Sustainability Student Group Inventory

University of Toronto’s 2021-2022 Sustainability Student Group Inventory

The 2021 (2020-2021) Student Group Inventory is the 3rd edition of this inventory completed by CECCS.

Source: This list includes student group, clubs, societies, unions, and associations at the three University at Toronto campuses and affiliated colleges with mandates that align with the United Nations’ (UN) Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The groups were identified through student group networks, searches from the U of T Student Organization Portal, University of Toronto’s Environmental Research Network (UTERN) and other university websites and networks.

Methodology: The 2021 inventory was compiled by first using a set of Python programs, where organization names and descriptions were matched to a set of keywords related to each SDG. The identified organizations and keywords were then manually screened to ensure relevance to the UN Sustainable Development Goals. The resultant list is sortable by Group Name, Campus, Group Description, Primary Contact, Email, and SDGs. 242 student groups were identified in total.

Disclaimer: The following table contains the inventory. If you are a member of the U of T community and you believe a student entity should be added to or removed or information edited from the inventory, please contact us.

Group/Club/UnionCampusGroup Description Primary ContactEmailSDGs
A Moment of Science, Please! (AMOSP)St. George"A Moment of Science, Please” aims to allow students to understand current and ongoing research projects directly from UofT’s own researchers through a podcast medium. Researchers can share their projects in an informal manner to help students understand the underlying scientific concepts without the jargon and lengthiness of research papers. We aim to garner more student interest in the modern research field and use these podcasts to educate from the source. Through an increased understanding of current research projects, we believe more students will look to pursue research opportunities and will get to learn more about careers in research as well.Hawwa Chakeraamoscienceplease@gmail.comSDG4
Afghan Student UnionScarboroughThe Afghan Student Union is a group dedicated to enriching student life on campus by promoting Afghan culture through educational and social events. In doing so, we hope to increase cultural understanding and respect between various groups that are part of the diverse and ever growing cultural makeup of the UTSC student and staff body.Hadia Rafiqzadasu.uoftsc@gmail.comSDG4
Ahmadiyya Muslim Students Association Lajna at University of Toronto (AMWSA)St. GeorgeAMWSA (Ahmadiyya Muslim Women Student Association) at UofT pursues moral and spiritual training alongside academic education, provide guidance and/or counseling for its members in matters of academic, social and spiritual importance, and promote interfaith dialogue and co-operation in order to promote peace and harmony on campus.Shamama Tu Shafiamsa.utsg@lajna.caSDG5, SDG16
AIESEC TorontoSt. GeorgeAs the largest international student-run organization in the world, AIESEC aims to promote global understanding through leadership development and international exchange. , Our Global Internship Program provides over 20,000 students and recent graduates with the challenging opportunity to live and work in a foreign country in the areas of management, information technology, education and development., Our 100,000 members worldwide have the opportunity to develop their professional and leadership skills, gain an international perspective, and expand their personal network. , Our 1,000,000 alumni include Nobel Peace Prize winners, heads of state and prominent organization leaders. , Visit us at http://www.aiesec.orgAlicia Longalicia.long@aiesec.netSDG4, SDG16
ALPHA Education - U of T Chapter (UT ALPHA) (UT ALPHA )St. GeorgeAssociation for Learning and Preserving the History of World War II in Asia (ALPHA Education) is a non-profit organization founded in 1997. The mandate of ALPHA Education - U of T Chapter is to unearth the forgotten history of WWII in Asia through education and public awareness initiatives, with a mission to celebrate truth, justice, humanity, peace, and reconciliation as global citizens. ALPHA Education - U of T Chapter is a student-based expansion of ALPHA Education. We are dedicated towards promoting ALPHA Education’s events and to raise awareness of its cause at our university. We strive towards creating a friendly environment where youths of different nations involved in the atrocities can interact for open communication and foster understanding of the different perspectives which create tensions between the ethnicities today.Meichen Yiuoftalpha@gmail.comSDG4, SDG11, SDG16
Amnesty International, University of Toronto Chapter (AI UofT)St. GeorgeAmnesty International at the University of Toronto is a student-based chapter of Amnesty International, a worldwide nonprofit organization which advocates for the promotion and protection of human rights. Amnesty International has no political, governmental, or corporate affiliation, but strives to achieve the universal respect of human rights by targeting specific cases of human rights violations and raising public awareness. The AI U of T chapter aims to bring awareness to students, faculty, and alumni about human rights violations around the world, and how they can contribute to the campaign for universal human rights.Oya Dariciaiuoft@gmail.comSDG16
Animal Rights Club (ARC)Mississauga-Draw attention to and put an end to the suffering, abuse, and exploitation of animals through information, education, and advocacy. -Give a voice to those who can’t speak for themselves by empowering everyone else to take strict action whenever animal rights are being suppressed. -Raise awareness about the challenges that animals are facing and help build a humane and compassionate community for them.Joshita Sehgalanimalrights@utmsu.caSDG4, SDG16
Antibiotic Resistance Club (ARC)St. GeorgeOur group aims to draw attention to the dire issue of antibiotic resistance in healthcare. Although an ever-growing issue in today’s society, few seem to understand its gravity and potential consequences. We aim to promote awareness of this issue, both to the general public and those in academia, with the hope of causing a real change in current policy and research. Our interests also extend to other infectious diseases exerting pressure on healthcare systems, including those caused by viruses and fungi. Our group organizes community outreach efforts to educate the general public by hosting multiple workshops, academic seminars, and conferences at the University of Toronto.Sara Fooladiuoft.arc1@gmail.comSDG3, SDG4
Bahar Charity GroupSt. GeorgeBahar Charity group is an Iranian non-profit group concerned about the individuals who need help around the world, especially our home country, Iran. Bahar Charity is without any political and religious attachments. The vision of our group is to eliminate the obstacles that physical distance creates for being aware of social issues and effectively helping to solve them. Our objectives include raising concern and awareness and creating transparent and trustworthy channels for help., These are a summary of our activities: -To financially support and educate talented students in Iran who are deprived of adequate education by collecting monthly donations. -To conduct scientific research on global concerns such as child labour and violence against women. -To hold seminars, discussion boards, awareness events, and movie nights about social problems specially poverty.Shiva Ketabishiva.ketabi@mail.utoronto.caSDG1, SDG4, SDG5, SDG8
Because I am a Girl- UTSC Chapter (BIAAG - UTSC Chapter)ScarboroughChampions of Change, formerly known as Because I am a Girl, is a Non-Profit initiative under Plan International Canada, and this organization seeks to establish and strengthen subjects of gender equality all around the world. Champions of Change at UTSC is a student-led organization which dedicates to promoting ideas of gender equality around campus in the community, whilst hosting various events which would have direct positive impact on marginalized communities. As a team we hope to inspire other individuals to join us on our journey to creating grounds of equity on our campus and establish a fun platform through which individuals can learn, contribute, and advocate.Kumindu Gamageutsc.biaag@gmail.comSDG5
Beekeeping Education Enthusiast Society (B.E.E.S.) (UTBEES)St. GeorgeWe are a group of students and community members committed to educating ourselves and others about beekeeping, pollinators, and the production of local honey. We provide a rare space within the City of Toronto where anyone can participate and learn more about the art of beekeeping within the urban context. As per our Constitution:, "It is the purpose of U of T BEES to allow students an opportunity to learn about the age old tradition of beekeeping and the role that bees play in sustaining a healthy ecosystem. We seek to highlight the importance of urban beekeeping as a means of encouraging the survival of pollinators responsible for the existence of many plants. Honeybees are a keystone species, and are crucial to the maintenance of a healthy global ecosystem. U of T BEES provides a unique opportunity for students to connect with nature and the green city, learn about the process of urban beekeeping and hive maintenance, and participate in local sustainable practices.", BEE warned: our enthusiasm for our little friends is extremely contagious!Sue Min Kimbees.utoronto@gmail.comSDG4, SDG11, SDG12
Best BuddiesMississaugaBest Buddies is an international organization that promotes inclusivity and works to provide meaningful friendships for people with intellectual/physical disabilities. One-to-one pairings are set up for students that have the availability to commit to spending time alone with their Buddy outside of campus. In addition, monthly group events are held throughout the school year to create fun social networking opportunities for members., Please visit our Facebook page or contact us by email if you wish to join our amazing group of volunteers, or learn more about the program. We only accept Peer Buddies at the beginning of the school year, but encourage sign-ups for Associate positions throughout the year., * Peer Buddy: a student at the university who is paired with a Buddy * Buddy: an adult with an intellectual/physical disability, who is paired with a Peer Buddy * Associate: student at the university who attends events, but they are not paired with a BuddyShams Al-Badribestbuddiesutsg@gmail.comSDG4
