome to the Health and Disease Student Association (HDSA), a club for students majoring/ specializing in health and disease at our university. We strive to create a community that offers unwavering support to the students and promotes the program’s excellence. Through engaging activities, events, and other opportunities, we connect like-minded individuals, raise awareness about health issues, and provide valuable resources and career opportunities. Come join us at HDSA to connect, learn, and succeed in the field of health and disease while making a positive impact on our campusCrystaleene Soegihartohnduoftsa@gmail.comSDG3
Health and Society Students’ AssociationUTSCHSSA collectively represents the students enrolled in all full- and part-time studies in the Health and Society (Health Studies) academic programs at the University of Toronto, Scarborough Campus. This includes the population health, health policy, and health humanities programs of study. HSSA functions to enhance the academic experience of students in the following ways: – The creation of a community whereby students can interact with each other within common academic interests in a safe, equitable and accessible environment. – Providing advisory services for students within the Department of Health and Society, such as mentorship and networking events. – Working with faculty to assess and improve courses offered by the Department of Health and Society to ensure progression of the department’s academics with the interest of the student body. – A place for students at the University of Toronto Scarborough to voice their opinions and concerns regarding academics, administration and faculty in a safe and open environment. – Serving as a bridge between the students enrolled in Health and Society academic programs and respective faculty to mediate concerns held by the student body and to enhance the undergraduate experience for students.Radeshkiran Ratnakumarutsc.hssa@gmail.comSDG4, SDG10, SDG11
Health Occupations Students of America (HOSA)UTSCThe Health Occupations Students of America – UTSC Chapter (HOSA UTSC), is an organization that strives to provide students with the skills they need to successfully pursue careers in the health science industry. We offer a wide range of categories that cater to the diverse interests of our members. Through weekly category lessons, workshops and events, we aim to enhance our member’s knowledge, skills, and understanding of the healthcare industry. Some of the events we hold throughout the school year will involve hands-on simulations for members to apply and practice their theoretical and technical knowledge within practical scenarios to develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills.Jielin Xiahosautsc@studentorg.utoronto.caSDG3, SDG4
Health Policy, Management and Evaluation Graduate Students’ Union (HPME-GSU)St GeorgeThe Institute of Health Policy, Management and Evaluation (IHPME) in the Dalla Lana School of Public Health is home to the Institute of Health Policy, Management and Evaluation Graduate Students’ Union (IHPME-GSU). The IHPME-GSU is an advocate for the students and engages in furthering the student experience through research, networking and innovation, the provision of educational resources and career development support. The IHPME-GSU represents all students in the Graduate Department of IHPME, in both the research and professional streams. The IHPME-GSU is headed by a democratically elected Executive, whose roles and bios can be found on the IHPME-GSU webpage at About Us If you are interested in becoming a part of the HPME-GSU Executive, HPME-GSU Sub-Commitees or if you have any comments, questions, or suggestions, please don’t hesitate to contact us by e-mail at We look forward to working with you! The new address is: Institute of Health Policy, Management and Evaluation Graduate Students’ Union (IHPME-GSU) Dalla Lana School of Public Health, University of Toronto Health Sciences Building 155 College Street, Suite 425 Toronto, ON M5T 3M6Emily Cordeauxihpmegsu@utoronto.caSDG3, SDG16
Health Studies Students’ UnionSt GeorgeThe Health Studies Students’ Union at the University of Toronto organizes social activities and academic seminars, connects students with on-campus resources, and assists students with academic concerns. We are committed to building connections between students interested in health, and enriching the experience of the students in our program. We hope to facilitate an open environment in which students can participate in an ongoing dialogue about the socioeconomic, political, cultural and biomedical determinants of health and healthcare systems. We encourage all students to get involved by joining the executive, coming to general meetings, or attending events.William Wynnehealthstudies@gmail.comSDG1, SDG3, SDG16
Health, Law and Business Association at UTMUTMThe purpose of HLBA UTM is to advocate and educate students on both the individual as well as the interconnecting aspects of all three fields of health, law, and business. It is our vision to be able to increase the diversity of students in the employment field by educating them about all three programs, their respective academic and career pathways, as well as providing a wider variety of career paths that are interconnected within these three major programs/fields. We aim to fulfill this vision by providing educational resources on both the individual as well as the interconnected pathways that are found in each field, as well as providing interactive resources with alumni, and professors, as well as larger-scale interactive events such as workshops, conferences, and online interviews.Izma Iqbalhlba@utmsu.caSDG8
Heart and Stroke Foundation (HSF) St. George ChapterSt GeorgeThe Heart and Stroke Foundation – St. George Chapter is committed to raising funds and awareness for the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Ontario, a health charity that leads in the goal of eliminating heart disease and stroke and reducing their impact through the advancement of research and its application, the promotion of healthy living and advocacy.Santhija Jegatheeswaranheartandstroke.uoft@gmail.comSDG16
Heart Student Association (HSA)UTSCRepresenting all undergraduate students interested in pursuing a career in cardiology and acting as a forum dedicated to preparing prospective cardiologists. Connecting members with professionals and medical students to enhance the members’ insight into any matter pertaining to cardiology. Hosting fundraising events and collecting donations to subsidize on-campus and off-campus efforts fostering diversity and inclusion in the field of cardiology. Creating an environment where like-minded individuals can share ideas and interact outside the classroom. Providing resources and assistance from health care professionals, medical residents, researchers, and faculty to improve students’ chances of acceptance into medical school. Raising awareness about the prevalent cardiovascular diseases and preventive practices among undergraduate students. Initiating and supporting student-led research activities in the field of cardiology.Amirali Nikooheartutsc@gmail.comSDG3, SDG16
Hearts to hearts student association (HTH)UTMHearts to Hearts Student Association (HTH) is a club that truly seeks to bring attention to the topic of cardiovascular illnesses and diseases. This organization will ensure factual spreading of information as an educational source for all. More so, the club will establish events and activities to provide encouragement and interest for students to not only learn but apply the learned information to experience a healthier lifestyle. HTH will fundraise, research, and spread awareness of cardiovascular illness and diseases. HTH will pursue these means within a safe and enthusiastic community.Lyaly Alkrenawiutmhth@gmail.comSDG3
Hemoglobal University of Toronto Student ChapterSt GeorgeHemoglobal® is a Canadian charity co-founded by Dr. Nancy Olivieri (Professor at the University of Toronto and senior scientist at Toronto General Hospital), which works to improve the medical care of children with fatal blood diseases in emerging Asian countries. Hemoglobal University of Toronto Chapter (UofT Hemoglobal) aims to involve interested and enthusiastic students to support the efforts of Hemoglobal® and improve the lives of some of the most vulnerable children in Asia through advocacy events, fundraisers, and obtaining financial and/or brand sponsorships from local businesses.Anita Rajkumaruofthemoglobal@gmail.comSDG16
HerHealth Aid (HHA)St GeorgeMenstrual poverty poses a serious burden on menstruating individuals living in the shelter system. Our goal is to alleviate these financial and social challenges by distributing hygiene products to shelters across the GTA. Through fundraising efforts, we hope to educate students about this issue and lend a helping hand to our community.Setareh Malekian Naeiniherhealthaid@gmail.comSDG1, SDG6, SDG16
Her VoiceSt GeorgeHer Voice is a club that aims to increase the awareness of violence against women, providing them with a voice which will help them combat the inequality and lack of choices they face everyday; in doing so we also wish to fundraise for many organizations which promote this cause.We are currently working towards supporting the local women’s shelter, Habitat. We will be holding online and in-person events this year with speakers coming in to speak, as well as fundraise for the shelters.Monisha Datehervoiceuoft@gmail.comSDG5, SDG10, SDG16
Humanity First Club – University of Toronto (HF UofT)UTSCHumanity First Club is a volunteer-based club within the University of Toronto. We work towards raising awareness and providing a voice for those who are suffering around the world. Our goal is to also raise funds to support Humanity First Canada programs such as “Gift of Sight”, “Knowledge for Life”, “Water for Life”, “Food Security” and many more. For every $120 raised towards the “Gift of Sight” program, we can provide 1 person with FREE cataract eye surgery. If we can raise $5000 for the “Water for Life” project, we can build a water well in countries lacking it. Any money raised will be donated wholly to Humanity First to be used in these various programs to help people in need in Canada and as well as around the world. Join our club by filling out the Google Registration form and follow our Instagram account to get updates about our most recent events and initiatives.Mahida Shakeelhumanityfirst.utsc@gmail.comSDG2, SDG4, SDG6, SDG16
Inclusive Communities Canada – U of T Student Chapter (ICCan UofT)St GeorgeOur mission is to inspire change and promote inclusion among children/youth in the Toronto community. Inclusive Communities Canada – U of T acts to advocate for inclusion of children/youth of all abilities in education, community programming and recreation. We seek to do this through hosting events to spread awareness and raise money for our programs, partnering with local community centres, and offering resources to encourage inclusion for children/youth.Celine Safatiuoft@inclusivecommunitiescanada.orgSDG16
Indigenous Students AssociationSt GeorgeThe ISA is committed to the spiritual, physical, emotional and mental well-being of the Indigenous (First Nations, Inuit, and Metis) student body and community members.Amasena Delormierisa@utoronto.caSDG3, SDG10, SDG16
Indigenous Studies Students’ Union (ISSU)St GeorgeThe Indigenous Studies Students’ Union is a course union within the Arts and Science Students’ Union. The voting membership of the Indigenous Studies Students’ Union includes all University of Toronto students either enrolled in the Indigenous Studies Program and/or all University of Toronto students taking at least one Indigenous Studies course. The non-voting membership of ISSU is open to any University of Toronto student, staff, faculty, and alumni who does not satisfy the requirements of the voting membership. ISSU operates through a non-hierarchic structure of five committees which collectively and democratically vote (through consensus) in all decision-making processes. ISSU aims to provide events and programs which are open to all and which allow students from diverse backgrounds to come together in a horizontal, inclusive space for the common purpose of engaging with Indigenous knowledges and activities. All members are encouraged to engage with ISSU by joining one of ISSU’s five committees (Social Functions, Communications, Finance, Membership Intake, and Membership Support). Committee roles are fluid and voluntary, and any member may put forward their ideas to expand or add to ISSU functions. Ultimately, ISSU strives to create a platform from which all members can pursue their passions.Kaitlyn DaSilvaissu.uoft@gmail.comSDG4, SDG10, SDG16
Indus Hospital UTM (IH UTM)UTMThe Indus Hospital UTM aims to raise funds to support free healthcare services for the underprivileged in Pakistan by donating revenue to the charity Indus Development Foundation. It aims to promote social and economic development by educating others about the importance of healthcare and adequate access to it.Areej Hashimindushospitalutm@gmail.comSDG3, SDG10, SDG16
International Development Conference at UTSCUTSCThe purpose of the International Development Conference at the University of Toronto Scarborough Campus (UTSC) is to provide an engaging forum for students, academics, and development professionals to engage in critical and meaningful discussions pertaining to the field of international development. This is a non-membership group. People may attend the conference at a specified price during the specified registration period to be decided by the Executive Team.Bianca Camachoutsc.idc@gmail.comSDG16
International Development Studies Students’ Association (IDSSA)UTSCThe International Development Studies Students’ Association at University of Toronto Scarborough Campus democratically represents all students registered under the overarching umbrella of the Department of Global Development Studies at the University of Toronto Scarborough Campus. Vyshnavi Kanagarajamuthalyidssa.utsc@gmail.comSDG16
Islamic Relief: UTSC Student ChapterUTSCThe purpose of Islamic Relief: UTSC Student Chapter is “to alleviate suffering, hunger, illiteracy, and diseases worldwide regardless of color, race, religion, or creed, and to provide aid in a compassionate and dignified manner. Islamic Relief Canada aims to provide rapid relief in the event of human and natural disasters and to establish sustainable local development projects allowing communities to better help themselves.” (Islamic Relief Canada)Hamza Khalidutscislamicrelief@gmail.comSDG10, SDG16 UTSC Student is a national network of student leaders working to change the way we think and talk about mental health. The UTSC chapter is all about starting conversations in our community that tackle stigma as well as promote awareness around mental health. The UTSC chapter has a goal of changing people’s perceptions on mental health in the local community. Our goal is to create an environment that uplifts students as well as encourages personal growth and development for all individuals.Julia Ming Loutscjackchapter@hotmail.comSDG3, SDG16
KPE Roadmap to WellnessSt GeorgeThe primary objective of the Roadmap to Wellness organization is to increase awareness of accessibility and mental health services provided at a reduced cost (or no additional costs) on- and off-campus both by the University of Toronto’s Student Health Plan and by student social services in Ontario. The organization will focus on delivering this information to students in a clear and concise manner via peer-to-peer workshops, developing crowdsourced resource “roadmaps” which guide students in the process of seeking and accessing the services they require, and through outreach and advocacy initiatives. Additionally, the Roadmap to Wellness organization also aims to promote the practice of help-seeking behaviours and help develop productive coping skills among University of Toronto students in order to maintain a positive mental health.Maryem Shakerkperoadmaptowellness@gmail.comSDG3, SDG11
Love146 University of Toronto Student ChapterSt GeorgeThe mission and mandate of the Love146 University of Toronto Chapter are in line with the mission of our parent organization, Love146 INGO (International Non-Governmental Organization). Love146’s vision and goal are to abolish child exploitation and sex slavery. Love146 aims to accomplish the abolition of child exploitation and sex slavery through prevention and aftercare solutions while contributing to a growing abolition movement. UT146 is a group of students at the University of Toronto who are looking to discuss and spread awareness about current issues regarding human trafficking. Our aim is to target this issue both locally and internationally with the help of our parent organization. The University of Toronto chapter will be the second post-secondary Love146 chapter in Canada.Andrea Pyout146@outlook.comSDG5, SDG16
Maternal And Natal Health InitiativeUTSCThe Maternal And Natal Health Initiative strives to raise awareness and advocate for maternal and natal health improvement.Mathury Sanjeevkumarutsc.mnhi@gmail.comSDG16
MealCare U of T ChapterSt GeorgeMealCare is an organization that decreases food waste by diverting surplus edible food and delivering it to food aid partners across Canada. We provide a sustainable, scalable, and low-cost solution that is making the food system more efficientSDG2, SDG3, SDG12