Best Buddies UTSC Chapter (BBUTSC)ScarboroughBest Buddies is an international organization that promotes inclusivity and works to provide meaningful friendships for people with intellectual/physical disabilities. One-to-one pairings are set up for students that have the availability to commit to spending time alone with their Buddy outside of campus. In addition, monthly group events are held throughout the school year to create fun social networking opportunities for members., Please visit our Facebook page or contact us by email if you wish to join our amazing group of volunteers, or learn more about the program. We only accept Peer Buddies at the beginning of the school year, but encourage sign-ups for Associate positions throughout the year., * Peer Buddy: a student at the university who is paired with a Buddy * Buddy: an adult with an intellectual/physical disability, who is paired with a Peer Buddy * Associate: student at the university who attends events, but they are not paired with a BuddyAdriana Borgesbestbuddiesutsc@hotmail.comSDG4
Better Minds Student AssociationSt. GeorgeTo ensure everyone in Canada living with a mental health problem has the recognition, support and respect they need to make the best recovery possible.Gen
Biology Students' Association (BioSA)ScarboroughAs the official Departmental Students Association for Biological Sciences students, BioSA represents all students in Biological Science programs (Specialists, Majors and Minors) at UTSC. BioSA acts as a forum for these students to voice their opinions and concerns and serves as a bridge between the Department of Biological Sciences and the students. We offer many events and seminars on post-degree opportunities and ways to enhance their experience while pursuing their undergraduate degree. We offer opportunities to give back to the community while providing members with the resources to further their exploration of science related career paths. Through partnerships with corporations, we bring discounts to the students who wish to pursue graduate education.Shahroze Zafarpresident@thebiosa.orgSDG4
Black Social Work Student Association (BSWSA)St. GeorgeThe Black Social Work Student Association is an empowerment, advocacy and support group, which acts as a representative body to enhance the experience of self-identified Black students at The Factor-Inwentash Faculty of Social Work (FIFSW) at The University of Toronto. The Association is dedicated to creating cohesion among the Black community at FIFSW, inclusive of student and faculty members alike, which aims to promote Black community and culture through representation, collaboration and outreach.hiba ibrahimuoft.bswsa@gmail.comSDG4
Black Students' Association (BSA)St. GeorgeThe Black Students’ Association (BSA) is the largest representation of self-identified Black students at the University of Toronto. The BSA remains dedicated to the education, experience and empowerment of the Black-Canadian and international community, aiming to represent and foster black culture through community interaction and outreach. In doing so, the BSA coordinates countless events and initiatives with a social, political and academic focus, to support our future leaders.Adriana Williamsuoft.bsaexec@gmail.comSDG4
BlogUofTOSt. GeorgeBlogUofTO is a student-run website and group dedicated to environmental news, awareness, and innovations. Inspired by BlogTO, the Team created an accessible source that includes sustainable initiatives the public can take regarding the protection and preservation of Earth’s natural habitat. Additionally, this blog is limitless in topics concerning the environment, ranging from opinion pieces of environmental documentaries and news to scientific analyses.Da Beattiebloguofto@outlook.comSDG9, SDG13
Boss Women UTM (BWUTM)MississaugaEmpowering Women Through Success Stories and Raising Awareness About Women's Issues and Strengths Through Education.Syeda Taliya Rizvibw@utmsu.caSDG4, SDG5
Bridge to Health Science Education (BHSE)St. GeorgeThe club seeks to lead the change to dismantle barriers to health science education that underrepresented communities face on a daily basis. We hope to empower and develop supporting strategies for high school students from rural, Black, and low-income communities and those identified as First Generation students, encouraging these students to pursue health professions including Medicine, Dentistry, Nursing, Speech-Langauge Pathology, Physical Therapy, and Occupational Therapy.Ziyi, SDG4
Buddhism and Psychology Student Union (BPSU)St. GeorgeAll U of T students are welcome to attend our social/academic events., Our intention is to create an open (and respectful) forum in which one can discuss the implications of integrating Buddhist, and other spiritual practices with Western medicine/psychology., Bpsu also provides an opportunity for students in the Buddhism, Psychology, & Mental Health (BP&MH) program to develop a strong sense of connection with one another., Those students enrolled in BP&MH are encouraged to join (, get involved, and help build the bpsu community!, Visit us at or email ut.bpsu@gmail.comShannon Snedikarut.bpsu@gmail.comSDG3
Campus ChurchScarboroughThe purpose of Campus Church will be to: • Provide A Church FOR students BY students with Pastor Mark's oversight • Provide a place to believe, belong and be loved • Provide a safe environment to practice beliefs and spiritual self-expression • Hold a Chapel service for students in the middle of the week • Observe holy sacraments (ex. Communion) • Cater to those students who work part-time jobs to pay for school and can’t make it to a church service on a Sunday morning. • Cater to the spiritual needs of students, staff and faculty • Welcome and encourage students to come and observe - you don’t have to be a Christian to come to chapel • Nurture and develop the spiritual aspect of students’ holistic well-being • Show exploring students and new Christians what a church service is like before they find one in the community as they graduateSarah Nanquilutsc.campuschurch@gmail.comSDG3
Campus Lions ClubSt. GeorgeOur organization does hands-on volunteer work in Toronto. We participate in a broad range of volunteering activities, such as helping out at missions, food banks and soup kitchens. We schedule multiple volunteering activities a month and have a weekly soup kitchen on Sunday evenings. (We are a university branch of Lions International).Matthew Loutclcinfo@gmail.comSDG2
Cam's Kids: University of Toronto (CKUofT)St. GeorgeAt the University of Toronto, we never underestimate the power and impact of student groups who want to see change. Cam’s Kids is a national not-for-profit organization that is committed to supporting young people struggling with anxiety and promoting mental health awareness. Started in 2016, the foundation now has chapters of student ambassadors at 21 different Canadian universities and colleges. According to the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH), anxiety is the most common mental illness that impacts young adults. Cam’s Kids aims to help lessen this burden on adults by providing the resources to help students support and empower one another. By running events and fundraisers to raise awareness and provide support, we strive to create a web of interdependence to lessen the burden of everyday anxieties on children and young adults.Jasmine Baringtoncamskids.uoft@gmail.comSDG3
Canadian Association for Research in Regenerative Medicine (CARRM) (CARRM)St. GeorgeThe Canadian Association for Research in Regenerative Medicine (CARRM) is a non-profit organization dedicated to advancing the field of regenerative medicine. We accomplish this through two primary venues: 1) funding local research facilities, and 2) spreading awareness about the power of stem cell research and its therapeutic applications. Both of these goals go hand-in-hand: without the financial support, research centres can’t make life-saving discoveries and without the education, members of the public won’t know about the cause they're donating to. Regenerative medicine is not only the future of healthcare, but a symbol of hope, down to its fundamental unit–the stem cell.Faisal Abdul Razzaqcarrm.utsg@gmail.comSDG3, SDG4
Canadian Electrical Contractors Association/ National Electrical Contractors Association University of Toronto Student Chapter (CECA/ NECA UofT Chapter)St. GeorgeWe empower students to transform energy in the built environment through education and application, while assisting them with their professional development through industry engagement.Ruth Zachariahruth.zachariah@mail.utoronto.caSDG4, SDG7, SDG9, SDG13
Cancer Awareness Student Organisation (CASO)MississaugaThe Cancer Awareness Student Association (CASO) is a group of passionate UTM students striving to create an informed community on various types of cancers. CASO aims to educate and spread awareness through fundraising, research, and community building and outreach events. We hope to provide a nurturing and supportive space for those affected by cancer, while educating the rest on the struggles and triumphs of the disease. We aspire to foster a holistic approach to cancer awareness that will leave a positive impact in our community.Caren Khalafcaso@utmsu.caSDG4
Cards4HumanitySt. GeorgeOur mission is to eliminate the stigma that surrounds the act of giving money to people who are asking for funds on the streets. We fulfill our mission by distributing gift cards for food enterprises or businesses that carry hygiene products, in the place of distributing cash. For individuals who are homeless, this provides meaningful access to food, water, and care resources. These gift cards will be distributed during monthly student-led outings, facilitated by the club’s executive members. The club will run events and fundraisers throughout the year in order to purchase gift cards which will be distributed during outings. Our ultimate goal is to provide resources for Toronto’s homeless community by collaborating with community partners, and by generating awareness about issues related to homelessness.Madhumitha Rabindranathuoftcards4humanity@gmail.comSDG2, SDG6, SDG14