Medical Education Association (MEA)UTSCThe Medical Education Association (MEA) at the University of Toronto (previously known as the Medical Education Initiative Organization) is a club dedicated to educating students interested in medicine through discussing exciting research in medicine, sharing career insights, and raising awareness about social issues in medicine. If you have a passion for health care and medicine, want to help educate your community, and engage with students who have similar interests, then MEA is the perfect club for you! The main goals of MEA are: As a general member, you will be given first priority to register for all MEA events and opportunities. Please visit to learn more!Raysa Orinmeioatutsc@gmail.comSDG3, SDG16
Medicine, Education, and Development for Low-Income Families Everywhere (MEDLIFE)UTSCMEDLIFE UTSC is a secular, volunteer-run global health organization whose mission is to help families achieve greater freedom from the constraints of poverty, empowering them to live healthier lives by improving their access to MEDs: Medicine, Education and community Development. MEDLIFE UTSC additionally takes upon the mission of providing premedical students with seminars and information regarding medical school.Samantha Ashleigh Limutsc.medlife@gmail.comSDG1, SDG3, SDG10
Medics in Armenia Chapter at University of TorontoSt GeorgeThe purpose of Medics in Armenia is to educate and train students interested and/or pursuing a future in medicine by traveling to Armenia to shadow medical professionals and to volunteer at impoverished communities across Armenia. This organization will provide prehealth informative meetings and volunteering opportunities in the local community throughout the school year. The profits made through fundraising will be donated to a variety of causes both locally and internationally.ari istanbullimedicsinarmeniauoft@gmail.comSDG10
Minds, Miles & Motivation Running ClubSt George“Minds, Miles & Motivation (3M) Running Club” is tailored to offer all international students at U of T a way towards a healthier lifestyle, both mentally and physically. Our mission is to encourage students to get active, and by doing so, advocate the positive influence of physical exercise on mental health. Our plans to achieve this goal include leading weekly community running sessions, participating third-party running events as a group, and holding monthly workshops that incorporate topics on mental health into physical exercises. We will also collaborate with other campus groups to elaborate the variety of our events, which potentially involve yoga, fitness, meditation workshops, etc. Through participating these activities and workshops, our executive and general members will be able to make new connections, share memorable experiences with each other, and get more actively involved in the community. Overall, we aim to build a unique supportive network among students from diverse cultural and ethnic backgrounds, thereby directing them towards a vigorous and healthy campus life.Cindy Zhou3mrunningclub@gmail.comSDG3, SDG8
Mission Impossible Student Association UTSCUTSCOur mission is dedicated to helping women and children in need to create a positive impact on their lives within our community. The focus of the organization is to lend a helping hand to the vulnerable population by raising money and donating essential needs such as perishable food items, clothing, toiletries, school supplies, etc. Our team is willing to recruit students to volunteer from UTSC, for special events, food drives, fundraisers, and assisting with various projects at the shelters. Donations will 100% proceed to the shelters in need to provide financial support and essential needs to the vulnerable population in the GTA. We are currently partnering with shelters and non-profit organizations that have similar goals and values to improve the quality of the lives of vulnerable women and children. This will be done through fulfilling financial goals, providing essential needs, or being willing to help them stand on their own feet through employment or education.Jiya Tailormissionimpossibleutsc@gmail.comSDG5, SDG8, SDG10, SDG16
Model United Nations (MUN)UTMThe Model United Nations group creates a debate-intensive platform where students actively engage in simulated United Nations conferences, developing a deeper understanding of international affairs, and enhance their skills in diplomacy, public speaking, and research.Aisha Mirmodelun@utmsu.caSDG16
Model United Nations (UTMUN Club)St GeorgeUTMUN organizes a yearly Model United Nations Conference at the University of Toronto’s St. George campus. We strive to provide high school delegates with unique and exciting educational experiences. At UTMUN, delegates practice drafting resolutions, engage in heated debates, and master the art of diplomatic negotiation. We aim to prepare high school students for university-level debate in Model United Nations.Soban Atiquesg@utmun.orgSDG16
Molecular Biology & Immunology Students’ Association (MIMSA)UTSCThe Molecular Biology & Immunology Students’ Association (MIMSA) is a student-led organization supporting all students in the Molecular Biology, Immunology, and Disease Specialist or Major program, or taking courses in the field at the University of Toronto Scarborough. MIMSA’s goal is to foster student involvement beyond in-class learning, connect UTSC students with their peers and faculty at UTSC and UTSG, and provide keen and curious minds a platform to engage in scientific discussions while also building upon skills on how to effectively read scientific discourse, extrapolate and translate key information, make scientific concepts relevant to life beyond in-class learning, and effectively communicate scientific knowledge to others. MIMSA achieves this through undergraduate research seminars, faculty research seminars, educational events, and more.Fatima Azharmimsa.utsc@gmail.comSDG4
Mood Psychology@UTMUTMThis is an international student group that primarily offers support, resources and care to gather students who are keen on psychology. Periodic academic events such as psychology-related seminars and articles will be held and shared. We are also hoping to raise the awareness of mental health issues among international students at UTM. Since they might encounter more stressors like cultural diversity and language when study abroad.Crystal Zhangmoodpsychology.utm@yahoo.comSDG3
Musical Minds Community Outreach (MMCO)St GeorgeMusical Minds Community Outreach is a student-driven volunteer organization at the University of Toronto. We strive to make music education more accessible to children and youth who may not otherwise have the means or opportunity to learn music. We know how much fun it can be to learn an instrument! Our enthusiasm stems from the understanding that skills fostered through lessons can have long-term benefits beyond our studio. We partner with families in the community to empower lasting confidence and to foster a love of learning in children and youth. We offer weekly one-on-one music lessons in piano/keyboard, guitar, violin, and voice every Saturday and Sunday on the University of Toronto St. George Campus. Lessons begin in October, and each April we give all of our students the opportunity to showcase and celebrate their hard work and growth with an end-of-year recital. Our instructors are a select group of energetic, dedicated student volunteers at the University of Toronto who share a passion for music and love working with kids. This team of experienced individuals have all achieved their Royal Conservatory of Music Grade 8 or higher and have formal education in music theory. If you are interested in volunteering, we would love to hear from you! musicalmindsco@gmail.comYiran Zhomusicalmindsco@gmail.comSDG4, SDG11, SDG14, SDG15, SDG16
MusicBox Children’s Charity – University of Toronto ChapterSt GeorgeMusicBox Children’s Charity (MBCC) is a youth-run registered non-profit organization that strives to provide music education opportunities to financially, socially, or physically disadvantaged children and youth. A formal education in music should not be a privilege limited to those who can support it. We feel that music is an integral part of a child’s early development, with benefits reaching far beyond the child’s developmental stage. Vulnerable children should be granted the same opportunities for growth and development that are available to their peers. Through our partnership with the College Montrose Children’s Place, FCJ Refugee Centre, and Robertson House, we bring music to young children who need it the most. We fully subscribe to the concept of music as a developmental tool, and to its beneficial effects on a child’s social, academic, and emotional development. As a youth-driven initiative, the directors of MBCC are strong proponents of “self-help” within a community. The needs of a community are best met by those living in it, and who better to enhance our programs than the youth themselves. Our youth volunteers with significant musical achievement provide mentorship to our participants in group and one-on-one classes. Our approach is two-tiered. While we seek to enhance our children’s educations with the inclusion of music, we also hope to enrich the personal development of our volunteer youths who gain important interpersonal skills, self-enrichment, and fulfillment through their participation in MBCC’s programs. We currently offer private and group instrumental lessons for children aged 7-12 as well as early childhood music appreciation group classes for those aged 3-5. In the constant pursuit of growth, we are always looking to expand our programming!Nicole Velevmusicbox.toronto@gmail.comSDG10, SDG16
New College Students Against Sexual Assault & Harassment (NASAH)St GeorgeNASAH is the New College branch of the PEARS Project at the University of Toronto. The PEARS Project is a grassroots, trauma-informed coalition that provides support and resources to survivors of sexual violence across the University of Toronto. Founded and led by survivors, PEARS recognizes survivors as leaders in the field and the voices which need to be heard to implement policy change. By formalizing a community and resource network that is by and for survivors we can better support one another and increase access to legal, mental health, and capacity-building supports. NASAH works collectively and through various individuals across New College and in various professional faculties where applicable. The members (general and executive) at NASAH work to produce thorough and accessible peer support, university recommendations, and research and data collection. NASAH’s goals are to:Ella Freeburnnasah.pears@gmail.comSDG3, SDG11, SDG16
Not Just Tourists University Of Toronto Chapter (NJT)St GeorgeOur project is about love. Through the work of volunteers, we aspire to: Not Just Tourists was founded with the purpose of getting medical supplies to those who can’t afford them. Ordinary tourists are given the means to change the lives of the locals they visit. After seeing first-hand the serious lack of medical supplies in Cuba in 1990, Dr. Ken Taylor and his wife Denise—from St. Catharines, Ontario—started taking medical supplies to remote areas in Cuba. Soon others who were traveling to Cuba began approaching them to take medical supplies too, and the Not Just Tourists phenomenon started. Since it’s inception 30 years ago, NJT has spread to chapters across the world, with over 10,000 suitcases and 1,000,000+ lbs of medical supplies and equipment delivered to 82 countries. Not Just Tourists receives donations from Canada’s largest hospitals, clinics, medical suppliers and individuals. The supplies donated are typically gauze, bandages, surgical instruments, masks, gloves, antiseptics, IV kits, urinary supplies and birthing kits. The supplies are packed by volunteers into suitcases during weekly “packing parties”. Travellers sign up and are given the suitcases to deliver to remote clinics where they are needed. The project does not accept funding, is non-political, non-religious. Everything is accomplished through volunteers. Our Values: We Are Collaborative We Are Transparent We Are Non-Bureaucratic We Are Committed We Are Inclusive The Project Is About LoveArtemis Sadeghiuoft@njt.netSDG8
Nursing Undergraduate Society (NUS)St GeorgeThe Nursing Undergraduate Society (NUS) represents all undergraduate nursing students at the Lawrence S. Bloomberg Faculty of Nursing at the University of Toronto. NUS plans numerous social and educational opportunities throughout the school year. We aim to: 1. To improve student physical, social and cultural welfare. 2. To represent the student perspective of campus life. 3. To promote full cooperation between students, faculty, and administration, in regard to student interests. 4. To promote channels of communication through which students’ opinions may be expressed. 5. To promote students’ rights and responsibilities. 6. To promote academic freedom and academic responsibilities. 7. To foster awareness of students’ position in the faculty, campus, local, provincial, national, and international communities. 8. To enhance professionalism by providing a forum in which members may gain experience in responsible leadership and community involvement.Averask@uoftnus.comSDG1
Ontario Water Works Association (OWWA) – Student ChapterSt GeorgeThe U of T Student Chapter of the Ontario Water Works Association offers students interested in the water industry the opportunity to learn more about the field through networking events, socials, technical seminars, and plant tours.Gabrielle Migliato Maregaowwasc@utoronto.caSDG6
Operation Smile U of TSt GeorgeWe are a student-run chapter of Operation Smile, an international NGO which provides free surgery to children around the world born with cleft lip and palate. We have an executive committee that oversees the long-term planning and logistics of the Club. We also have a general committee, where student volunteers can assist in planning, budgeting, gathering sponsors, advertising and attending promotional events. Our mandate is to raise awareness and funds for Operation Smile in their mission to provide free surgeries to children around the world born with cleft lip and palate.Shawn Zahaviuoftoperationsmile@gmail.comSDG16
Palestinian Culture Club (PCC)UTSCThe Palestinian Culture Club (PCC) promotes Palestinian solidarity and cultural understanding among university students. At PCC, we seek to provide a safe venue for Palestinians to share their stories and form lasting bonds. Our group invites Palestinian and non-Palestinian students. Through engaging activities and events, we highlight Palestinian art, music, dancing, food, history, and more. Experts, community leaders, and enthusiastic individuals conduct exciting presentations, workshops, film screenings, and conversations at our club meetings and events. We also encourage cross-cultural communication. We support diversity, understanding, and togetherness by creating an inclusive atmosphere. If you join the PCC, you’ll learn about our culture, make lasting friends, and work for justice and peace in Palestine. We can tear down barriers, raise awareness, and promote a better future for Palestinians and others. So join us for an exciting trip celebrating our past and empowering our members with knowledge and respect for Palestinian customs.Amal Elcharbiniamal.elcharbini@mail.utoronto.caSDG4, SDG16
Peace By PeaceSt GeorgePeace by PEACE delivers an eleven week conflict resolution curriculum to Grade 5 students across Toronto. Through interactive activities, along with group discussions, four to five members volunteer their time in one particular classroom with daily problems to give them essential skills to create a more peaceful world. If you are interested in finding out more about the program, feel free to call or email us, or drop by during office hours! Our office is located in room 412 of the Sussex Club House (4th floor, corner of Sussex and Huron). We are always available via email to talk. You can contact “The most amazing and rewarding thing happens during those 12 weeks…while you’re teaching you experience their growth and change in attitude…It’s an indescribable feeling, to see that change and knowing that you, in some way, made a difference in a child’s life makes everything worth it.” – Testimonial by P.J. Sayo (Public Relation/Festival Co-director 04-06 and volunteer since 03) Philosophies Recognizing Conflict Volunteers identify conflict and illustrate how conflicts can become progressively more serious. The curriculum teaches a variety of non-violent techniques that enable students to prevent conflicts from becoming violent matters. Example: “conflict escalator” which demonstrates that conflict continues to ascend unless they are able to stop it. Communication Students are able to practice the art of communication through various activities. Communication is a key elements when de-escalating conflicts and withstanding tough times. Example: “I statement” which students use to express their feelings to overcome difficult situations. Respecting Cultural Difference Volunteers engage a series of activities with students where they can learn to respect similarities and differences among each other. This enables students to realize that each individual is unique while still part of a group. Example: group interactions about name meanings, culture and stereotyping. Win-Win Solutions Peace Games offer win-win outcomes because all participants are winners. These games offer students the ability to play games which do not single anyone out and where there is no loss. Popular games include: “Swamp Boards”, “Shake your Buns” and “Pass the Pulse”.Yandi Hucampusdirector.uoft@peacebypeace.caSDG4, SDG16
Peace, Conflict and Justice SocietySt GeorgeThe Peace, Conflict and Justice Society (PCJS) is a course union representing all students enrolled in the Peace, Conflict and Justice program at the University of Toronto.Akhila Sandhupresident.pcjs@gmail.comSDG4, SDG16