Champions of Change UTMMississaugaWe are a group of passionate young leaders who seek to make a change locally and globally. Our mission is to speak out about the issues on youths in developing countries. We will strive to advocate, fundraise and raise awareness about prominent issues such as girl’s education, family/domestic violence, human rights, mental health & many more causes. We will channel our energy and compassion to raise awareness and funds for Champions of Change UTM different campaigns that help some of the world's hardest-to-reach youths who are at risk for child marriage, family violence, and provide them with education and support.Marah Muflehteam@championsofchangeutm.comSDG3, SDG4, SDG5, SDG16
Charitable OrganizationMississaugaOur group will be involved in combating poverty in the community and diminishing food and clothing insecurity.Yahya Ayoubutmcharitableorganization@gmail.comSDG1, SDG2
Choose HumanitySt. GeorgeChoose Humanity is an initiative aimed at creating awareness on the human rights crisis in China, involving the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its brutal persecution of men, women and children who practice the peaceful teachings of Falun Gong.Kevin
College Diabetes NetworkSt. GeorgeWe are the first Canadian chapter of the College Diabetes Network, a 501c3 non-profit organization whose mission is to provide innovative peer based programs which connect and empower students and young professionals to thrive with diabetes. We seek to create a space for people on campus with diabetes or connections to diabetes to find support, educational resources, and outreach opportunities.Marley Greenbergutoronto@collegediabetesnetwork.orgSDG4
CommunicatableSt. GeorgeWe believe that social/communication skills are essential for us to flourish as the best versions of ourselves. We are nourished personally and professionally by good relationships in our lives. While their development is not a part of our formal education. Our mission is to provide the soil to cultivate student-initiated ideas and projects that help themselves and others gain these skills and grow together as social/communicatable beings.Neo Yinhello.communicatable@gmail.comSDG4
Council For Exceptional Children, OISE/UT Chapter 1175St. GeorgeThe Council for Exceptional Children (CEC) is an international community of professionals who are the voice and vision of special education. The CEC OISE/UT Chapter 1175's mission is to improve, through excellence, professional development, resource-sharing, and advocacy. The student chapter will accomplish our goal by providing professional learning opportunities, which will help students and members of the education community achieve the skills and resources necessary for effective professional practice. The CEC OISE/UT Chapter 1175 organizes a variety of workshops throughout the year, which cover a range of topics related to special education. , Workshops might cover topics such as gifted education, learning disabilities, ADHD, autism, brain-based research in neuroscience, behaviour management, sensory processing disorder, mindfulness training for students with exceptionalities and much, much more. Monitor your UTOR inbox for updates from your Program Liaison and our Communications Officer about upcoming workshops.Jordan Mortoncecchapter1175@utoronto.caSDG4
CounterposeScarboroughCounterPose is an arts and cultures club that serves to foster an artistic community at the University of Toronto Scarborough. Our mandate is to provide a creative space that unites students through workshops by engaging in the use of various creative mediums to educate others about art as an influential form of expression, while providing the opportunity for students to improve upon artistic abilities., We hold monthly workshops regarding anything artistic. Examples of past events include a makeup tutorial, Bob Ross painting, ShrinkCharm keychains and creating holiday cards in collaboration with various cultural clubs. , History Originally, CounterPose held life drawing workshops. However, due to various restrictions this was discontinued and we currently focus on attracting students at any artistic level.Shenwei Hucounterposeutsc@gmail.comSDG4
Dalla Lana School of Public Health Students' Association (PHSA )St. GeorgeThe PHSA is the representative body of masters and doctoral students enrolled in the Graduate Department of Public Health Sciences at the Dalla Lana School of Public Health at the University of Toronto.Rebecca Christensendallalana.phsa@utoronto.caSDG3
Dear Asian Youth @ University of Toronto (DAY @ UofT)St. GeorgeDear Asian Youth is a youth-led, global organization that promotes intersectional activism, solidarity with other marginalized communities, and equality and equity. Through our digital platform, grassroots organizing, and community-based advocacy, we strive to showcase diversity in the Asian community as well as accurate and holistic representation.Natalie Lungnatalie.lung@mail.utoronto.caSDG5
Developer Student Club (DSC)St. GeorgeThe developer student club is an initiative backed by Google and Google developers to bring technologies closer to students in Universities and Colleges. Our aim as a club is to impact and empower students through learning about, understanding, and reflection on the latest and greatest in technology. We wish to encourage innovation through speakers, workshops, as well as hands-on community projects.Chloe Bellchloe.quijano@mail.utoronto.caSDG9
Direct Action and Art Society (DAAS)MississaugaTo provide a space for students interested in human rights activism and leftist political theory. The goal is to expand our knowledge, open our mind to different ideas, and motivate others to make a change in their community. We want to do weekly meetings to organize future courses of action like peaceful protests, fundraising for charities, and acts of activism to better improve our community.Leila Uyroberto.sanii@mail.utoronto.caSDG16
Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Graduate Student Association (EGSA)St. GeorgeRepresents the interests of graduate students in the department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology.Anna SimonsenSDG15
Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Undergraduate Union (EEBU)St. GeorgeThe Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Union (EEBU) is a student-run organization devoted to providing Ecology and Evolutionary Biology undergraduates with various academic services, social activities and resources. The Course Union holds many events each year including educational seminars with guest lecturers, field trips, nature hikes, movie nights, and socials. EEBU also offers students previous years' tests, course information, advice on lab write-ups, test-writing, and course work., The EEBU executive serves as representatives for the Ecology and Evolutionary undergraduates to the Arts and Science Student Union (ASSU), who in turn represent the interests of all undergraduates to the Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Science. , The EEBU office is in RW 016 (Ramsay Wright Laboratories Room 016) and run by a network of volunteers. All full-time U of T St. George undergraduate students enrolled in a course or program offered by the Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology are members of EEBU. If you are interested in becoming involved or finding out more about the many resources we have available to us, contact us at or just stop by our office in RW 016.Dorsa Nouri Partoeebu.mail@gmail.comSDG4, SDG15
Empowering Tomorrow's Leaders Association (ETLA)ScarboroughThe purpose of Empowering Tomorrow's Leaders Association will be to educate students with the help of various resources such as guest speakers, case competitions and various other interactive socials and activities to encourage leadership in students who are willing to develop their skills.Shree Purohitshreepurohit.09@gmail.comSDG4
Enactus, University of Toronto, Mississauga (Enactus UTM)MississaugaEnactus is a global non-profit organization that combines student led social entrepreneurship and innovation to pioneer and positively impact change and development in the world. Enactus UTM is a platform that brings together driven, creative, and like-minded student leaders from diverse academic backgrounds to pioneer economic, social, community oriented change through innovative impact based projects. The group aims to provide students with an experiential learning approach that cultivates social entrepreneurship, leadership, skills while delivering problem-solving solutions. Students from all academic backgrounds are welcome.Anushrut Bharadwajenactus@utmsu.caSDG9
Engineers in ActionSt. GeorgeThe Engineers in Action University of Toronto Student Chapter, formerly the Bridges to Prosperity University of Toronto Chapter, is a group of students dedicated to raising awareness and making a positive impact on student and global life. At the University of Toronto, we work to enrich student life through educational events and speaker series, allowing students to apply their education in meaningful ways. This includes events such as bridge design workshops, AutoCAD and construction skills workshops, as well as guest lectures from professional engineers and UofT alumni. Globally, we help bridge the gap of isolation in developing communities around the world through the strategic funding design and construction of footbridges for communities facing impassable obstacles. We provide the infrastructure that enables isolated communities to access health care, education, and economic opportunities. So far, our chapter has completed five footbridge projects in Guatemala, Panama and Bolivia.Jun Rong Zhaoeia.uoft@gmail.comSDG4, SDG9
Engineers Without Borders (EWB)St. GeorgeEWB UofT catalyzes changes that address the root causes of poverty and inequity by investing in people and ideas. We’re a tight-knit community looking for leaders who ask tough questions, strive for continuous growth and share a common interest in social change and global development. We are the biggest chapter of EWB Canada, and have six project- and learning-focused portfolios: Youth Engagement, Sustainability & Environmental Justice, Cyber Ethics & Digital Rights, Indigenous Reconciliation, Policy & Advocacy, and Local Poverty Alleviation.,Joanna Royutoronto@ewb.caSDG1, SDG13, SDG16
Ensemble at the University of Toronto (Ensemble)St. GeorgeEnsemble is a student-led nonprofit organization at the University of Toronto. We aim to advocate for, educate on and genuinely demonstrate gender equity and equal opportunity across all aspects of society and social interaction. We welcome people of all backgrounds (any academic fields, years of study, gender identities etc.) to join our community. Different from other similar student groups on campus, we strive to build a safe forum for relevant discussions about gender equity and social inclusion by actively engaging with self-identified allies to the promotion of gender equity and consciously taking an intersectional approach to pursue effective advocacy. Throughout the year, we will work to create events, workshops, infographics (posted through our official Instagram (@ensemble.uoft), Facebook (, and LinkedIn ( accounts), original podcast interviews (Ensemble Chats:, and more to promote a more equitable and just society. Please don't hesitate to direct any questions or concerns to:!Wenny (Yiyao) Jinensemble.uoft@gmail.comSDG4, SDG5
EnviroCare Organization (ECO)ScarboroughA student-led environmentalist group at UTSC, which serves to increase local environmental sustainability at the UTSC campus and surrounding community, to plan and execute various eco-friendly initiatives and projects, to spread environmental awareness and education, and to provide a social platform for like-minded environmentally conscious individuals.Liam Quartermaineco.utsc@gmail.comSDG4, SDG13
Environmental Student Resource Network (UTERN)St. GeorgeThe University of Toronto’s Environmental Resource Network (UTERN) is a levy organization that operates as a funding body and networking hub for any person, group or club within the university community interested in sustainability and environmentalism on campus. UTERN membership is open to all students, faculty, staff and alumni from any of the three campuses at the University of Toronto. To join our membership, join our , To facilitate an environmental network at U of T, UTERN hosts monthly Environmental Working Groups (EWGs), where the environmental community at U of T and beyond can pool their resources, share knowledge, and keep up to date on environmental initiatives across the U of T campuses. There are also EWGs at UTM and UTSC. UTERN also organizes EcoFEST, a two week long environmental and sustainability awareness campaign, as well as works with other campus groups for Sustainability Week., All full-time undergraduate students at UTSG, UTM, and UTSC as well as all full-time and part-time graduate students automatically pay the levy of $0.25/term, or $0.18/term for part-time to the student union. The levy supports student-led projects in relation to the environment for all of U of T, and is completely refundable for those unable, or unwilling, to pay., For more information on our levy, funding history, constitution, EWG meeting minutes, etc., visit our website.Ciman Aralehutern.toronto@gmail.comSDG13
Environmental Students UnionSt. GeorgeThe Environmental Students' Union is a student-run organization representing the students enrolled in the programs of the School of Environment and affiliated departments. ENSU acts as a liaison between students enrolled in the programs listed above and the corresponding faculties. If you are having academic or social difficulties, don't hesitate to come talk to us. We always welcome feedback on environment-related programs and courses., ENSU's aim to promote environmental awareness in the student community is realized in the organization of social events and offering information on the various environmental programs at U of T. These programs range from the undergraduate to graduate level, offering a variety of environmental career paths available to students, and general information on sustaining our individual lifestyles, our campuses and the planet.Farida Abdelmeguiedensu.utoronto@gmail.comSDG13
Étudiants Francophones de UTM (Efutm)MississaugaThe goal of this club is to welcome, include and embrace francophone.phile culture and diversity at UTM! We welcome French speakers of all levels from all years and encourage the use of French as the language of communication for all our events and meetings, whether informal or formal. We wish to create a space for French speakers and those who are passionate about French to meet others just like them, develop friendships and practice the language in a setting that is inclusive and free of judgement!Fatima Tasabehjifrancophone@utmsu.caSDG4
Factor-Inwentash Faculty of Social Work Graduate Student Association (GSA)St. GeorgeThe Graduate Student Association (GSA) was founded in 1941 and is regarded as an essential element in the life of the Factor-Inwentash Faculty of Social Work (FIFSW). It is associated with the Graduate Students’ Union (GSU) at the University of Toronto and includes all Master of Social Work (MSW) students enrolled in the FIFSW. The GSA meets regularly with the Dean, the Associate Dean, and Faculty staff to advocate for students and coordinate student activities in the educational and political processes of the Faculty.Ezra Blaquefsw.gsa@utoronto.caSDG4
Friends of Médecins Sans Frontières (Doctors Without Borders) – MSF U of T Chapter (FoMSF)St. GeorgeThe Friends of Médecins Sans Frontières - University of Toronto chapter is a student organisation fully affiliated with MSF Canada. Our mandate is to engage with students concerned about humanitarian crises by helping them become aware of MSF and its work around the world. , MSF is the world's leading independent humanitarian relief organisation, delivering aid to people affected by armed conflicts, epidemics, disasters, and lack of equitable access to health care. Doing so in over 60 countries around the world requires the skills and talents of many different professions, including engineers, accountants, and journalists, in addition to nurses and doctors. Friends of MSF seeks to involve students from all faculties, programs, and backgrounds, recognizing that students interested in working for MSF can do so by pursuing a broad variety of career paths, not just those of the medical professions., The primary objectives of the FoMSF UofT chapter are: (1) to raise awareness of the value of humanitarian aid, specifically to the field projects of MSF; (2) to educate students about global health issues and the international response to those issues; and (3) to engage the student population in fundraising that supports the work of MSF Canada. These objectives are pursued through events such as speaker sessions that include MSF staff who have recently returned from field projects, awareness campaigns that bring attention to MSF’s current work and educate students about the global health issues that MSF is responding to, and fundraisers that directly benefit MSF Canada.Katherine Jungmsf.friends.uoftoronto@gmail.comSDG3, SDG4
Friendship, Academics, and Mental Wellness Alliance (FAM Alliance)St. GeorgeUofT FAM Alliance seeks to provide an inclusive and supportive community for all students at the University of Toronto by providing study sessions, friendship and team-building activities, as well as a non-judgmental space for students to express themselves in a positive way. This organization is a student group that aims to support students through their academic achievements and mental well-being.Veronique Nuquifamalliance.uoft@gmail.comSDG3, SDG4
Frontier College @ U of T Scarborough (FC@UTSC )ScarboroughFrontier College at the University of Toronto Scarborough (FC@UTSC) is a Frontier College program that operates out of the U of T Scarborough campus. With the goal of enhancing literacy, FC@UTSC provides volunteering opportunities for students to run after school programs in elementary schools, women's shelters, and co-operative housing sites in Scarborough. FC@UTSC is committed to working in communities that are marginalized and isolated by poverty and injustice.Chanelle Mendesfcutsc@gmail.comSDG1, SDG5, SDG16
Future SLPs and AudiologistsScarboroughThe main goal for the club is to raise awareness about issues within the SLP and audiology community. We aim to raise funds for organizations that help with these issues as well. Additionally, we aim to provide members of the club with access to important networking opportunities with academic leaders, professors, SLPs and audiologists as well as provide members of the club with crucial information on the application process for graduate school. The Future SLPs and Audiologists Club will enhance the educational, recreational, social, or cultural environment of the University of Toronto Scarborough and fundamentally serves a non-profit function within the University of Toronto Scarborough and will not engage in activities that are essentially commercial in nature. The Future SLPs and Audiologists will work in partnership with other clubs, work with integrity and stewardship and most of all work to raise awareness about the generally ignored upon implications the d/Deaf and hard of hearing community face.Mariya Kikautscfsac@gmail.comSDG4
Future-Living Lab (FLL)St. GeorgeWe are a student-run innovation lab with a passion for exploring the future of sustainable building design and pushing design innovations. Our team consists of architecture and engineering students from the University of Toronto. We focus on conceptual building designs while merging our collective interests in sustainability, building science, architecture, and structural engineering. Our aim is to provide students with hands-on experience through various building projects to promote and enrich quality of life, strengthen communities, and raise environmental awareness. We provide opportunities to participate in design studio workshops, seminars with industry experts, field trips, and prototyping projects.Christy-Anna, SDG13