Pledge for Pages (P4P)UTSCPledge for Pages is a non-profit organization whose fundamental aim is to address the gap in accessibility to literacy aids that Canadian youth in high-needs neighbourhoods face. We achieve this goal by hosting fundraisers, collecting donations of writing supplies and new/gently used books, and distributing these donations to local areas in need. We also strive to educate UTSC’s community on the long-term physical, psychological, economic, and social impacts of poor literacy in children and raise awareness about the current state of declining literacy rates.Sophia Tsagopoulospledgeforpages@gmail.comSDG11, SDG16
Psychological Health SocietyUTSCA student-run group dedicated to fostering an inclusive, accessible, & supportive environment in Psychology, Neuroscience, and Mental-Health related programs by creating educational, mentorship, & leadership opportunities with a direct focus on mental health/wellbeing.Brian Vahabzadehphs.utsc@gmail.comSDG3, SDG11, SDG16
Psychology and Neuroscience Departmental Students’ Association (PNDA)UTSCThe Psychology and Neuroscience Departmental Students’ Association at the University of Toronto Scarborough is a student-run group focused on enriching the academic, professional, and personal development of the UTSC student body. The PNDA’s purpose is to serve as a common and inclusive hub for all students, faculty, and staff of the Neuroscience, Mental Health, and Psychology Departments by providing resources and platforms for discussion, networking, and opportunities related to psychology, neuroscience, and mental health.Kirtan A Patelpresident.pnda@gmail.comSDG3
Public Health Sciences Students’ AssociationSt GeorgeThe Public Health Students’ Association is the representative body of the students enrolled in the Graduate Department of Public Health Sciences at the University of Toronto. All students in the school of public health are encouraged to get involved in the PHSA. We hold open meetings on a monthly basis.Brittany Hesmerdallalana.phsa@utoronto.caSDG3
QueerSphereSt GeorgeQueerSphere is the engineering 2SLGBTQ+ student group here at the University of Toronto. We hold educational and social events with the goal of creating a safe and inclusive space for 2SLGBTQ+ individuals to engage in positive discussion, spread awareness, and increase visibility within the engineering department. We are U of T’s EngiQueers Member, and we collaborate with other equity, diversity and inclusion action groups on campus.Sarahqueersphere@skule.caSDG4, SDG5, SDG8, SDG10, SDG16
Rare Diseases Foundation (RDF)UTSCThe Rare Diseases Foundation (RDF) aims to raise awareness for the multitude of rare diseases that exist today all over the world. Oftentimes, these rare diseases are not properly diagnosed or misdiagnosed as other illnesses altogether and therefore, result in the inadequate treatment of patients. RDF strives to push the momentum for such public awareness, while simultaneously fundraising for charitable organizations. The three pillars by which the foundation operates are education, equity, and creativity. The organization aims to educate and inspire students to study these topics through monthly Q&A seminars featuring leading experts on rare diseases. Beyond this scope, members focus intently on exploring new angles through which all students can improve their scientific literature reading skills and learn more about a career in rare diseases research.Archchana Arulananthanrarediseasesfoundation@gmail.comSDG3, SDG4, SDG10
Ready Our Youth (ROY)UTMA student-led organization dedicated to spreading awareness regarding the opioid epidemic. The goal of Ready Our Youth (ROY) is to spread awareness regarding the opioid epidemic and mental health. We believe that it is important for students to be aware of what an opioid overdose is, what the symptoms are, and what they can do if they witness someone experiencing one. We do this by inviting guest speakers, such as pharmacists or professors, to discuss these topics and train students on the use of Naloxone. Not only do we hope to spread opioid overdose and mental health awareness on our campus, but also in other campuses, high schools, or any other establishment that allows us to spread our message.Sushmita Kirireadyouryouth@gmail.comSDG3, SDG16
Regenesis UofTSt GeorgeRegenesis UofT is the University of Toronto chapter of Regenesis, a Canadian student-involved university and college based environmental and community-building organization. We believe in empowering students as as initiators of change in addressing today’s social and environmental concerns, through advocacy and service in local chapters. Regenesis UofT creates and manages initiatives and social enterprises that provide services to the university community as well as providing quality leadership experience for students. All of the initiatives are inspired by the needs of the UofT community and raise the quality of life on campus. Students involved with Regenesis UofT get a chance to shape the place they spend so much time in and gain relevant experiential education opportunities in the areas of operational and event management, accounting, communications, fundraising, graphic design, and much more. We are a catalyst for social innovation and transformationMythreyi Samyuktha Rajasinghamtoronto@regenesis.ecoSDG13, SDG16
Regenesis ScarboroughUTSCRegenesis Scarborough is the UTSC chapter of Regenesis, a Canadian student-involved university and college based environmental and community-building organization. We believe in empowering students as initiators of change in addressing today’s social and environmental concerns, through advocacy and service in local chapters. Regenesis creates and manages initiatives and social enterprises that provide services to the university community as well as providing quality leadership experience for students. Regenesis Scarborough is currently partnered with Residence UTSC and the Sustainabiltiy Office to operate the UTSC Free Store.Harry Xuutsc@regenesis.ecoSDG13, SDG16
Regenesis UTMUTMRegenesis is an organization to aid and empower students to address environmental and social concerns through advocacy and local service. We will be outreaching, advocating and also holding events to get recognition. Our events will provide students and the communities low-cost services that helps our planet be more sustainable.Isha Joshiregenesis@utmsu.caSDG13, SDG16
Right to Play UTMUTMRight to Play UTM is an official student group chapter of Right to Play Canada, a global organization that protects, educates, and empowers children to rise above adversity using the power of play. RTP UTM aspires to aid this non-profit organization in harnessing play to teach children the critical skills they need to dismantle barriers and embrace opportunities in both learning and life. Through advocacy and outreach, we intend to educate others on the plight of children in some of the most dangerous places on earth and how play has the ability to transform their lives. Through fundraising initiatives, we aim to support Right to Play Canada in helping children stay in school, resist exploitation, overcome prejudice, prevent disease and heal from the trauma of war. We are dedicated to fostering a community at UTM that is passionate about playing for change and eager to positively impact the lives of children around the world.Samira Kamal Eddinrtputm22@gmail.comSDG4, SDG16
Rotaract UTSC ChapterUTSCRotaract clubs are part of a global effort to bring peace and international understanding to the world. This effort starts at the community level working up. Rotaract will focus on organizing a variety of projects and activities with the focus of professional development, leadership development, and service.Esha SharmarotaractatUTSC@gmail.comSDG4, SDG16
Rotman Commerce Non-Profit NetworkSt GeorgeOur mission is to guide students to utilize the non-profit industry in the pursuit of social change. We work to inspire and support commerce students to get involved within their community. At RCNPN our members learn to engage in ethical business practices, connect with industry professionals, gain skills for individual career development, and explore career pathways in the non-profit sector
Faye Pu
Scarborough Campus OUTUTSCSCOUT creates a positive space on campus for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Transsexual, Intersex, Queer, Questioning and 2-Spirited students, staff and faculty. The Lounge, located at BV 334/336, is a space where LGBTQ folks and their Allies can meet, hang out or study. We also provide safer sex resources both at the lounge and also in the Frosh kits every September. We create visibility on campus by holding events and working with other campus groups as well as using posters, pamphlets and buttons. We strive to create a campus that is inclusive and welcoming to people of all genders and sexualities.Nero Raduutscscout@gmail.comSDG5
Self Improvement ClubUTSCThe purpose of the club is to enhance and improve the lives of the members. It is intended as a club where executives along with members have and will be given an open platform to present their findings and information for the benefit of other club participants. No aspect of improvement should be neglected or treated as mundane. The club is intended to be a medium of informational exchange to enhance the lives of club members in areas including but not limited to their financial, physical, mental, and spiritual well being. Anyone serious in their pursuit of self improvement shall be accepted as a member. There are currently no plans at a general member fee. As a member you can be given a platform to share with the group any expertise that would be beneficial to the club. Furthermore, you will have the opportunity to learn from others in topics including but not limited to cryptocurrencies, learning to speed read, physical fitness and mental health practices.Hanojan Rajakumarselfimprovementclub@studentorg.utoronto.caSDG3, SDG4
Sending SunshineUTMSending Sunshine UTM Chapter aims to uplift seniors citizens in senior homes and help them fight loneliness and isolation. We provide them with beautiful, hand-crafted cards. Especially with COVID-19, seniors are more prone to stress, anxiety, depression, and other psychological and medical issues stemming from isolation; and so this is where we come to help.Sania Pannusendingsunshine@utmsu.caSDG4
Sexual Education and Peer Counselling CentreSt GeorgeSEC’s mission is to provide supplies, information, resources, and educational programming to the greater University of Toronto community, addressing any and all aspects of human sexuality, intimacy, and gender identity. SEC strives to serve the community in a non-oppressive and non-judgemental manner, with an emphasis on confidentiality, accessibility, and harm reduction. Watch out for excellent events throughout the year, and visit our office to chat, learn more about our services, explore our library, or just to hang out!Jennifer Wardsexed@secutoronto.orgSDG3, SDG5, SDG11, SDG16
Socialist ActionSt GeorgeThe U of T Socialist Action Club is dedicated to the purpose of raising political awareness, actively supporting the struggles of working people, and working for the socialist transformation of society.William Bryce McMurtrysocialistactioncanada@protonmail.comSDG16
Socialist Fightback Students ChapterSt GeorgeSocialist Fightback Students is a Marxist organization that seeks to organize radical students in Quebec and English Canada. We believe that in order to truly put an end to war, poverty, inequality, environmental destruction and all forms of oppression, we need to overthrow the capitalist system. We are internationalists and believe that only a united struggle of the working class with all layers of the oppressed can achieve our aims. We combine serious study of Marxist theory with active participation in both the student and workers’ movement in order to advance struggles in the here and now. We are a growing organization with the aim of spreading to every high school, college and university campus. We therefore invite you to join the Socialist Fightback club at the University of Toronto and get involved to help build our organization!Daniel Goldesfsuoft@gmail.comSDG1, SDG8, SDG9, SDG10, SDG13, SDG16
South Asian Women’s SocietyUTSCSAWS is a group dedicated to raising awareness and tackling issues pertaining to South Asian women and racialized women more broadly. This group focuses on fundraising efforts, as well as hosting events for UTSC students and the greater community, Topic areas are decided on by our members, such as medical aid, legal aid, mental health awareness, and more. Our collective is dedicated to fostering a supportive environment where everyone can voice their opinions, engage in discussion, and bring light to issues pertaining to women on campus.Powrnika Kugathasansaws.utsc@gmail.comSDG3, SDG5, SDG16
StrengthINSt GeorgeStrengthIN empowers youth by teaching them to take care of their mental health. We believe that educating young people about mental health is crucial so that they can deal with academic and life stresses effectively. We host free interactive workshops in the GTA and offer online content for middle school, high school and university students. Workshop topics include self-care, coping skills, and academic stresses. You can always reach us by email: strengthin.uoft@gmail.comSabrina Modoranstrengthin.uoft@gmail.comSDG3, SDG16
Student Association for Geography and Environment (SAGE)UTMThe Geography Society is an academic club on the UTM Campus. The Society not only represents the Geography, Geomatics and Environment student body but also extends to other students who share a common interest in either subject. Our prime goal is to bring Geo-Enviro interested students together under this club and to get them involved and active through a series of events, whether they be academic events, such as our informative Graduate Preparation Semairs, or social events, such as movie nights, hikes, and BBQs. And we don't stop here! Our club promotes and facilitates close interaction between members and faculty and staff of the Geography and Environment Departments. The Society will also be teaming up with other clubs to participate in bi/multi-club events, such as tree-planting with the Green Team and this year's Science formal, which brings the Geography Society together with the Erindale Biology Society(EBS), the Erindale Society of Chemical and Physical Sciences (ESCP), and Psychology Assoc of Undergrad Students at Erindale (PAUSE).sage@utmsu.caSDG15
Student Association for Geriatric Empowerment (SAGE)St GeorgeWe are committed to making a tangible difference in the quality of life of geriatric patients and health care workers in long-term care homes by: forging intergenerational connections to reduce loneliness, raising awareness on key issues and advocating for change, and organizing charitable initiatives to fight burnout and mental health challenges. Join us to gain volunteering experience and leadership skills and make a lasting impact.Clementine Rotsaertsage.utoronto@gmail.comSDG3, SDG8, SDG16
Students for Epilepsy AwarenessUTSCStudents for Epilepsy Awareness (SEA) is a non-profit student organization that aims to spread awareness for Epilepsy to remove the stigma associated with the condition and those who have it. This will be done by educating ourselves and the community on epilepsy and recent research. Finally, this organization will support people with epilepsy and their families by raising funds for services that support them and volunteering at epilepsy awareness events.Mariam Belghitistudentsforepilepsyawareness@gmail.comSDG16
Students for Health Humanities UTM (SHH UTM)UTMSHH UTM focuses on incorporating empathy and compassion in the healthcare field through humanities-based discussions, interactive projects, and volunteerism. This organization thrives on interdisciplinary collaboration, and as such, people from all programs of study are welcomed and encouraged to participate. Club experiences will revolve around topics such as: This chapter is affiliated with Students for Health Humanities (SHH), an international student organization that introduces the humanities into medical education and practice. SHH has several chapters across schools in the United States of America and globally. We are the first Canadian chapter of SHH. We aim to seamlessly incorporate our team into UTM Student Life through community service initiatives, advocacy efforts, public policy outreach, and healthcare programs. At the heart of our organization, we value continuous collaboration between students, educators, healthcare professionals, legislators, and creatives. Key projects include the medical humanities online publication and the Spring Exhibition.Esther-Joelle Asarehealthhumanitiesutm@studentorg.utoronto.caSDG3, SDG8, SDG16
Students for Shelters UTSCUTSCStudents for Shelters is a non-profit student group Co-Founded by Breanna Lakhan and Hannah Benyamin in 2019 at the University of Toronto’s St. George Campus. We seek to collect under-donated items and redistribute them to local organizations around the GTA, with an aim to unite like-minded individuals who would like to give back to the community in an impactful way. We hope to create a space that inspires both faculty and students, while raising awareness about contemporary issues and shed light on the injustices faced by many within our society!Bhavana Akilans4s.utsc@gmail.comSDG16