Global Kitchen (GK)MississaugaWith the advent of increased food waste across the country, the purpose of this group is to reduce food waste by obtaining extra goods and preparing for their consumption for the economically disadvantaged, while educating UTM students about cultural food preparation and food budgeting.Derek Choiglobalkitchen@utmsu.caSDG2, SDG4, SDG12
Global Medical Missions Alliance (GMMA Toronto)St. GeorgeGlobal Medical Missions Alliance strives to mobilize aspiring and established Christian healthcare professsionals for mission-minded roles both at home and abroad., Our core values are H.E.A.L a) Help local churches to fulfill medical mission work around the world through connecting, teaching, and training. b) Empower the next generation of healthcare professionals to advance into the medical mission field through mentoring, training, supporting, and providing mission opportunities. c) Awaken mission-minded healthcare professionals to fulfill the great commission through networking and partnering. d) Link healthcare professionals with global organizations and mobilize them., All are welcome to join!Woo Jung Kanggmma.toronto@gmail.comSDG3
Global Medicine InitiativeSt. GeorgeGMI's (Global Medicine Initiative) vision is to advocate for international health and access to medicines at the local, national and international level. As young professionals, our goal is to promote awareness and education regarding issues and policies that influence international access to drugs. We do this through activities that foster knowledge about global health challenges such as journal club meetings, educational speakers, fundraising and travel.Lisa Tengglobalmedicine.uoft@gmail.comSDG3, SDG4
Global Spark - U of TSt. GeorgeSparking the next generation of leaders, ideas, and solutions to tackle the world’s most pressing challenges Global Spark educates and mobilizes thousands of university students in STEM, business, and social sciences in social entrepreneurship and global development.Ellen Chencontactus@globalspark.worldSDG4
GLOBAL YOUTH IMPACT - UTSC Chapter (GYI)ScarboroughThe purpose of GLOBAL YOUTH IMPACT - UTSC Chapter is to carry out activities as pertaining to the GLOBAL YOUTH IMPACT non-profit organization. The GLOBAL YOUTH IMPACT - UTSC Chapter will enhance the educational, recreational, social, or cultural environment of the University of Toronto Scarborough by focusing on activities geared towards youth empowerment, educational and professional development, and advance youth leadership through local and global issues by engaging in workshops, volunteer work, advocacy and more.Caroline Moumourisgyi.utsc@gmail.comSDG4
Green Up Initiative (GUI)St. GeorgeAn environmental club that focuses on promoting environmentally-friendly actions, and increasing such knowledge through DIY workshops, events, talks, mentorship programs, etc. Often times, adopting these actions require monetary input, that is why we are hoping to provide opportunities to do so on a student budget such as focusing on the DIY activities and so on. At the same time, we hope to create a platform and community where like-minded people can come together and create bigger-scale environmental reforms as a whole. Especially when a group of people start adopting a environmentally-friendly lifestyle, it changes not only themselves but the people around them, and this is the outcome we hope to achieve.Sabrena Yanggreenupinitiative@gmail.comSDG13
HanVoice at UofTSt. GeorgeHanVoice was started by three law students in 2007, concerned about the lack of an adequate Canadian response to one of the worst ongoing human rights tragedies of our era. Today, HanVoice is Canada's largest not-for-profit on North Korean human rights and refugees., HanVoice UToronto ("HVUT") is the flagship chapter of HanVoice, created in 2009. Our vision is to empower, equip, and engage the next generation of student leaders to fight for North Korean human rights and refugees.Chan-Min Rohhanvoiceutoronto@hanvoice.caSDG16
HardwireSt. GeorgeHardwire: The Undergraduate Journal of Sexual Diversity Studies is a medium for students to publish and discuss their writing. Hardwire has grown out of The Sexual Diversity Studies Undergraduate Journal, which was founded in 2006 to showcase scholarly work by undergraduates in the field of sexual diversity. Hardwire is an interdisciplinary journal centered around the critical analysis of sexuality. Work done in any field is welcome; we centre queer, intersectional, anti-racist, decolonial, and feminist analyses.Kendra Smithhardwirejournal@gmail.comSDG5
Hart House Recreational Athletics & Wellness CommitteeSt. GeorgeThe Hart House Recreational Athletics & Wellness Committee provides recommendations to the Board of Stewards regarding recreational athletics, and the promotion of policies and programs at Hart House that benefit and foster the health and wellness of Hart House members (students, senior members, faculty and staff) and further the Hart House vision statement. Organize and volunteer at special events including the Hart House Indoor Triathlon, golf days, ski days, and the Bike Month Breakfast. Participate in the development, planning and execution of educational seminars and workshop on topics relating to Health and Wellness., For more information, please visit: , Facebook: Microsite: Administrative Officet.moss@utoronto.caSDG3, SDG4
Hart House Student Farm CommitteeSt. GeorgeThe Hart House Farm is an actual farm and much more. It’s an 150 acre property located on the Niagara Escarpment, in Caledon Ontario, just 55 km northwest of Toronto. Since 1949 it has been owned by Hart House and managed by the students and alumni of the Farm Committee and Hart House., The Farm Committee has a fivefold mandate:, - Creating developmental policies within a sustainability and equity framework, including land use and building renovations. - Organizing social activities at the Farm and on campus, including four seasonal events: Cider ‘n Song, Winter Carnival, Sugaring Off and Midsummer’s Eve. - Organize farm workdays, whereby Committee members partake in activities such as sugar bush maintenance, small agricultural projects, wood splitting and trail maintenance. - Overseeing the proper use of Hart House Farm by various groups. - Work in alliance with campus groups to promote sustainability., Volunteers are always welcomed!, For more information, please visit: , Facebook: Microsite: Administrative Officefarm.committee@gmail.comSDG2, SDG15
Hart House Student Social Justice CommitteeSt. GeorgeThe mission of the Hart House Social Justice Committee is to raise awareness of social justice issues through proactive engagement in partnerships, networks and the student body as a whole. We seek to facilitate deep dialogue based around awareness, appreciation, and action into the lives of individuals and communities within and around the University of Toronto. Through broad-based programmes that engage to the entire student body, we aim to introduce many different issues and opportunities for participation around Social Justice. Our events are free, accessible and secular., Pillars:  Sustainability  Equity  International and Community Development  Empowerment through Education, The Hart House Social Justice Committee (SJC) is dedicated to raising awareness about social and environmental issues by hosting events that provide an open forum for members of on- and off-campus social justice groups to meet and collaborate. SJC values involve equity, activism and action. The primary purpose of the SJC is to connect students and community members to opportunities for education and participation, and to encourage involvement in social justice projects. The SJC seeks to provide accessible and creative ways to learn about a range of social justice issues., Programming includes: - Social Justice Awareness Week provides programming that encourages involvement and reaches out to groups doing work in areas of social justice - Workshops and Coffee Houses explore how to deal with a range of social issues affecting our community - Community Kitchens bring student community members together to learn how to prepare nutritious meals while expanding their knowledge of food-related social justice issues, For more information, please visit: , Facebook: Twitter: Microsite: Administrative Officesocjustice.harthouse@utoronto.caSDG2, SDG4, SDG13, SDG16
Hart House Student Theatre CommitteeSt. GeorgeThe Hart House Theatre Standing Committee acts as an Advisory Board for Theatre Management while ensuring that the Theatre’s Programming and Operations are in line with the Theatre’s Mission Statement and Hart House’s Vision Statement. The scope of its discussions and recommendations include but are not limited to the following areas: Theatre Development and Advancement, Theatre Operating Policies and Procedures, Accountability and fiscal prudence, Theatre Branding and Marketing, Student Involvement, Programming, and Audience Development. The Committee recognizes its responsibility to strengthen Hart House Theatre’s position as a Cultural Destination for the University and the City of Toronto while creating an inclusive environment where all feel welcome as per the House’s Vision Statement., Be a part of the University of Toronto’s Performing Arts Leader Since 1919. Student members on this Committee must be engaged in the Theatre's activities through other means (technical, administrative/marketing, creative, etc. See the "How to get involved" page on the website for more details). Being on the Theatre Advisory Board puts you side by side with the Theatre’s student Leadership, Alumni and Industry professionals. Interested in high level discussions? The Theatre Committee is for you. , Please note:, If you are interested in auditioning for Hart House Theatre visit: , If you are interested in volunteering backstage or administratively at the Theatre visit: ,Administrative Officeinfo@harthousetheatre.caSDG4