Students for Shelters UTSGSt GeorgeStudents for Shelters is a non-profit student group Co-Founded by Breanna Lakhan and Hannah Benyamin in 2019 at the University of Toronto’s St. George Campus. We seek to collect under-donated items and redistribute them to local organizations around the GTA, with an aim to unite like-minded individuals who would like to give back to the community in an impactful way. We hope to create a space that inspires both faculty and students while raising awareness about contemporary issues and shedding light on the injustices faced by many within our society!Luc Simards4s.utsg@gmail.comSDG16
Students for Vaccine EquitySt GeorgeWe are a student group at the University of Toronto that seeks to raise awareness about stark inequalities in vaccine distribution and production, to create meaningful change by means of fundraising, advocacy, and education, and to offer valuable perspectives on vaccine equity as postsecondary students.Anika Guptastudentsforvaccineequity@gmail.comSDG3, SDG4, SDG10, SDG12, SDG16
Students for Wishes University of Toronto Student ChapterSt GeorgeThe Students for Wishes UofT Club is an organization benefiting and representative of the Make-A-Wish foundation. Our mission is to fundraise and help grant wishes to children with life-threatening medical conditions to enrich the human experience with hope, strength and joy. Our goal is to engage students within UofT to become proactive members in benefiting the Make-A-Wish foundation through collaborative efforts with other campus clubs within UofT. We aim to become a service based group that incites campus wide advocacy in relation to issues pertaining to Make-A-Wish and life-threatening conditions.Baylee Guillersfw.utoronto@gmail.comSDG8, SDG16
Students Mobilizing Against Systemic Hardship at UofT (SMASH UofT)St GeorgeNo one is free until we are all free. Education. Mobilization. Action. We are students across diverse disciplines and perspectives uniting together to show collective force through student-worker solidarity.Sean Ihnsmashuoft@gmail.comSDG8, SDG16
Sustainable Buildings NetworkSt GeorgeThe Sustainable Buildings Network (SBN) is an association of Undergraduate and Graduate students interested in fields related to sustainable buildings and building energy. For SBN, the field of Sustainable Buildings encompasses the entire life cycle of a building, from construction to decommissioning. SBN creates a collaborative environment to bring together building-focused sustainability students, faculty and staff across campuses.Colin Gusbnuoft@gmail.comSDG9, SDG11
Sustainable Engineers AssociationSt GeorgeSEA defines sustainability as managing our resource usage to meet future environmental, social, and economical needs. Our mission is to empower students with professionals to create sustainable change in our community by acting as a platform to connect them. We do this through our events which provide individuals with opportunities to grow their knowledge, passion, and experience. Our events allow us to educate students on the technical aspects of sustainable design, provide support for students to develop their own visions and interest in sustainability, and create a platform for networking with industry professionals. These are all accomplished through seminars, industry tours, career fairs, a mentorship program, competitions, conference, workshops, and student projects. The strategic goals of SEA include the following: 1) Identify the roles of students and future professionals in sustainability from multiple perspectives including design, business & management, and policy-making 2) Educate students on the technical aspects of sustainable design, including power systems, infrastructure, transportation, sustainable businesses, and more 3) Provide support for students to develop their personal visions, interest, and passion for sustainable design and practice – ultimately for use in their professional careers 4) Create a platform for networking and collaboration between the student body and industry professionals in the sustainability field By providing educational, engagement, and leadership opportunities, SEA strives to instill a sustainable mindset in students for use far beyond their University lives. We hope to see you at our events! Follow us on Social Media @SEAUofTYazan Zamelchair@sea.skule.caSDG9, SDG12, SDG13
Sustainable Innovation GroupUTSCThe Sustainable Innovation Group (SIG) is a management club part of the University of Toronto that was envisioned from a collective realization of the importance of sustainability in our business ecosystem. In a world where we are facing pressing issues such as climate change, clean water sourcing, plastic pollution and much more, instilling the highest levels of Corporate Social Responsibility has never been more crucial to our long-term sustenance. SIG was created out of this necessity, and our mission is to increase awareness about careers in Sustainability, C.S.R. and Social Entrepreneurship amongst students by providing them with a comprehensive set of interactive events like case competitions, networking opportunities, workshops and more.SDG8, SDG9, SDG12, SDG13
Sustainable Investment FundSt GeorgeA student-run investment fund focused on environment-positive equity investments. Looking for institutional and financial partners to drive  learning and growth. Welcoming passionate, hard-working students from all departments to join a dynamic, opportune industry as it accelerates into the future. We are a student-managed investment fund focusing on equity investments in environment-positive companies. Beyond mere ESG standards, we endeavor to establish an organization that invests in companies whose core business operations are net-positive to the environment. Our founding philosophy is simple. Climate change is the defining crisis of this century, and effective capital allocation will be an imperative part of any viable solution. We are aiming to both make meaningful, profitable
investments in environment-positive companies and create a community and knowledge spring that our institutional and financial partners can both contribute to and benefit from. Our team has students passionate about finance, investing, and the environment. We train them to identify and value investments in this field.

Achint Singhachint.singh@mail.utoronto.caSDG9
Swab the World UTSCUTSCThe purpose of Swab the World UTSC Chapter will be to diversify the global stem cell registry. The Swab the World UTSC Chapter will enhance the educational, recreational, social, or cultural environment of the University of Toronto Scarborough by educating the UTSC community about the lack of diversity within the registry and implementing events to increase the diversity within the global stem cell registry.syeda gaillasyeda.gaillani@mail.utoronto.caSDG16
The Bhakti Yoga ClubUTMA group dedicated to facilitating discussions on the mind, body, and soul. The group will also introduce students to Bhakti and yogic practices and will hold mindfulness workshops to help alleviate the stresses of university life.Ishaan Shettybhaktiyoga.uoft@gmail.comSDG3
The Centre for Women and Trans People at the University of TorontoSt GeorgeThe Centre for Women and Trans People is committed to providing a safe, harassment-free drop in space for all women and trans people on campus. We provide free support, referrals, resources and advocacy on issues of sexism, racism, homophobia, transphobia, ableism, ageism, violence, health and poverty through our workshops, events, services and programming. The Centre was founded by U of T women undergraduate students in 1986. They organized to create a safe, accessible space for all women at U of T to gather, seek support, and advocate on issues relevant to them. The Centre is a student funded, volunteer driven, non profit, campus, community organization governed by its Collective.Allos Abiscwtp@utoronto.caSDG1, SDG4, SDG5, SDG11, SDG16
The Diversity Working GroupSt GeorgeThe Diversity Working Group (DWG) was formed in 2019 in response to a dissatisfaction with the absence of a critical race perspective in the curriculum and a seemingly general lack of awareness and concern for racial equity at the Faculty of Information. In the years since, we have advocated for the advancement of equity within information studies by organizing workshops, reading groups, & special events, as well as pushing for systemic change through faculty and admin consultation. We are archivists, librarians, UX designers, and data scientists who seek to move information toward a more liberated future by improving the experiences of Black, Indigenous, and Persons of Colour (BIPOC) and LGBTQIA+ information professionals at the University of Toronto’s Faculty of Information and beyond. Beyond our advocacy work, we also aim to be a safe space for QTBIPOC folks to feel safe, supported, and empowered amidst the overwhelming whiteness and heteropatriarchy of the field of information studies.Keith Chendwguoft@gmail.comSDG4, SDG5, SDG10, SDG16
The Energy NetworkUTMWe at The Energy Network believe in the energy transition. That is why our mission is to be the central hub for student engagement with the energy sector. Our goals will work toward TEN’s ultimate vision – to empower tomorrow’s energy leaders.Reshmi Rajanten@studentorg.utoronto.caSDG7, SDG11
The Mental Unity Group (TMUG)UTSCThe Mental Unity Group (TMUG) is composed of a collection students that aim for a stronger UTSC community, equipped with the skills necessary to promote mental wellness. The group facilitates learning beyond the classroom, with opportunities to practice practical skills such as nonjudgemental attitude and positivity. Through discussion, student-led workshops, and other activities, TMUG allows students to develop technical and interpersonal skills which are important for supporting the lives of people struggling with their mental health. The group aims to promote UTSC’s values of inclusivity and also foster a sense of belongingness in students by breaking barriers in mental health stigma.Jeran Sridharantmug.utsc@studentorg.utoronto.caSDG3, SDG4, SDG16
The Mindful ProjectSt GeorgeThe Mindful Project is a recognized club at the University of Toronto which aims to increase awareness and acceptance of neurodivergence and educate others about the neurodiversity paradigm as a disability rights movement. This club reinforces the idea that differences are normal and that everyone should be offered the same opportunities in education and everyday life, thus advocating for inclusivity and accessibility at the University of Toronto. The club focuses on reducing the stigma of neurodivergence and increasing accessibility to neurodivergent individuals, especially neurodivergent students in post-secondary education, through workshops, various events, and fundraising to raise awareness and monetary donations to recognized organizations. These include SickKids, The Child Mind Institute, and Autism Canada. This club hopes to provide various opportunities for fellow University of Toronto students to learn more about the challenges that the neurodivergent community faces and acquire valuable skills. The Mindful Project team seeks to provide growth opportunities both for its members and its target audience.Delphine Liuoftthemindfulproject@gmail.comSDG3, SDG4, SDG11, SDG16
The Neurogenesis Student Chapter ProjectSt GeorgeThe Neurogenesis Student Project at UTSG is a branch of the Neuroscience Foundation which is an organization for aspiring neurologists and neurosurgeons to connect, collaborate and contribute. It is the world’s first Neuroscience and humanitarianism student-led organization. We aim to provide students with a holistic approach to the disciplines of Neuroscience, Psychology, and related fields in health. The organization provides a multitude of opportunities and resources, including panel discussions, research projects, and leadership and internship opportunities. We also work towards promoting access to neurological care for the underprivileged through humanitarian approaches. At UTSG, we are here to support the academic curiosity and burning passion of students in the neuroscience field. Joining our project will not only open up gateways to a possible career in neuroscience but also promote personal growth when you learn about the importance of mental health and medical care for the impoverished. We look forward to meeting you all at fundraisers, meetings, and social events! Join us!Jade Leeneurogenesisutstg@gmail.comSDG3, SDG8, SDG10
The Neuroscience Foundation (NF)UTSCThe Neuroscience Foundation is the world’s FIRST Neuroscience and Humanitarianism organization that aims to engage students interested in the human brain and mind from across the world. We bring students resources, connections, and opportunities to explore and dive deeper into the vast fields of neuroscience and psychology. Getting involved with our organization will allow you to grow intellectually and personally through our various educational and humanitarian approaches. At The Neuroscience Foundation UTSC, we believe that receiving the proper support and guidance can transform an already bright individual into so much more. We are here to be that support system, and help our audience reach their fullest potential. At the Neuroscience Foundation UTSC, we strive to go above and beyond with the opportunities that we connect students with and provide.Syeda Eshaba Nashratheneurosciencefoundationutsc@gmail.comSDG10, SDG16
The Ontario Public Interest Research Group (OPIRG) – TorontoSt GeorgeOPIRG-Toronto is a U of T based and entirely student-funded group with a mandate for action, education and research on issues of social and environmental justice. We are a volunteer driven organisation that aims to empower students and the broader community and to give people the tools and opportunity to work co-operatively for a more just and healthy society.Grace Cameronopirg.toronto@utoronto.caSDG13, SDG16
The Positivity ProjectSt GeorgeBeing university students ourselves, we know at first-hand how stressful one’s life can become during school and during this pandemic. It can sometimes feel like our lives are consumed with negativity. We decided to start The Positivity Project, in hopes of spreading positivity and mental health awareness! We believe that everyone should make time to do things that allow them to de-stress and make them happy! During school this can seem almost impossible as our time is consumed by assignments, tests and papers. However, The Positivity Project has the hopes of changing this! We host bi-weekly events on Zoom centred around de-stressing and positive activities like baking, painting, watching movies, playing games and many more! In addition to this, we share a variety of positive posts through our Instagram page, including positive quotes, stories and articles. We will also be hosting one fundraiser every semester to support mental health organizations. Ultimately, our mission is to help students—who deal with a variety of daily stresses—to focus on the positive aspects of life. Our events are open to anyone who wants to bring some positivity into their lives or help spread it to others!Grace Deolthepositivityproject.uoft@gmail.comSDG3, SDG12
The Refugees and Immigrants OrganisationUTSCTo tackle the global rise of unemployment and increasing barriers to mobility for marginalized BIPOC communities and immigrants due to racist and discriminatory machine learning algorithms and lack of networking opportunities by creating an innovative web platform that enables people to receive professional mentorship and access to job opportunities that are available through networking.Sanah Maliksanah.malik@mail.utoronto.caSDG4, SDG8, SDG10, SDG16
The University of Toronto Beekeeping Education Enthusiast Society (UofT BEES)St George
The University of Toronto Beekeeping Education Enthusiast Society is a student run club founded in 2008 focusing on urban beekeeping education.Sophia Wagland and Matt Hobees.utoronto@gmail.comSDG11, SDG15
The University of Toronto Scarborough Alzheimer’s Society Student GroupUTSCThe purpose of the University of Toronto Scarborough’s Alzheimer’s Society Student Group is to bring awareness to Alzheimer’s Disease as well as other dementias associated with it. Through continuous outreach, volunteering, and fundraising, the Scarborough community can impact the lives of those who suffer from this disease and their caretakers. The Alzheimer’s Society seeks students who want to educate themselves and get involved in raising awareness, whether it be through hands-on work or interest in research related to cognitive disease.Trinity Mikayla Sperlingalzheimers.utsc@gmail.comSDG16
Thrift/Vintage Fashion ClubSt GeorgeThe purpose, objectives, mission and/or mandate of the organization is to promote sustainable fashion with other like-minded individuals who have a passion for vintage/up-cycled fashion. With an ever-growing and increasingly wasteful fast-fashion industry, this club targets issues in fashion by making thrifting and up-cylcing clothing fun. The goal is to create an inclusive and fun environment for people to join and share their love for sustainable fashion with field-trips, workshops, expos, contests, fashion-shows, guest speaketrs, etc.Jasmeet Ghumanjasmeet.ghuman@mail.utoronto.caSDG12, SDG16
Trinity Food Systems LabSt GeorgeThe Trinity Food Systems Lab (previously known as the Trinity Sustainable Food Systems Research Group or SFSRG) is comprised of passionate students, staff and faculty focused on research, action, and learning to realize ecologically sound and socially just food systems. We ground our work in the immediacy of the campus environment, and use it as a site from which to imagine and enact change from the hyper-local through to the global. As part of our praxis, we actively cultivate food growing spaces on campus and invite others to join us, within the Trinity community and beyond!fsl@trinity.utoronto.caSDG2, SDG3, SDG13, SDG15
U of T Trash TeamSt GeorgeThe U of T Trash Team is a science-based community outreach organization made up of undergraduate and graduate students, postdocs, researchers, local volunteers and staff all working together with a common goal to increase waste literacy in our community while reducing plastic pollution in our ecosystems. We were founded in 2017 in collaboration with the Rochman Lab, part of the Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at the University of Toronto.UofTTrashTeam@gmail.comSDG12
UC Lit Sustainability CommissionSt GeorgeThe Sustainability Commission is dedicated to making University College more vibrant, green, and environmentally responsible by encouraging more sustainable practices both on council and throughout the UC community.Hargun Rekhisustainability@uclit.caSDG4, SDG10, SDG11
United for Literacy Student Group at UTSCUTSCUnited for Literacy Student Group at UTSC is a United for Literacy program that operates out of the U of T Scarborough campus. With the goal of enhancing literacy, it provides volunteering opportunities for students to run after school programs in elementary schools, women’s shelters, and co-operative housing sites in Scarborough. United for Literacy Student Group at UTSC is committed to working in communities that are marginalized and isolated by poverty and injustice in the Eastern Scarborough area. United for Literacy student group at UTSC is recruiting Program Managers to be a part of our Organizational Team (executive team) for the 2023/2024 academic year! Time Commitment 2-4 hours […] United for Literacy student group at UTSC is recruiting volunteer tutors (general members) for the 2023/2024 academic year! Time Commitment 1-2 hours a week. Volunteer Tutors (general members) Volunteer tutors […]Maya Bissessarutsc@unitedforliteracy.caSDG1, SDG5, SDG10, SDG11, SDG16
United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund: University of Toronto Student Chapter (UNICEF)St GeorgeU of T UNICEF, a university group directly affiliated with UNICEF Canada, strives to raise funds and promote awareness of issues such as child labour, poverty, gender inequality, illiteracy, HIV/AIDS, and living environment. We operate through our two programs to target both the university community and local youth. 1. University Outreach Program – To host fundraising and education events, to provide opportunities for service in the Toronto region, and to promote awareness of UNICEF as a global organization and its endeavors. 2. Youth Engagement Program – To build a global citizen persona in children at local community centres, and boys and girls clubs by teaching them a UNICEF-based curriculum. Children will be taught about important children’s rights issues worldwide such as those regarding education, health and gender equality. We are looking for dedicated members to help make a difference on a local as well as international stage. In addition, volunteer hours will be recorded and certified at the end of the year. If you are interesting in getting involved, contact for more details.Heather Gadallauoft.unicef@gmail.comSDG1, SDG4, SDG5, SDG8, SDG10, SDG16
University College Residence Council (UCRC)St GeorgeCreated in 1992, the University College Residence Council, or UCRC, is University College’s newest (and thus coolest) student government. While other student governments, such as the University College Literary and Athletic Society, deal with mainly extracurricular activities, only the UCRC deals with issues specific to residence life in University College. The UCRC acts as an umbrella for the individual house councils, and holds numerous residence-wide events. These activities include parties, charity toy drives, environmental awareness campaigns, and resource distribution, just to name a few.Emerson Hachinskiucrc@uclit.caSDG13
University of Toronto – Trek for Teens ClubSt GeorgeThe University of Toronto Trek for Teens Club will raise funds and awareness for homeless youth, with a particular emphasis on the organizations supported by the Trek for Teens Foundation Inc. The group will support the Trek for Teens Foundation Inc. in their events, campaigns and activities and will provide students with the opportunity to volunteer for local homeless service providers.The group will help students grow through the organization of awareness and fundraising campaigns, activities and events. It will further enable students to reach out to the community, by acting in leadership positions and develop their public speaking skills, primarily through workshops and presentations to post-secondary, high school and elementary level students.Kathleen Lakhanuoft@trekforteens.comSDG1, SDG16
University of Toronto Accessibility Awareness ClubSt GeorgeU-TAAC : The voice of students with disabilities since 2021. We host discussions about disability issues in an educational and safe environment for students to share experiences and form connections with the disability community. We facilitate conversations of accessibility between the student body and various branches of Student Life and the University, and offer a disability perspective on several projects. An accessibility club that fosters monthly discussion about disability issues and aims to spread awareness. Our members are students who are both non-registered and registered with Accessibility Services. There are many disability-related clubs and councils out there. But each of them tends to focus on one disability and does not provide students with the chance to form a community, share personal experiences, or a space to educate those who do not have a disability. We aim to fix that by opening our club to more than one type of disability, so that students, with or without disabilities, can express their own experiences, hear from others’ experiences, and learn.Alicia, SDG11, SDG16
University of Toronto Blue Sky Solar RacingSt GeorgeOne of the largest student-run project at the University of Toronto, Blue Sky Solar Racing continues to attract some 100 undergraduate and graduate student volunteers. Blue Sky Solar Racing members hail from a wide variety of disciplines within the university such as Engineering, Computer Science, Chemistry, English, Political Science, and Philosophy. Our members are committed to applying their classroom knowledge, and demonstrating that students of University of Toronto rank among the best in the world.Kai Hashimotoblueskysolar@studentorg.utoronto.caSDG4, SDG7
University of Toronto’s Canadian Students for Sensible Drug Policy Student ChapterSt GeorgeUoft’s Canadian Students for Sensible Drug Policy’s purpose is to provide informative and educational information about current drug policy reform in Canada. We encourage wide recognition of the social threat posed by the war on drugs and to promote an awareness of the dangers inherent in extensive reliance on prohibitionist policies and politics. We aim to involve the University of Toronto students and the public in developing and supporting programs that promote effective drug policies and foster debate and exploration within the Toronto community in order to understand the role that the current drug policies play in the general social order. We are working for a world in which drug policies are discussed as public health issues instead of criminal justice issues. Finally, we want to foster debate in favor of viable alternatives to existing drug policies, such as needle exchange programs, methadone treatment for heroin addicts, decriminalization, and other harm reduction strategies.Anna Novakanna.novak@mail.utoronto.caSDG3, SDG16
University of Toronto Chinese Politics ClubSt GeorgeUniversity of Toronto Chinese Politics Club, in short UTCPC is an academic organization devoted to promoting discussions, debates, and studies on the academic subjects of Chinese politics, international politics, and Canada-China bilateral relationship. We, UTCPR, organize our academic dialogue in form of the roundtable discussion, both in English and in Chinese. Events such as debates and seminars will also be held at least once in a quarter of a year. UTCPR uphold the virtue of academic rigorousness, all participants, and members will have the rights to share their opinion and critique other opinions. Our executive committee is obligated to oversee the discussions and debates be carried out in accordance with University of Toronto’s academic tradition.Yuchen Baiutcpr@outlook.comSDG16
University of Toronto Chinese Volunteer Association (UTCVA)St GeorgeUTCVA (University of Toronto Chinese Volunteer Association) is a U of T recognized campus group initiated by U of T Chinese students. UTCVA pays close attention to the economic and education conditions in some of the less developed regions in rural China. Through our efforts, we hope to bridge these regions with information and resources from other parts of the world, to attract investment from within and outside of china, as well as to enhance the overall education and economic conditions of those regions.Haochen Fengutcvacare2010@gmail.comSDG9, SDG11
University of Toronto Ismaili Students AssociationSt GeorgeThe UTSG Ismaili Students Association (UTSGISA) is a collective space for all Ismaili Muslims studying at the University of Toronto’s St George and Mississauga campuses. We aim to support Ismaili students with opportunities for regular prayer and faith engagement, to help them explore and engage with their spirituality, and develop a strong sense of community whilst at the University, and as part of our alumni network after graduation. Our community events, which are also open to non-Ismailis, are oriented around dance, sport, cultural celebration, academic and professional development, debate and discussion, personal and mental wellbeing, with many more as our community and society grows.Aly Muhammad Sayaniutsgchair@gmail.comSDG3
University of Toronto Environmental ActionSt George"The University of Toronto Environmental Action (UTEA) is made up of students from across the university who are working together for increased awareness of the environmental challenges that we all face. We are building a coalition of students representing every discipline on the St. George campus who are concerned with the state of our environment and the way it is being abused to the detriment of other species and future generations. No matter how you look at it, the
world’s natural systems are under great stress, and as young people it’s
imperative we begin to speak out and take action."
Mai-Yin Johnston and Olivia Rodrigoutea.utoronto@gmail.comSDG6, SDG7, SDG11, SDG13, SDG14, SDG15
University of Toronto Kids with Special Needs Awareness Association (UTKSNAA)St GeorgeWelcome to the University of Toronto Kids with Special Needs Awareness Association (UTKSNAA). The goal of our team is to spread awareness for Kids with Special Needs. (We also promote and advocate awareness for Adults with Special Needs. However, we will primarily focus on children. There has been increasing awareness of people with disabilities (especially children with disabilities) recently. However, there is a common misunderstanding between people with Disabilities and people with Special Needs. Often, people believe that they are the same thing. Even though the two terms do overlap, they are not the same. Therefore, our association focuses on promoting awareness for Kids with Special Needs to help others learn about the difference between the two terms and how we can help Kids with Special Needs. Kids with Special Needs require extra help and care from others. With the proper support and love from others, their life can be as charming as any child’s life. We will discuss and propose different ideas to help improve and support the life of Kids with Special Needs. Other activities in our association will include bi-weekly meetings, volunteering, fundraising, seminars from special needs advocators, and many more! Join us to learn about Kids with Special Needs and help us improve their lives!Cheuk Hei ChungUTKSNAA@gmail.comSDG3, SDG16
University of Toronto Mississauga Mental Health Student Association (UTM MHSA)UTMThe mission of the UTM Mental Health Student Association (UTM MHSA) is to promote and educate students and staff on the significance of mental health at the University of Toronto Mississauga campus. The association aims to connect students to mental health resources available on and off campus, as well as educate individuals on the importance of achieving mental wellness. Additionally, the association hopes to provide University of Toronto Mississauga students with a community they can use as an outlet when they face mental struggles, as well as a safe space to learn healthy coping mechanisms. The association hopes to achieve this by actively hosting de-stressors and educational seminars whilst also educating students on mental illness while promoting mental wellness on the association’s social media throughout the academic year.Selina Liumhsa@utmsu.caSDG3, SDG16
University of Toronto Policython Club (UTP)St GeorgeUniversity of Toronto Policython aims to educate and challenge students interested in Policy and Government, Diplomacy, and related fields by holding an annual Policython. This event combines the educational insight offered by MUNs and the fast- paced, high pressure nature of hackathons to allow students to put their abilities and skills to the test in a fun and fulfilling way. At the end of the event, participants will have created a policy brief to be judged by experts and potentially awarded. Additionally, UTP’s educational mission is to equip students looking into careers related to government and diplomacy with beneficial knowledge and skills on diplomatic tools of government through Policython training. UTP is committed to making U of T an inclusive environment. The policies proposed must be progressive and respective of marginalized populations facing significant obstacles both domestically and internationally. We are also committed to accessibility and will hold these missions central to all club actions moving forward.Shane Joyuoftpolicython@gmail.comSDG4, SDG10, SDG11, SDG16
University of Toronto Scarborough Turkish Student Association (TUSA)UTSCThe main mission of the Turkish Students’ Association is to form a bridge between the Turkish and the UofT community and to promote good fellowship and cooperation among the Turkish community and all other students of the university with the goal of spreading awareness of Turkish culture and customs. The club also aims to assist and facilitate the transitioning of all students with different backgrounds, specifically Turkish students new to the university environment. The Turkish Students’ Association aspires to initiate collaboration with other clubs at the University of Toronto and other universities as well as institutions of higher learning with the goal of cultural exchange.Yasamin DinmohammadiYasmin.dinmohammadi@mail.utoronto.caSDG4, SDG8, SDG11, SDG16
University of Toronto Student Environmental Resource Network (UTERN)St GeorgeThe University of Toronto’s Environmental Resource Network (UTERN) is a levy organization that operates as a funding body and networking hub for any person, group or club within the university community interested in sustainability and environmentalism on campus. UTERN membership is open to all students, faculty, staff and alumni from any of the three campuses at the University of Toronto. To join our membership, join our To facilitate an environmental network at U of T, UTERN hosts monthly Environmental Working Groups (EWGs), where the environmental community at U of T and beyond can pool their resources, share knowledge, and keep up to date on environmental initiatives across the U of T campuses. There are also EWGs at UTM and UTSC. UTERN also organizes EcoFEST, a two week long environmental and sustainability awareness campaign, as well as works with other campus groups for Sustainability Week. All full-time undergraduate students at UTSG, UTM, and UTSC as well as all full-time and part-time graduate students automatically pay the levy of $0.25/term, or $0.18/term for part-time to the student union. The levy supports student-led projects in relation to the environment for all of U of T, and is completely refundable for those unable, or unwilling, to pay. For more information on our levy, funding history, constitution, EWG meeting minutes, etc., visit our website.Giselle Daliliutern.toronto@gmail.comSDG4, SDG13
University of Toronto Mississauga Advocacy and Litigation TeamUTMThe UTM Advocacy and Litigation Team is a student-led mock trial team at UTM, dedicated to competing at the highest level nationally across Canada. This dynamic team is divided into two teams, each with a shared commitment to excellence in the world of mock trial competitions. The heart of the team consists of accomplished Team Captains, who themselves are award winning mock trial competitors. These captains bring their extensive experience and expertise to not only lead but also actively compete alongside their teams in various competitions. Moreover, the team offers its members invaluable networking opportunities and comprehensive training to prepare them for national competitions. With a passion for law and a determination to succeed, the UTM Advocacy and Litigation Team continues to uphold their reputation as a powerhouse in Canadian mock trials while guiding the next generation of legal advocates and litigators.Jasmine Abbasutm.alt@outlook.comSDG16