Healing Hearts Through Art (h2art) (h2art)St. GeorgeInspired by the mental health crisis at the University of Toronto, Healing Hearts Through Art (h2art) is an arts-based healing organization whose mission is to:, 1) Promote regular art-making practices through creative workshops and arts-based wellness sessions., 2) Promote both creative and emotional expression through art, encouraging its use as a means of reflection, personal growth, and healing., 3) Find and nurture artistic voices that actively provide critique of oppressive status quos; thus, engaging in artivism.Ekaterina (Katya) Kozinahealing2art@gmail.comSDG3
Healing Sounds of MusicSt. GeorgeThe Healing Sounds of Music is an organization devoted to bettering the lives of others through music. To do this, we perform and teach music to the sick and elderly all around downtown Toronto as well as the GTA, using music as a remedy to promote well being. We are a collective group of students willing to volunteer our time and efforts to helping others through music. The club hopes to enrich the lives of others in the community through chamber music and small ensemble/solo performances, as well as actively involve seniors and their family members in various small music recitals and community events.Kevin Phamuoft.hsm@gmail.comSDG3
Health and Society Students' Association (HSSA )ScarboroughHSSA collectively represents the students enrolled in all full- and part-time studies in the Health and Society (Health Studies) academic programs at the University of Toronto, Scarborough Campus. This includes the population health, health policy, and health humanities programs of study. HSSA functions to enhance the academic experience of students in the following ways: - The creation of a community whereby students can interact with each other within common academic interests in a safe, equitable and accessible environment. - Providing advisory services for students within the Department of Health and Society, such as mentorship and networking events. - Working with faculty to assess and improve courses offered by the Department of Health and Society to ensure progression of the department’s academics with the interest of the student body. - A place for students at the University of Toronto Scarborough to voice their opinions and concerns regarding academics, administration and faculty in a safe and open environment. - Serving as a bridge between the students enrolled in Health and Society academic programs and respective faculty to mediate concerns held by the student body and to enhance the undergraduate experience for students.Khalisah Ahamatutsc.hssa@gmail.comSDG3
Health Humanities Student Society (UofT HHSS)ScarboroughThe UofT Health Humanities Student Society is a club where students can engage in their interests for the field of Health Humanities. This club will provide a platform for students to learn more about research, resources, and opportunities in this field. Students will also have an opportunity to learn how creative tools can be used to conduct health research, and to understand many different lived health experiences, including: disability, mental health, racialized health, Indigenous health, and woman's health.Bisma Aliuoft.hhss@gmail.comSDG3
Health Occupation Students of America (HOSA UTSG)St. GeorgeThe purpose of HOSA UTSG is to help aspiring healthcare professionals develop leadership and technical competencies by training them to compete in one of the 41 health science events at annual Spring and International Leadership Conferences. In addition, HOSA UTSG holds academic and social events at the campus level in order to equip members with the necessary skills and resources to achieve their professional aspirations.Anna Lairdhosauoft@gmail.comSDG3
Health Occupation Students of America UTSC (HOSA UTSC)ScarboroughThe mission of HOSA UTSC is to enhance the delivery of compassionate, quality health care by providing opportunities for knowledge, skill, and leadership development of all health science education students, therefore, helping the student meet the needs of the health care community., The purpose of the HOSA organization is to develop leadership and technical HOSA skill competencies through a program of motivation, awareness, and recognition, which is an integral part of the Health Science Education instructional program.Tanzeel Sultanhosa@utsc.utoronto.caSDG3, SDG4
Health Policy, Management and Evaluation Graduate Students' Union (HPME-GSU)St. GeorgeThe Institute of Health Policy, Management and Evaluation (IHPME) in the Dalla Lana School of Public Health is home to the Institute of Health Policy, Management and Evaluation Graduate Students' Union (IHPME-GSU). The IHPME-GSU is an advocate for the students and engages in furthering the student experience through research, networking and innovation, the provision of educational resources and career development support. The IHPME-GSU represents all students in the Graduate Department of IHPME, in both the research and professional streams., The IHPME-GSU is headed by a democratically elected Executive, whose roles and bios can be found on the IHPME-GSU webpage at, If you are interested in becoming a part of the HPME-GSU Executive, HPME-GSU Sub-Commitees or if you have any comments, questions, or suggestions, please don't hesitate to contact us by e-mail at We look forward to working with you!, The new address is: Institute of Health Policy, Management and Evaluation Graduate Students' Union (IHPME-GSU) Dalla Lana School of Public Health, University of Toronto Health Sciences Building 155 College Street, Suite 425 Toronto, ON M5T 3M6Alyssa Kellyihpmegsu@utoronto.caSDG3, SDG4, SDG9
Health Studies Students' Union (HSSU)St. GeorgeThe Health Studies Students' Union at the University of Toronto organizes social activities and academic seminars, connects students with on-campus resources, and assists students with academic concerns. We are committed to building connections between students interested in health, and enriching the experience of the students in our program. We hope to facilitate an open environment in which students can participate in an ongoing dialogue about the socioeconomic, political, cultural and biomedical determinants of health and healthcare systems. We encourage all students to get involved by joining the executive, coming to general meetings, or attending events.Melanie Seabrookhealthstudies@gmail.comSDG1, SDG3
Health, Law and Business Association at UTM (HLBA)MississaugaThe Health, Law and Business Association at UTM (HLBA UTM) strives to advocate for student success by educating students on both the individual as well as the interconnecting aspects of the three fields of healthcare, law, and business. We aim to fulfill our vision by providing respective educational resources, as well as providing networking opportunities with influential members in our community (e.g. alumni and professionals) to gain personal knowledge and experience respective to choices in careers, academics, and extracurriculars.Mohamed Salemhlba@utmsu.caSDG3, SDG4
Healthy Habits (H.H.)St. GeorgeHealthy Habits is a student-led University of Toronto organisation devoted to providing healthy outlets for the mental and physical betterment of students in all aspects of their lives. We seek to teach students about the importance of health-improving activities, from both a physical and mental perspective, and disseminate information about how to engage in these practices. We also want to spread awareness of mental health, and provide social and healthy opportunities to students for the benefit of their mental and physical health. These will focus on the benefits of outdoor activities, including, but not limited to, gardening and general exercise, cooking, study habits, organisation and social skills. We are also looking to organise events where students can learn practical skills that can relieve anxiety and stress from their day-to-day life. Overall, the organisation seeks to promote “Healthy Habits”!Shane Farrelluofthealthyhabits@outlook.comSDG3
Healthy Minds U of TSt. GeorgeHealthy Minds is a tight-knit mental health advocacy and peer support group focused on providing a physical and mental space for discussion/activities relating to well-being on campus. Our vision is to create social leaders who are aware of their own mental health in order to better facilitate the health of others.Neha MatharuhealthymindsUT@gmail.comSDG3
Heart and Stroke Foundation (HSF) St. George Chapter (HSF)St. GeorgeThe Heart and Stroke Foundation - St. George Chapter is committed to raising funds and awareness for the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Ontario, a health charity that leads in the goal of eliminating heart disease and stroke and reducing their impact through the advancement of research and its application, the promotion of healthy living and advocacy.Yasmin Nazerheartandstroke.uoft@gmail.comSDG3
Her VoiceSt. GeorgeHer Voice is a club that aims to increase the awareness of violence against women, providing them with a voice which will help them combat the inequality and lack of choices they face everyday; in doing so we also wish to fundraise for many organizations which promote this cause.We are currently working towards supporting the local women's shelter, Habitat. We will be holding online events this year with speakers coming in to speak, as well as fundraise for the shelters.Vaneeza Moosahervoiceuoft@gmail.comSDG5, SDG10
HOSAMississaugaThe purpose of UTM HOSA is to help students develop leadership and technical skills through an opportunity exposing them to various healthcare fields. We strive to provide networking socials with professionals and hope to bring in access to career resources off-campus, i.e. access to internships.Vatsaa Modihosa@utmsu.caSDG3
Humanitarian Club (UTMHC)MississaugaOur group aims to provide support to current humanitarian issues, always directing our attention to the area in which it is needed most. We wish to connect individuals and organizations to create group volunteering opportunities under our Humanitarian Club, and we wish to create a large network of support where it is needed most around our community. We will discuss current humanitarian issues and crises, and provide education to those interested on ways to get involved, how you can help, and the most effective methods of moving forwards. We welcome all individuals, and hope to one day create a club in which thousands of like-minded individuals, with an interest in lending assistance to and discussing current humanitarian issues, can connect and become involved. An in-depth description of our group can be found under the "Purpose and Objectives" section within our constitution.Nicolas Reautm.humanitarian@gmail.comSDG4
iCure - University of Toronto ChapterSt. GeorgeStatistics Canada reports cancer and heart disease as the leading cause of death in Canada between 2012-2018. A large number of these deaths are due to preventable forms of cancer and heart disease, which demands for the dissemination of information about the importance of nutrition and the early detection of chronic disease. , The overarching mission of iCure, the University of Toronto Chapter, is to spread knowledge about the importance of a healthy lifestyle and preventative screening among high school and university students, so they do not suffer from avoidable illnesses. This organization will prepare youth by helping them develop a healthy lifestyle through interactive workshops conducted by club members and information sessions by healthcare professionals with scientifically accurate information about preventative care, proper nutrition, and diagnostic screening techniques such as mammograms, colonoscopies and preventative blood work, where applicable. The group will arrange workshop times and dates with high school staff across the Greater Toronto Area. Members will be paired and assigned to deliver a workshop according to their preferred school location. Training will be provided to members to ensure quality presentations and the content of our workshops will be vetted by a healthcare professional. The group will also maintain a website where they will post resources, information, and tips for everyone to benefit from. In conclusion, iCure inspires to empower youth to take charge of their health by providing them with knowledge about adopting a health lifestyle.Shreeyaa Ramanashreeyaa.ramana@mail.utoronto.caSDG2, SDG3
Indigenous Studies Students' Union (ISSU) (ABSSU)St. GeorgeThe Indigenous Studies Students' Union is a course union within the Arts and Science Students' Union. The voting membership of the Indigenous Studies Students' Union includes all University of Toronto students either enrolled in the Indigenous Studies Program and/or all University of Toronto students taking at least one Indigenous Studies course. The non-voting membership of ISSU is open to any University of Toronto student, staff, faculty, and alumni who does not satisfy the requirements of the voting membership. ISSU operates through a non-hierarchic structure of five committees which collectively and democratically vote (through consensus) in all decision-making processes. ISSU aims to provide events and programs which are open to all and which allow students from diverse backgrounds to come together in a horizontal, inclusive space for the common purpose of engaging with Indigenous knowledges and activities. All members are encouraged to engage with ISSU by joining one of ISSU's five committees (Social Functions, Communications, Finance, Membership Intake, and Membership Support). Committee roles are fluid and voluntary, and any member may put forward their ideas to expand or add to ISSU functions. Ultimately, ISSU strives to create a platform from which all members can pursue their passions.Joshua Bowmanindigenousstudiessu.uoft@gmail.comSDG4
Innis College Student Society (ICSS)St. GeorgeThe ICSS is committed to providing educational, political, social and athletic services to all students enrolled at Innis College and all students who live within Innis Residence. The ICSS hopes that this website will help to provide these services more effectively and efficiently, by increasing communication and accessibility.Yolanda Alfaroinformation.icss@gmail.comSDG4
Innocence UofT (Innocence UofT)St. GeorgeInnocence UofT is an organization aimed to raise awareness on wrongful convictions within the Canadian Criminal Justice System. Our goal is to educate youth regarding the impact of wrongful convictions, the exoneration process, and provide unique and engaging opportunities for interested students to get involved in the movement.Rida AliRID.ALI@MAIL.UTORONTO.CASDG4, SDG16
International Health Program Student Organization (UTIHP)St. GeorgeVISION:, The University of Toronto International Health Program (UTIHP) Student Organization is a student-run non-profit organization that provides an interdisciplinary forum for the discussion of internal health issues, develops resources for international health outreach and provides students from various disciplines the opportunity to develop leadership skills for further involvement in international, public, and global health. , It is a non-profit organization which accepts and promotes the World Health Organization’s definition of health as: "The ability to identify and to realize aspirations, to satisfy needs, and to change or cope with the environment. Health is therefore a resource for life, not the object of living. Health is a positive concept emphasizing social and personal resources as well as physical capacities." (WHO,1986), MANDATE:, - Educate and advocate heath as a global concern and a cornerstone of sustainable development - Provide an interdisciplinary forum for promotion and discussion of international health issues - Develop resources for global health outreach - Provide students from interdisciplinary backgrounds the opportunity to develop leadership skills and a working knowledge base for further involvement in global healthBelinda (Jiarui) Xucodirectors@utihp.caSDG3, SDG4, SDG8
Isthmus Club at UofTSt. GeorgeAn isthmus is a piece of land which connects two parts. At Isthmus, the charity, we connect hungry children with food to eat on weekends when they would otherwise go hungry., The Isthmus Club at UofT focuses on providing food for students who are not able to access it during the weekend. There are very few programs that provide students with reliable access to food that bridges the food security gap they experience over the weekends. Our goal is to break the cycle of poverty and to raise awareness around the problems associated with child hunger. Our club strives to help the isthmus charity achieve these goals.Yash Vermayash.verma@mail.utoronto.caSDG1, SDG2 at the University of Toronto Scarborough ( UTSC) is a national network of student leaders working to change the way we think and talk about mental health. The UTSC chapter is all about starting conversations in our community that tackle stigma as well as promote awareness around mental health. The UTSC chapter has a goal of changing people's perceptions on mental health in the local community. Our goal is to create an environment that uplifts students as well as encourages personal growth and development for all individuals.Theevya Ragutheevya.ragu@mail.utoronto.caSDG3 UofTSt. GeorgeOur mission is to identify and dismantle barriers to positive mental health in the UTSG community. We aim to raise mental health awareness and knowledge, decrease silence and stigma, and challenge the various barriers that stop students from accessing service. Our slogan is “No More Silence”. We encourage students to take action and care for both their own and others’ everyday mental well-being.Jeffrey Toutsg.jackchapter@gmail.comSDG3
Jewish Student Alliance at the University of Toronto (JSAUT)St. GeorgeThe Jewish Student Alliance at the University of Toronto functions as a safe space for UofT students who identify as Jewish or Jewish allies. JSAUT is open to all and encourages the promotion of Jewish advocacy at the University of Toronto. JSAUT speaks out against acts, speeches, or movements which incite antisemitism, discrimination, or racism of any form. JSAUT also works to form a community environment which exudes peace and security.Maytal Lazarovicjewishstudentallianceuoft@gmail.comSDG16
Juxtaposition Global Health MagazineSt. GeorgeJuxtaposition is the University of Toronto’s premier global health magazine. With a special emphasis on topics that particularly impact the vulnerable and marginalized globally, Juxtaposition provides an interactive forum to explore the essential health issues of our time. Using a multidisciplinary approach, Juxtaposition seeks to include contrasting perspectives on global health issues from a wider socio-cultural, political, economic, and legal context. Juxtaposition aims to be recognized as a current, credible, and compelling publication on global health., Visit our website at: https://juxtamagazine.orgSanaya Raujuxtaposition.utoronto@gmail.comSDG3
Know Your Rights (KYR)ScarboroughKnow Your Rights has the purpose of educating its members and the community about their 30 human rights (as many don't even know there are 30).Sydnie Cyrussydnie.cyrus@mail.utoronto.caSDG4, SDG16
KPE Roadmap to Wellness (KPERW)St. GeorgeThe primary objective of the Roadmap to Wellness organization is to increase awareness of accessibility and mental health services provided at a reduced cost (or no additional costs) on- and off-campus both by the University of Toronto’s Student Health Plan and by student social services in Ontario. The organization will focus on delivering this information to students in a clear and concise manner via peer-to-peer workshops, developing crowdsourced resource “roadmaps” which guide students in the process of seeking and accessing the services they require, and through outreach and advocacy initiatives. , Additionally, the Roadmap to Wellness organization also aims to promote the practice of help-seeking behaviours and help develop productive coping skills among University of Toronto students in order to maintain a positive mental health.Tamar Tabrizikperoadmaptowellness@utoronto.caSDG3
Kulen Outreach Club (KOC)St. GeorgeThe Kulen Outreach Club is a chapter of Kulen Outreach, a non-profit organization based in Cambodia. This club is dedicated to helping raise funds for education in rural parts of Cambodia. One of the main programs of the club for now will be a partnership with SoCO, a tutoring program for Hong Kong grassroot youth.Maya Tajimamaya.tajima@mail.utoronto.caSDG4, SDG11