University of Toronto Mississauga Mock Trial ClubUTMUTM Mock Trial Club is to help students gain experience in mock trials. This student group will provide law-related services and opportunities, where everyone can network with each other. Students will gain experience in mock trials and be provided with knowledge about how they work while networking with other students. There will be two trials happening throughout the academic year. Our first trial will take place in the Fall semester, and the second trial will take place in the Winter semester. We will also be hosting various events throughout the year regarding mock trials. The mock trials training and competition will be happening in person. There will be detailed training provided to each participant. There will also be networking events and resources available for all students.Maya Fawzymocktrials@utmsu.caSDG4, SDG16
University of Toronto Mississauga Pre-Medical Club (UTMPMC)UTMAre you interested in pursuing a career in the field of medicine? Join the University of Toronto Mississauga Pre-Medical Club, led by a diverse and collaborative team of students from both the UTSG and UTM campuses. We aim to provide information, resources, and guidance to students interested in pursuing medicine. Throughout the year, we invite healthcare professionals, medical students, and medical school advisors from across the globe to give our members a better insight into the field of medicine and the admissions process. We equip our members with all the right tools required to become competitive medical school applicants, such as mock MCAT exams administered under real timed-proctored conditions, multiple mini-interviews preparations, application support, general academic counselling, and much more. The UTMPMC is a positive environment in which students can network with like-minded individuals, and achieve access to work, volunteer and other valuable extracurricular opportunities. We hope to encourage our members to pursue a career in medicine, and become doctors of the future.Monique Leungpremed@utmsu.caSDG3
University of Toronto Mississauga Young LiberalsUTMThe club will create a friendly Political environment where all the members can practice politics through the events hosted. The club will bring guest speakers from different levels of government and politicians from the Liberal Party of Canada. The club will host different events on campus, cooperating with clubs such as the debating club, and with other political clubs in different universities off campus. The club will host events affiliated with the Liberal Party of Canada, Liberal Party of Canada (Ontario) and the Ontario Liberal Party. The club will also grant students the opportunity to go out and experience politics in the real world and gain a significant amount of work experiences and government job opportunities.David Zhuliberals@utmsu.caSDG16
University of Toronto Student’s Consulting Association (UTCA)St GeorgeThe University of Toronto Consulting Association (UTCA) is a diverse organization that provides students from different fields with the opportunity to begin exploring the world of consulting. Through our workshops, case competitions, and other events, students learn to assess real-world problems and solve them through innovative solutions. We also host several events that allow students to network with representatives from some of the top consulting firms, learn more about career paths, develop meaningful relationships, and break into the industry. While our organization continues to evolve over the years, we stand by our consistent goal of providing an accessible way to expand students’ horizons through a platform of exposure and opportunities. Our organization also manages a volunteer Consulting Group (CG) which matches top students with local non-profits and start-ups to solve current business problems. Visit our website at for more information.Kitty
University of Toronto Global BrigadesSt GeorgeThe University of Toronto Global Brigades (UTGB) is a chapter of Global Brigades, an international non-profit that uniquely implements a holistic model, aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, to meet a community’s health and economic goals. Every year, we coordinate skill-based weeklong summer brigades and currently host different brigade types to Honduras (Medical, Public Health, Engineering, and Business). Each of these programs fit together to strengthen the health, WASH, and economic development goals of our partner communities. Join us today in building a more equitable world!Tina Yurou Yaouoftglobalbrigades@gmail.comSDG3, SDG4, SDG8, SDG11, SDG10
University of Toronto’s New Democrats (UofT NDP)St GeorgeThe UofT NDP is a student club which promotes both the New Democratic Party (federal NDP) and the Ontario New Democratic Party (ONDP). The club organizes networking events, socials, volunteer opportunities, and field trips. Core beliefs of the club are: -Environmental protection, justice, and restoration -Economic justice and freedom -Political freedom -Social justice; diversity, equity, inclusion, reparations, Indigenous rights. If you are interested in politics and would like to join us in promoting the social democratic and democratic socialist agenda we’d love to have you!Jake Bartonutorontondp@gmail.comSDG4, SDG10, SDG16, SDG13
University of Toronto Students for a Free IranSt GeorgeThe University of Toronto Students for a Free Iran (UTSFI) is an independent social organization that seeks to promote diversity and freedom for Iranians and Iranian-Canadians at the University of Toronto. UTSFI seeks to create a safe and inclusive space for the Iranian and Iranian-Canadian academic community to engage with and preserve the Iranian cultural and historical heritage. UTSFI acknowledges the unacceptable history of oppression based on gender, ethnicity, and religion in Iran. UTSFI has been formed to: (1) address this history of oppression, (2) preserve and document it, (3) and provide an open platform to the Iranian community to emerge as a free society from this history. UTSFI is non-partisan and non-religious. While aiming to promote freedom, equality, and liberty for the Iranian community, UTSFI will not advocate the interest of any political and/or religious entity. UTSFI is a non-profit organization. UTSFI will not provide services for the monetary benefit of any private entity and/or third-party organization.Sara, SDG5, SDG10, SDG16
University of Toronto Trustworthy Machine Intelligence Student GroupSt GeorgeThe UofT Trustworthy Machine Intelligence team (TMI) is committed to educating and taking action on ethical concerns within artificial intelligence and data science. Our mission is to make ethics in AI more accessible through educational workshops and hands-on projects. Past projects include Ethical AI Podcast, Debiasing Facial Recognition, Sentiment Analysis of Tweets, and Deep Learning with Differential Privacy. Our club is committed to building a supportive community of students passionate about trustworthy machine learning. We welcome students from all backgrounds of knowledge and experience!Si Yeun Leeutoronto.tmi@gmail.comSDG4, SDG9, SDG16
University of Toronto Veg ClubSt GeorgeThe University of Toronto Veg Club is a student-run group that promotes Meatless Mondays across campus, hosts veg-friendly events, as well as supports and educates others about veg*n diets, for the sake of the planet, our health, and all animals. All U of T students, alumni, and staff practicing a vegetarian/vegan diet, along with those curious about the lifestyle, are welcome!LingLing Dengutorvegclub@gmail.comSDG3, SDG13, SDG15
University of Toronto Vietnamese Students’ Association (UTVSA)St GeorgeThe University of Toronto Vietnamese Students’ Association (UTVSA) is a non-profit organization founded in 1981. Since then, the UTVSA has sought to promote and preserve Vietnamese language and culture by encouraging dialogue between University of Toronto students and the Vietnamese community. In collaboration with Vietnamese Students’ Unions from other Universities around Ontario, UTVSA has actively worked to better the University experience for Vietnamese students by providing a strong supportive social network, organized social and academic based events, and a forum for discussion within a vibrant Vietnamese community. Regardless of whatever changes may come with varying social context, demographic, members and leaders, UTVSA’s fundamental goal has always remained the same. Through networking events, self-improvement workshops, cultural workshops, fundraisers, and many socials, this is how UTVSA hopes to achieve it. They are a place of open arms, welcoming anyone to reach out and connect. Regardless of who or where someone is from, UTVSA aims to ignite a spark in them an appreciation for Vietnamese culture, and to continue fueling the flames in those already with a burning passion for all that is Vietnam. Hội Sinh Viên Việt Nam Đại Học Toronto (UTVSA) là một tổ chức phi lợi nhuận được thành lập vào năm 1981. Từ khi bắt đầu, hội đã đề ra mục tiêu gìn giữ và quảng bá văn hoá và ngôn ngữ Việt bằng cách khuyến khích sự trao đổi giữa sinh viên Đại học Toronto và cộng đồng Việt Nam. Thông qua sự cộng tác với các hội sinh viên Việt Nam khác trên toàn tỉnh bang Ontario, UTVSA đã và đang tích cực hoạt động nhằm mang lại những trải nghiệm tốt hơn cho sinh viên Việt Nam. Hội thường xuyên tổ chức những sự kiện và hoạt động giao lưu văn hoá, tạo điều kiện cho các thành viên kết nối với nhau, cũng như những buổi tư vấn về học thuật hay kỹ năng sống nhằm hỗ trợ sinh viên. Bên cạnh đó UTVSA cũng là nơi để mọi người cùng nhau ăn mừng trong những dịp lễ quan trọng của Việt Nam. Mục đích hoạt động của UTVSA đã, đang và sẽ không thay đổi theo bất kỳ sự thay đổi nào trong xã hội và chính trị, trong bất cứ hoàn cảnh, thời điểm nào và dưới sự điều hành của bất kỳ ai. Hội luôn chào đón tất cả mọi người đến giao lưu và sẵn sàng hỗ trợ khi cần. Bất kể bạn là ai hay đến từ đâu, UTVSA hy vọng sẽ nhóm lên trong bạn niềm yêu thích và sự cảm kích đối vời nền văn hoá Việt Nam. 🙋🏻‍♂️ Hey there! 🎊 UTVSA welcomes you back to another year of the ACE Mentorship Program! 📩 Sign-ups are now available for Mentors! If you’re enthusiastic about guiding and supporting […] 🌟 Exciting news! ✨ UTVSA is delighted to announce that our mentee registration forms for ACE (Anh Chị Em) mentorship program are now OPEN! 🤝 With ACE, we’re passionate about […]Kristina Khanh Tien Couoftvsa@gmail.comSDG8
University of Toronto: Women in SportSt GeorgeA community for woman-identifying student-athletes, staff, faculty and alumni who compete/have competed/work in sport. We provide our members with a supportive environment to meet like-minded people, share their experiences, celebrate their achievements, and access resources and opportunities to facilitate their academic, athletic and professional success.Mahaylia Datarsuoftwomeninsport@gmail.comSDG5
University of Toronto Young Liberals (UofTYL)St GeorgeAre you interested in a career in politics? Do you want to improve your community? Are you passionate about Liberal values and policies? Then the UofT Young Liberals is the right for you. Whether you’ve knocked 1000 doors or are setting foot in Canada for the first time, we would love to see you at one of our regular social events, canvasses, or policy discussions.Cameron Miranda-Radborduoftyoungliberals@gmail.comSDG16
UofT Dentistry Beyond Borders (UofTDBB)St GeorgeDentistry Beyond Borders UofT is a community-driven initiative that recognizes the fundamental importance of dental health in overall well-being. Our club aims to bridge the gap in dental education and accessibility by organizing informative events and engaging activities for newcomers across the country. By fostering a supportive and inclusive environment, we empower individuals to take charge of their oral health and embrace a brighter, healthier future.Amal Moukanniuoftdbb@gmail.comSDG3, SDG11, SDG16
UofT Friendship, Academics, and Mental Wellness Alliance (FAM)St GeorgeUofT FAM Alliance seeks to provide an inclusive and supportive community for all students at the University of Toronto by providing study sessions, friendship and team-building activities, as well as a non-judgmental space for students to express themselves in a positive way. This organization is a student group that aims to support students through their academic achievements and mental well-being.Olivia B. Lifamalliance.uoft@gmail.comSDG3
U of T Outing ClubSt GeorgeThe University of Toronto Outing Club (UTOC) was established in 1957. We are composed of students, faculty and staff who are interested in a variety of outdoor activities including but not limited to canoeing, camping and hiking. Club members  are encouraged to organize outdoor focused trips of all manner.  UTOC also owns a cabin near Metcalfe Rock at the Niagara Escarpment. where members have access throughout the year.Talia Yawneysecretary@utoc.caSDG3
UofT Student Prison Project (UTSPP)St GeorgeWelcome to the UofT Prison Project, a dynamic club dedicated to raising awareness and working for reform in the Canadian prison system. Our mission is to foster empathy, understanding, and support for inmates through engaging events and initiatives. Our key event is the Ex-Prisoner Conference, where former inmates share their experiences and perspectives on Canadian jails. Through their narratives, participants gain a deeper understanding of the challenges faced by inmates and the impact of imprisonment on their lives. We invite guest speakers, including legal aid officers and lawyers, to shed light on systemic injustices in the Canadian prison system. By learning about real-life cases, attendees gain insight into the need for reform and the importance of advocating for prisoners’ rights. We will organize a year-round multi-faith donation and fundraising initiative to improve inmates’ well-being. This includes donation drives for religious items like Bibles, Qurans, prayer mats, and other texts to provide spiritual guidance and support. Additionally, we actively engage our members in meaningful initiatives, such as our penpals program. Through this program, students at UofT University have the opportunity to exchange letters with prisoners in Canada. By establishing a connection and offering support through correspondence, we aim to provide a sense of hope and a reminder of their inherent worth as individuals. Join the UofT Prison Project in raising awareness, fostering empathy, and working towards reform in the Canadian prison system. Together, we can make a difference and strive for a more just and compassionate society for all.Zoha Mahroofuoftpp@gmail.comSDG3, SDG4, SDG16
U of T Student Chapter Educating Chinese Children-Hope OfferedSt GeorgeECCHO, founded in January 2013, is the U of T Chapter of ECCHO Volunteer Association. The organization is dedicated to helping underprivileged Chinese children get better education, and bringing hope for their future. We, at the other end of Pacific Ocean, connect people with intentions to volunteer, and through our activities and teaching programs, volunteerism has been passed onto the student body and it is continuing to influence larger population. In the past five years, we have successfully organized three Summer Camps and launched Rural Area Teaching Program, and over 130 volunteers from U of T student body have traveled overseas to help more than 3000 children in Tengchong, China. ECCHO intends to let children have more access to resources and inspire them to discover their potentials and interests through the power of education.Siqing Xusiqing.xu@mail.utoronto.caSDG4, SDG10, SDG11
UofT Shoebox Project Student ChapterSt GeorgeThe University of Toronto Shoebox Project Club will raise funds and awareness to uplift and empower women who are experiencing or at risk of homelessness. The group will support the Shoebox Project for Women Foundation, specifically the Toronto local chapters, with fundraising, collecting Shoebox gifts, and helping with inspections and deliveries for the drives. It will further provide students the opportunity to help local communities, especially during the winter season, develop their soft skills, such as leadership and public speaking, and foster equitable communities where all women are seen, valued, and treated with dignity and compassion.Samantha Kelly Chowuoftshoeboxproject@outlook.comSDG1, SDG4, SDG5, SDG10, SDG16
U of T Stem Cell Club Student ChapterSt GeorgePatients with blood cancers may require a stem cell transplant as part of their treatment. However, 80% of patients do not have a suitable match in their family, and must find an unrelated donor. Canada’s stem cell donor-database is used to match potential donors to patients. Individuals age 17-35 can register to join this database at stem cell drives, where they swab their cheeks to provide a tissue sample for a DNA test. Finding a match for transplant is difficult: currently, over 1000 Canadians cannot find a match. The Stem Cell Club aims to strengthen Canada’s stem cell donor-database ( We seek to recruit the most-needed stem cell donors, and advance health equity by improving representation of non-Caucasians (including Aboriginal Peoples) on Canada’s donor-database. Our club trains students to advocate for patients in need of stem cell transplant, and to develop leadership and teamwork skills. We instruct them to secure informed consent and to identify and correct medical errors. Our goal is to recruit and train hundreds of volunteers to advocate for patients in need of stem cell transplant, and present all students at UofT with the opportunity to register as stem cell donors.Rupal Hatkarstemcellclubuoft@gmail.comSDG3, SDG4, SDG10, SDG16
Urban Studies Student UnionSt GeorgeThe Urban Studies Program at the University of Toronto aims to provide students with a multitude of lenses through which to observe, interpret, and understand urban life. The Urban Studies Student Union (URSSU) is the student union representing those in the Urban Studies Program and is a part of the larger Arts and Science Student Union (ASSU). Its executive is composed of elected undergraduate students who organize urban-focused academic and social events, provide peer support, and raise awareness about urban issues.Shameel Rajnath MohammedNoneSDG11
Urbanism Club (UC)UTMWe’re a group all about Urbanism: strong towns, good urban development, smart transit, and so much more! Our goals: Educate our members and the community on the benefits of walkable towns, such as improved health, social connection, and economic sustainability. Advocate for policies and infrastructure that prioritize walking, biking, and public transit as viable transportation options. Foster community engagement by organizing events and projects that promote urbanism and walkability. Champion equitable access to safe, accessible, and well-designed public spaces for people of all ages, abilities, and backgrounds.Ethan Lamutmurbanism@gmail.comSDG4, SDG9, SDG10, SDG11, SDG16
UTM AFFILIATE – Sexual Education & Peer Support CentreUTMUTM SEC offers a number of free and confidential services to students of U of T at Mississauga. The services currently offered include: phone-in service, one-to-one peer counselling, library services, general information, referral services, and Sexuality Awareness Week. Drop-in Centre: The Sexual Education and Peer Support Drop-in Centre is staffed by trained volunteer peer counsellors. Feel free to visit the Drop-in Centre during our operating hours, please check for availability (currently posted on the door). The Drop-in Centre provides general information, one-to-one counselling, referrals, free condoms and lubricant, free literature and pamphlets, and reference books and videos (lending for University of Toronto students). All visits to the Centre are free and confidential. The peer counsellors accept without judgment the diverse range of human sexuality and recognize that all people benefit from open expression of sexuality, supported by a safe and accepting atmosphere.Audriana Burellautmsecanonymous@gmail.comSDG3, SDG16
UTM Body BeautifulUTMUTM Body Beautiful is a club dedicated to promoting positive body image and fostering self-acceptance among individuals of all genders, ages, and backgrounds. Our purpose is to create a cultural shift that celebrates diverse bodies, tackles harmful beauty standards, and cultivate a safe space where every person feels comfortable, confident, and beautiful in their own skin. We aim to raise awareness about the detrimental effects of body shaming, media influence, and societal pressures on individuals’ self-perception. Furthermore, we strive to create a supportive and inclusive community where individuals can share their experiences, challenges, and successes on their journey towards self-acceptance.Sandali Vithanageutmbodybeautiful@gmail.comSDG5, SDG16
UTM Correctional Service Volunteers (UTMCSV)UTMThe purpose of our group is to recruit and support Correctional Service Canada (CSC) Student Volunteers, some of whom may directly assist offenders in their rehabilitation and reintegration efforts. Our mission is to support volunteers and provide a community for those interested in assisting in these efforts by providing events, training and social support, as well as organized group volunteer events that support offenders in their reintegration efforts with the knowledge that volunteer programs greatly support the success of offender reintegration. Correctional Service Volunteers will also engage in efforts to spread awareness on the UTM campus about the general importance of offender rehabilitation and reintegration by engaging students with data and research unspecific to any correctional locations. We aim to find a dedicated group of students who will regularly volunteer with us at a CSC facility, and within the community, and who share in our vision. We will achieve these goals by recruiting students with a special interest in offender rehabilitation/reintegration, some of whom may have been touched by academic or personal experiences, with the support of our professors and through outreach, advocacy and access to specialized volunteer training and programs organized by the club in relation to CSC to enable them to succeed as volunteers with CSC.Raquel Tomlinsonutmcorrectionalvolunteers@gmail.comSDG16
UTM Fight for Hope (UTMFFH)UTMThe goal of ‘Fight for Hope’ is to raise awareness of a variety of illnesses, both known and unknown, including cancer, diabetes, cystic fibrosis, hepatitis A/B, and many others. In order to improve public knowledge, we aim to fight health care misinformation. To enhance the social lives of students, we want to plan entertaining fundraising activities. Most importantly, our goal is to raise money to support charitable organizations that fight against these diseases. We aim to achieve this through fundraising events, such as bake sales, movie nights, exam de-stressor workshops, game nights, etc. Furthermore, we will also host informational sessions where we educate students on a specific disease.Laiba Jamalffh@utmsu.caSDG3, SDG16
UTM Global Medical BrigadesUTMGlobal Brigades is the world's largest student-led social movement working to reduce inequalities by resolving health and economic disparitiesSDG3
UTM Humanitarian Club (UTMHC)UTMOur overall mission as the UTM Humanitarian Club is to directly provide relief, education, and support towards humanitarian events, and we will focus on current issues, lending our support where it is needed most. Our club mandate is to provide help to as many people as we can, and providing as many individuals as possible with group-oriented volunteering experiences. Our vision is to make volunteering easy for nervous individuals, as the task may be intimidating to do so alone, though by providing group volunteering experiences, such as 10 members going to assist at a location such as the Mississauga food bank, the task will become much more easily approachable. We envision a future in which a large network of individuals will be able to work together to volunteer as groups, and we aim to reach this goal by gathering these like-minded individuals; as more individuals with an interest in humanitarian issues join our club, they will also hopefully bring new endeavours and connections into new methods of helping. Hopefully, new members will have contacts within institutions to make our involvement much easier. Our club will also aim to discuss current humanitarian issues and discuss relevant information, with current examples including: providing education and directing ways to support the Black Lives Matter movement, or providing instructional videos and seminars on the current COVID-19 pandemic, such as how to make a difference and get involved. One of our goals is to create a deep network with organizations in the surrounding Mississauga area and beyond, to be able to provide direct support where it is needed most, and to create a system in which individuals can sign up together to go directly make a difference through our medium of connection, and as a group under our club name. Through group discussions and events, we can converse about relevant humanitarian issues, and discuss ways in which we can become involved to lend our support as a group, then organize sign-up sheets for members to get involved! We hope that in the future, we will have thousands of members in our club, and we will be able to discuss the most applicable and relevant methods of becoming involved in humanitarian issues around our community.utm.humanitarian@gmail.comSDG10, SDG16
UTM MedLifeUTMMEDLIFE is an international organization that works closely with low-income communities in an attempt to tackle various medical, educational, and developmental problems. UTM MEDLIFE is a chapter of MEDLIFE available at the University of Toronto Mississauga campus. We work closely with MEDLIFE headquarters to coordinate projects in South American and African communities abroad, specifically, we develop various fundraising campaigns and dedicate the funds to various topics. This year, our campaign is called Ignite the Light!. The campaign is dedicated to focused on providing education in our chosen communities with infrastructure for kindergartens and schools. UTM MEDLIFE also coordinates Service Learning Trips in which club members can travel abroad once a year to assist in pop-up clinics in low-income communities and are provided the opportunity to shadow doctors in the chosen destination of travel. Club members are encouraged to join important meetings and events to learn more about how they can help in local and international communities!Danna Khoutievmedlife@utmsu.caSDG1, SDG4, SDG9, SDG10
UTM Miscarriages of Justice (UTMMJ)UTMThe purpose of the club is to unite students passionate and interested in the awareness of injustices in the criminal justice system. An aim for the club is to highlight injustices by encouraging students and club members to critically analyze the wrongdoings of the criminal justice system and proceedings.Natalya NelsonUTMMJ@UTMSU.CASDG16
UTM New Democratic Party (UTM NDP)UTMThe UTM NDP is a student group at the University of Toronto Mississauga campus that is dedicated to promoting the values and principles of the New Democratic Party (NDP) and engaging with the local community. As a member of the group, you can expect to participate in political discussions and events, volunteer opportunities, and social gatherings. The group aims to raise awareness about important issues and to mobilize students to make a positive change in the community. Joining the UTM NDP is an excellent way to get involved in politics, meet like-minded individuals, and make a difference in your community. Blake Douglasutmnewdemocraticparty@gmail.comSDG16
UTM Regenerative Medicine ClubUTMRegenerative medicine, which is a branch of medicine that uses medical therapies to regenerate damaged or diseased tissues or organs, is here to revolutionize healthcare. That’s why at UTMRMC we are dedicated to promoting research in the field of regenerative medicine, and spreading awareness of its therapeutic applications. We hope to provide UTM students with a platform where they can learn more about regenerative medicine through interactive events and potential research opportunities.Anoosha Keshavutmregenmed@gmail.comSDG3
UTM SOCIETY – UTM Association of Graduate Students (UTMAGS)UTMThe graduate student council is now named UTMAGS (University of Toronto at Mississauga Association of Graduate Students). We are the graduate student association representing all M.Sc, M.A, M. Biotech, and Ph.D. students who spend the majority of their academic time at UTM. UTMAGS represents the interests of Erindale graduate students at the Graduate Students’ Union, Erindale College Council, and other UTM committees. Over the past few years, we have lobbied for increased student support, improvement of UTM student housing, and increased services to students at UTM. Outside of committees and councils, we also hold a number of social events during the school year and summer, as well as maintaining the Grad Lounge.Connor Fitzpatrickutmags@utoronto.caSDG11
UTM Wildlife and Ornithology Club (UTWO)UTMWelcome to the Wildlife and Ornithologist Club at the University of Toronto! Our student group is dedicated to promoting the study and appreciation of wildlife, with an emphasis on birds, and to provide educational, recreational, and social opportunities for our members. We aim to enhance the natural environment of the University of Toronto by encouraging sustainable and responsible interaction with wildlife and their habitats. Our club members enjoy a wide range of activities and events, including birdwatching trips, birdhouse building workshops, photography contests, and clean-up events. We also host guest speakers and workshops on topics such as bird identification, conservation, and wildlife photography. Our events are open to all members, regardless of their level of experience or knowledge. By joining our club, you can expect to meet other wildlife enthusiasts who share your passion for birds and the natural world. Our club provides a supportive and welcoming community where you can learn new skills, make new friends, and make a positive impact on the environment. We also offer opportunities to participate in citizen science projects and contribute to important research on wildlife and bird populations. Whether you’re a seasoned birder or just starting out, we welcome you to join our club and become part of our community. So come and join us and experience the wonder and beauty of wildlife and birds with like-minded individuals.Isabel Paris Libertutm.ornithology@gmail.comSDG4, SDG14, SDG15
UTM Women and Gender Equity Centre (WGEC)UTMThe UTM Women & Gender Equity Centre (WGEC) is a student-run organization dedicated to making our campus a safer place for women & gender minorities in order to make campus safer and more accessible for women, trans, and non-binary students at the University of Toronto Mississauga (UTM). Dismantling barriers that UTM students face, specifically sexuality, gender and gender identity by advocating for unheard voices , provide support to students from marginalized communities via services (such as peer support, gender affirming subsidies, and office hours), educate the student population on various topics regarding sex, gender and sexual health. It allows UTM students & staff to connect with & access a support system based on mutual respect & understanding of everyone. The office is a place where anyone affected by misogyny, sexism, or transphobia can take up space & speak freely about the struggles and triumphs of being a gender minority on campus, & receive the support they need to thrive. What do we do? UTM WGEC understands that acknowledging your struggles & asking for help are only the first steps, and they are often the most difficult steps of all. We aim to remove barriers so that you can choose to make these steps on your own terms, & the staff at WGEC will support you no matter what choices you make.Nerissa Almeidaheadcoordinator@utmwgec.comSDG4, SDG5, SDG10, SDG11, SDG16
UTM Women’s Health & Wellness HubUTMThe UTM Women’s Health & Wellness Hub aims to cultivate a nurturing and empowering space where women can prioritize their physical, mental, reproductive, social, nutritional and emotional well-being in a safe space while being provided with multiple resources to fill these existing gaps. The WHWH will: 1. Provide a comprehensive range of resources, programs, and services for holistic health; 2. Offer fitness classes, professional nutritional guidance, mental health support, educational workshops, and access to healthcare resources. 3. Foster a sense of community and empowerment among women in their unique health journeys; 4. Create an inclusive, judgment-free, and accessible environment for women to explore and enhance their overall wellbeing. 5. Raise awareness of the importance of holistic wellness by addressing the lack of emphasis on women’s health and wellness within the university community. 6. Advocate for women’s health and wellness on campus through promoting a diverse range of initiatives and events conducted both virtually and in-person. 7. Uphold the principles of equity, accessibility and inclusion in our work and initiatives to ensure that everyone has equal access to our resources and support.Bana Hafianwomenshealth@utmsu.caSDG2, SDG3, SDG4, SDG5, SDG10, SDG11
UTM Women Student Association (UTM WSA)UTMThe UTM Women Student Association is an inclusive and vibrant university student group dedicated to fostering a strong community among women students. We strive to cultivate a spirit of women empowerment by organizing engaging activities, promoting networking opportunities, and providing a platform to discuss and address pertinent issues faced by women worldwide. We aim to raise awareness and contribute to causes that uplift women, such as gender equality, women health, and women education. Ultimately, we hope to bring the women of UTM together in celebrating and championing the accomplishments, aspirations, and strengths of women everywhere.Bana Hafianwsa@utmsu.caSDG5, SDG10, SDG16
Ukrainian Association of UTMUTMThe Ukrainian Association of UTM is a student-run undergraduate group at the University of Toronto’s Mississauga Campus. We aim to provide an environment for the fellow community to embrace Ukrainian culture and identity. The objectives of the Ukrainian Association of UTM are as follows: • Create a welcoming and inclusive place for everyone interested in Ukrainian culture. • Organize events to create a platform for students to unwind and meet each other, on and off campus, to share what they all have in common. • Create a place that promotes the learning of Ukrainian history, culture, and language. • To empower the club’s members to collaborate effectively on projects and events supporting Ukraine. • To help combat misinformation pertaining to Ukraine and its current, past, and future history. • Supporting Ukraine and all the people that respect Ukraine’s sovereignty. Join our discord server: Tsebrouautm@studentorg.utoronto.caSDG4, SDG7, SDG8, SDG16
Undergraduate Women in Computer Science Student Association (WiCS)St GeorgePurpose: To create a positive space on campus for all genders and sexual orientations by accepting everyone who wants to join our group, and conducting meetings and other events. To create a social support network for self-identified women in computer science programs and courses at the University of Toronto, St George Campus by conducting meeting and other social events. To provide and/or contribute to outreach and diversity programs for prospective and first-year self-identified female students in Computer Science by encouraging them to come to our meetings and collaborating with some high/secondary schools. To promote networking and informational opportunities for our members by providing information about latest conferences and talks and funding some members to attend these conferences/talks. To prompt a dialogue related to diversity/minority issues within technical and scientific fields, particularly with respect to computer science and related disciplines by attending meeting to other groups like Women in Computer Science/Engineering and inviting guests or faculty member to talk about related topics.Ananya Jainwicsuoft@gmail.comSDG5, SDG8, SDG10
UNICEF UTMUTMUNICEF is the world’s farthest-reaching humanitarian organization for children. Across 190 countries and territories, and in the world’s toughest places, we work day in and day out to help children survive. To defend their rights. To keep them protected, healthy and educated. To give them a fair chance to fulfill their potential. Our purpose as a UNICEF affiliated club is to be a gateway for students, staff and local sponsors to be able to help children in need around the world. Our mission is to spread awareness about many growing crises along with collecting funds to provide resources for disadvantaged children around the world. Through this awareness, we visualize ourselves as an influence for students to make a difference in the world by donating for various causes and raising awareness about child-rights issues by volunteering for our club. Our overall goal is to help as many children as we can by supporting UN Sustainable Development Goals to advocate for children rights. We are determined to move into a direction that makes UTM students more knowledgeable on the crises of today’s world. As well as provide a means for students to take initiative and make a difference in the world.Justin Kafleunicef@utmsu.caSDG4, SDG8, SDG11, SDG10, SDG16
United for Literacy at St. George Student ChapterSt GeorgeUnited for Literacy at U of T St. George is a non-profit, volunteer-run student organization at the University of Toronto. Our program fosters the development of skills in basic literacy, numeracy, and English as a Second Language for elementary, secondary and adult learners. Millions of voices are silenced by a society with high literacy demands. Frontier College is active at about 35 university and college campuses from coast to coast. Here at UofT St. George, we run 6 different programs at 4 different locations in downtown Toronto.Eryka Shi-Shunutoronto@unitedforliteracy.caSDG4
University of Toronto Mississauga Black Students Association (UTM BSA or BSA)UTMUniversity of Toronto Mississauga Black Students Association would like to create an environment for black students to come together as a community, support one another academically and socially, and engage with the broader UTM student body.Sidone Grangeblack@utmsu.caSDG16
UTSC Good2Talk Student GroupUTSCThis club aims to raise awareness about Good2Talk which is an organization that provides free, professional and anonymous support to Ontario post-secondary students. They provide support with a variety of issues including mental health, relationships, sexuality, financial stresses, legal concerns and more. This club aims to enhance the understanding of students at UTSC about these issues, which are very much relevant across the entire student body.Jeevetha Nesabaskaranutscgood2talk@gmail.comSDG3
UTSC Muslim Students’ AssociationUTSCThe Muslim Students’ Association (MSA) at the University of Toronto Scarborough (UTSC) is dedicated to providing for the spiritual, religious, social, and, at times, academic needs of Muslim students and the wider UTSC campus community. MSA hosts prayer services and a variety of events which includes awareness campaigns, study circles, alumni networking events, recreational trips, socials/dinners and other charitable initiatives.Hunain Sindhuutscmsa1@gmail.comSDG16
UTSC Parks Canada ClubUTSCThis club was created as part of a network of Parks Canada clubs across the nation. Its mandate is to bring people together to appreciate and protect Canada’s natural and cultural heritage for present and future generations. We want the community of UofT Scarborough to explore and have fun outdoors by providing them with opportunities to participate in events, activities and volunteer opportunities.Shabnam Tejaniutscparkscanada@gmail.comSDG3, SDG15, SDG16
UTSC Project Sunshine Student ChapterUTSCProject Sunshine brings volunteer-led educational, creative, and social programming to pediatric patients and their families in a variety of medical settings. We recognize the tremendous weight of managing a child’s illness or injury, whether it requires short-term or long-term care. Every child with a medical challenge is unique, and our programs seek to adapt to the individual needs of each child. Our three types of programming, TelePlay, In-Hospital and Sending Sunshine are tailored for patients’ developmental and psycho-social needs during treatment. We provide family-centered opportunities for joy, connection, socialization and memory-making.Priyanka Choudhariuoftscarborough@projectsunshine.orgSDG3
UTSC Women’s and Trans CentreUTSCWe are a non-profit organisation that provides a safe and inclusive space for everyone on the UTSC campus including woman, man, genderqueer, non-binary, community member, faculty or staff. Together building a safer and more inclusive campus for all women/femme, 2SLGBTQIAP+ & BIPOC folks.Gabriella Providenceinternalcoordinator.wc@gmail.comSDG5, SDG10, SDG16
UTWindSt GeorgeWe are a self-directed group of students at the University of Toronto who will design, build, test, and compete a small scale wind turbine! Besides designing, our mission is to learn more about wind energy and to pass that knowledge on to new students, to prepare more young professionals for this rapidly expanding field. We also aim to raise awareness more generally about wind energy and the potential it has to improve quality of life in developing communities. Wind energy is a great way to power our world without polluting it, and we want to be involved in making that happen!Abir Shahidmyutwind@gmail.comSDG4, SDG7, SDG14, SDG15
Vic SustainabilitySt GeorgeVictoria University Students' Administrative Council (VUSAC) Sustainability Commission. Students at Vic advocating for a liveable, sustainable, and just future for all. SDG4, SDG10, SDG11
Volunteer Organization of Korean Life-Science Students (VOKLS)St GeorgeThe Volunteer Organization of Korean Life-Science Students (VOKLS) is a professional student organization dedicated to fostering academic excellence and promoting interpersonal growth among Korean Life-Science students. Through a wide range of activities, including academic seminars, fundraising sales, and volunteering events, VOKLS strives to establish a supportive network that enhances both the academic and cultural experiences of its members. By fostering positive social changes, we aim to empower our members to become visionary leaders, extending their impact beyond the confines of our campus and making a meaningful difference in the world.Se-Hee (Selina) Jangvokls.president@gmail.comSDG16
Wellness and Equity for Life Science Undergraduate Students (WELLUS)St GeorgeWELLUS is an initiative which strives to create greater awareness of health equity while also providing support for the mental well-being of Life Science students or students who wish to work in Medicine and Healthcare and who also belong to marginalized communities. As immigrants and as people of colour, far too many times do we endure healthcare inequities which only further exacerbate the divisions within communities. Healthcare inequity pertains to the barriers and unfair treatment which hinder certain individuals from obtaining the care they require to achieve their optimal health. Our greatest hope for this project is to make WELLUS a space for student communities to learn more about health inequity and mental health resources. Members can expect to participate in regular events and be updated on resources for marginalized communities, including research opportunities, awards and mental health gift baskets.Dileesha Fernandowellusuoft@gmail.comSDG3, SDG4, SDG10, SDG16
West Indian Students’ Association (WISA)St GeorgeWISA is a club the celebrates the vast culture of the 27 countries that make up the Caribbean as well as its diaspora. We intend to be your home away from home to all those who call the West Indies home and heritage. WISA holds social events and activities that we hope achieve a unique and open cultural experience for all West Indians and Caribbean students that attend the University of Toronto St. George. It is our belief that WISA will achieve this as we strive for nothing less than excellence with the use of our beautiful islands known as the West Indies. Come join us because the fete nah ova when WISA reach!!!! Find us on Instagram @UofTWISA 🙂Gabriella Johnsonwisa.utsg@gmail.comSDG15
Women and Gender Studies Students’ UnionSt GeorgeWGSSU acts as a source of information & support for University of Toronto students, working to combine student activism with academic studies. The WGSSU at the University of Toronto provides students with the opportunity to develop friendships, work relationships, and a strong academic learning environment. Each year, the WGSSU organizes several events, both academic and social, for the undergraduate student body in Women and Gender Studies. Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Indranwgssu.utoronto@gmail.comSDG4, SDG5, SDG16
Women in Business Association (WIBA)UTSCWe are committed to providing opportunities that offer skill enhancement and foster the development of a professional network so that we can accomplish our goal of supporting women beginning their business career. This would be accomplished through our podcast, our mentorship program, skill-building workshops, and networking event.Nimeesha Fernandeswiba.utsc@gmail.comSDG5
Women in Computer Science, Statistics and MathematicsUTSCTo create a community of female students that are typically marginalized in CSM. Essentially we are a group that creates communal, academic, and skillful events that are organized to work towards enhancing inclusion and diversity in the CSM community as our top priority.Sneha Mehrawicsm.utsc@gmail.comSDG5, SDG10
Women in Law AssociationUTMThe Women in Law Association (WILA) aims to empower women in the legal profession and strives to build a community among future women law students and lawyers while providing opportunities for them to connect with legal professionals. The Women in Law Association also aims to increase the conversation around how women are affected in the legal profession by raising awareness through social media platforms and interactive discussions. We want to focus on the empowerment of women involved in the legal field while creating an inclusive environment for all.Vanessa Usechewila@utmsu.caSDG5, SDG16
Women in Science & Engineering (WISE) U of T Student ChapterSt GeorgeWomen in Science and Engineering – University of Toronto (WISE U of T) is a co-ed student organization open to all persons in the University of Toronto community. We are a recognized campus organization that hosts a broad range of activities throughout the year including professional networking opportunities, community outreach events, a high school outreach program, and an Annual National Conference. We work to create an inclusive community for our members to share their experiences and advocate for gender equality in STEM.Armita Khashayardoostpresident@wise.skule.caSDG5, SDG10, SDG16
Women in Science and ComputingUTMThe Women in Science and Computing club (WiSC) aspires to provide a supportive community for students pursuing careers in STEM. We plan on creating opportunities for students of all genders to enhance their professional and personal development, and find peers who will support them on this path. Our goal is to start a conversation on equity, diversity, and inclusion in STEM and provide opportunities for minorities in STEM to flourish. The Women in Science and Computing club (WiSC) aspires to provide a supportive community for students pursuing careers in STEM. We plan on creating opportunities for students of all genders to enhance their professional and personal development, and find peers who will support them on this path. Our goal is to start a conversation on equity, diversity, and inclusion in STEM and provide opportunities for minorities in STEM to flourish. The Women in Science and Computing club (WiSC) aspires to provide a supportive community for students pursuing careers in STEM. We plan on creating opportunities for students of all genders to enhance their professional and personal development, and find peers who will support them on this path. Our goal is to start a conversation on equity, diversity, and inclusion in STEM and provide opportunities for minorities in STEM to flourish. The Women in Science and Computing club (WiSC) aspires to provide a supportive community for students pursuing careers in STEM. We plan on creating opportunities for students of all genders to enhance their professional and personal development, and find peers who will support them on this path. Our goal is to start a conversation on equity, diversity, and inclusion in STEM and provide opportunities for minorities in STEM to flourish.Ayesha Tayyibawisc@utmsu.caSDG4, SDG5, SDG10
Women Stronger Together (WST)St GeorgeWomen Stronger Together (WST) strives to create an inclusive and empowering community for students along varying points of their wellness journey who are seeking mentorship, and peer support and wish to learn more about women’s health. WST matches general members based on common fitness interests with a “fitness partner” or mentor/ mentee. It also hosts virtual seminars, allowing members to interact, support each other on their fitness and wellness journeys and build everlasting bonds with other members.Emily Ngwstuoft@gmail.comSDG5
Working Towards Inclusivity in Chemistry TorontoSt GeorgeWe are a student-led organization part of the CWIC network for advocacy and education on issues of equity, diversity, and inclusion within the Chemistry community and the broader STEM community. Our work is rooted in the ambition of dismantling oppressive systems that persist within the academy to make our department and university a more just and safe space for all.Abigail Clappewicto@utoronto.caSDG4, SDG10, SDG16
Yayra Si Youth Foundation CanadaUTSCYSYF UTSC will support the mission of Yayra-Si Youth Foundation (YSYF) to amplify the rights of women and youth in Ghana for economic, educational, and health development through advocacy and action. YSYF UTSC will fulfill this objective through fundraising, outreach and youth mobilization.Sahar Mohmandysyfutsc@gmail.comSDG5, SDG16
Youreka TorontoSt GeorgeThe mission of Youreka is to empower youth to become innovators, thought-leaders, and active citizens by connecting them with the meaningful experiential learning opportunities and mentorship that they need to make an impact in their communities. Each year, Youreka Canada connects hundreds of talented and passionate students to engage in meaningful, self-directed research projects to contribute to positive advancements, both locally and globally. By delivering an annual curriculum anchored in critical thinking and scientific literacy, our students learn powerful skills that enhance their projects and allow them to develop into global leaders that are ready to tackle issues ranging from biomedicine to social issues to corporate finance. Interested in mentoring high school students from across the GTA and learning about the data scientific research pipeline? As a URL…you’ll: Serve as the mentor for a data science research […]Karyna Likaryna.lim@yourekacanada.orgSDG4, SDG16
Youth Food for Thought Student Association (YFT@UofT)St GeorgeYouth Food for Thought is a non-profit student-led initiative that provides low-income students in grades 7 and 8 with academic and interpersonal mentorship. The primary goal of this initiative is to increase knowledge of educational, extracurricular, and financial opportunities for students of low-income immigrant or refugee background. Presentations on academic success, secondary and post-secondary education, and extracurriculars will be provided to students in the program. Additionally, this program aims to address food insecurities students may face by providing them with a meal and take-home snacks at each group-mentorship meeting. To run this initiative, students from the University of Toronto will be recruited to volunteer their time to mentor and supervise the mentees. Members may have roles in contacting sponsors, making presentations, supervising the meetings, or logistical tasks. This club will work with external sponsors in the community to provide the mentees with food. The mentorship meetings will take place twice a month at pre-booked rooms at the University of Toronto to expose the student participants to a post-secondary setting. This program will be launched with 7-15 mentees in the fall/winter semester of the 2023/2024 school year. Ultimately, Youth Food for Thought focuses on mitigating the barriers that typically hinder low-income students’ involvement in higher education.Nishat Fatima Syedayouthfoodforthought@gmail.comSDG1, SDG4, SDG10
Bird Safe U of TSt GeorgeBird Safe U of T is a group commited to reducing bird fatalities on campus, and making the St. George campus safe for birdsCarly Davenportbirdsafeuoft@gmail.comSDG15