Leap Chapter UofT: The Student Voice on Environmental JusticeSt. GeorgeLeap UofT is a student activist group working for climate justice by localizing the goals of the Leap Manifesto on campus. We are working hard to build solidarity and momentum for real, substantive, and progressive moves toward equity and justice. In addition to organizing the fossil fuel divestment campaign at UofT, we also organize panels, workshops, rallies, protests, socials, and a book club, all centered around themes of environmental and social justice., We’re always welcoming new members — message our Facebook page ( or email to find out how to get involved!Rivka Goetzleapuoft@gmail.comSDG13, SDG16
Lebanese Student Society at UofT (LSS)St. GeorgeThe Lebanese Student Society (LSS) is a non-profit, non-sectarian, social and cultural club that operates under the policies of the University of Toronto and Ulife. It is open to all members of the University of Toronto community., It hosts events throughout the year at the University and in the city of Toronto and aims: •To facilitate the integration of incoming Lebanese students into the University’s community •To empower students throughout their time at the University by strengthening their education and broadening their knowledge •To encourage members to participate in other activities and events held at the University •To provide a meeting place for individuals interested in experiencing the Lebanese way of life through broadcasts about Lebanese culture, heritage and traditions •To strengthen bonds between members by organizing different kinds of social, cultural and academic activities, ***Follow us on Facebook:** ***Email us at:***Natacha El Haroufilssuoft@utoronto.caSDG4
Legal Literacy Club (LLC)St. GeorgeThe Legal Literacy Club is unlike any other. It is not a pre - law club, although many of our members are interested in pursuing legal careers. The Legal Literacy Club is meant for everyone, as we all interact with the law each day in ways we may not recognize. The aim of the LLC is to bring the hidden mechanisms of our legal system to light, and ask important questions about how 'justice' is produced in the Canadian legal context. ,Ester Dubalilegalliteracyuoft@gmail.comSDG16
Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals and Trans People of the University of Toronto (LGBTOUT) (LGBTOUT)St. GeorgeOriginally founded as the University of Toronto Homophile Association in 1969, LGBTOUT is the oldest LGBTQ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans, Queer) student organization in Canada and has served the U of T community for almost half a century., Today, LGBTOUT provides resources and programming for LGBTQ students at U of T. Our Drop-In Centre, which is located in the archway of Sir Daniel Wilson Residence (73 St. George Street), is the organization’s main resource hub. , We also manage various social events throughout the academic year. The Homohop and The Queer Ball are annual events and we also have regular Meet n' Greets. We also hold educational seminars, discussion opportunities, and various game, movie, and poetry slam nights., For more information about what we do and how you can get involved with us, you can find us on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter and Instagram: @LGBTOUT Send us an email: or visit our webpage: Malgbtout@utoronto.caSDG4, SDG5
Let's Talk Science (LTS - U of T, St. George)St. GeorgeThe Let's Talk Science Outreach Program is a national science outreach organization that strives to improve science literacy in the community through leadership, innovative educational programs, research and advocacy. We motivate and empower youth (JK through grade 12) to use science, engineering, and technology to develop critical skills, knowledge and attitudes needed to thrive in our world. At the U of T St. George chapter, graduate student volunteers lead our science-based programs for children and youth in local classrooms and community groups.Sandhya Mylabathulalts.grad@utoronto.caSDG4, SDG9
Love146 University of TorontoSt. GeorgeLove146 is an international human rights organization working to end child trafficking and exploitation through survivor care and prevention. The trafficking and exploitation of children is one of the darkest stories and most severe human rights abuses imaginable. But for us, the hope of ending it is a reality. Love146 is helping grow the movement to end child trafficking while providing effective, thoughtful solutions. We believe in the power of love and its ability to effect sustainable change. Love is the foundation of our motivation., -Direct excerpt from, We are a group of students at the University of Toronto who are looking to discuss and spread awareness about current issues regarding human trafficking. Our aim is to target this issue both locally and internationally with the help of our parent organization. The University of Toronto chapter will be the second post-secondary Love146 chapter in Canada.Aidan Harrisut146@outlook.comSDG16
Master of Health Informatics Student Council (MHISC)St. GeorgeOur mission is to promote the professional development of the University of Toronto MHI student cohort through participation in panels, forums and discussions on current events, new initiatives and known issues within the healthcare domain, with a focus on Health Informatics. The group also serves to ensure that the MHI student experience is optimized via a pathway for student advocacy within the program and university.,Charis Lincharis.lin@mail.utoronto.caSDG3
Maternal And Natal Health Initiative (MNHI)ScarboroughThe Maternal And Natal Health Initiative strives to raise awareness and advocate for maternal and natal health improvement.Kiran Nabikiran.nabi@mail.utoronto.caSDG3
Medical Education Initiative Organization (MEIO)ScarboroughThe purpose of Medical Education Initiative Organization (MEIO) will be to educate and create awareness in the University of Toronto Scarborough community on the science of epidemiology which includes the patterns, causes, and effects of health and disease conditions in defined populations. Furthermore MEIO will focus on prominent issues or limitations in medicine and education relating to maintenance of health and prevention of disease. MEIO wishes to bring deliberate educational change and new perspectives to others on medicine, disease & illness and especially shed light on the humbling hardships of individuals who suffer from them.Adrienna Tanmeioatutsc@gmail.comSDG3, SDG4
Medicine, Education and Development for Low Income Families EverywhereScarboroughMEDLIFE is a secular, volunteer-run global health organization whose mission is to help families achieve greater freedom from the constraints of poverty, empowering them to live healthier lives. , MEDLIFE UTSC also takes upon the mission of providing premedical students with seminars and information regarding medical school.Shobika Sathiaseelanutsc.medlife@gmail.comSDG1, SDG3, SDG4
MEDLIFE UTMMississaugaA group geared towards fundraising in order to provide tools necessary for Medicine, Education, and Development for low-income families everywhere.Simisola Ogunsinamedlifemississauga@gmail.comSDG4
Mending Minds (MM UTM )MississaugaMending Minds is a student group dedicated to creating a fun, safe place for students to de-stress from university life and build valuable coping skills to deal with everyday pressures one might face. The club is dedicated to student's mental well-being and decreasing the stigmatization of mental health issues across our campus and in the community. The club will aim to create an inclusive space where everyone feels they are being heard and can speak freely about any issue they may have. This will be done by providing information sessions, fun de-stressing events, seminars, outreach, motivational speakers and so on to reach the goals of the group. Mending Minds is committed to shining a light on student mental health and ensuring no one gets left behind if they are struggling. At all times, the club will provide resources for any person(s) who may need additional help from a professional.Samantha Ribeysamantha.ribey@mail.utoronto.caSDG3, SDG4
Minds, Miles & Motivation Running ClubSt. George“Minds, Miles & Motivation (3M) Running Club” is tailored to offer all international students at U of T a way towards a healthier lifestyle, both mentally and physically. Our mission is to encourage students to get active, and by doing so, advocate the positive influence of physical exercise on mental health. Our plans to achieve this goal include leading weekly community running sessions, participating third-party running events as a group, and holding monthly workshops that incorporate topics on mental health into physical exercises. We will also collaborate with other campus groups to elaborate the variety of our events, which potentially involve yoga, fitness, meditation workshops, etc. Through participating these activities and workshops, our executive and general members will be able to make new connections, share memorable experiences with each other, and get more actively involved in the community. Overall, we aim to build a unique supportive network among students from diverse cultural and ethnic backgrounds, thereby directing them towards a vigorous and healthy campus life.Wan Li3mrunningclub@gmail.comSDG3
Model United Nations (UTMUN)St. GeorgeWe organize a yearly Model United Nations Conference at the University of Toronto's St. George campus. We strive to provide high school delegates with unique and exciting educational experiences. At UTMUN, delegates will practice drafting resolutions, engage in heated debates, and master the art of diplomatic negotiation. We aim to prepare high school students for university-level debate in Model United Nations.Nerija Grayinfo@utmun.orgSDG4
Molecular Biology & Immunology Students Association (MIMSA)ScarboroughThe Molecular Biology & Immunology Students’ Association (MIMSA) is a student-led organization supporting all students in the Molecular Biology, Immunology, and Disease Specialist or Major program, or taking courses in the field at the University of Toronto Scarborough. MIMSA’s goal is to foster student involvement beyond in-class learning, connect UTSC students with their peers and faculty at UTSC and UTSG, and provide keen and curious minds a platform to engage in scientific discussions while also building upon skills on how to effectively read scientific discourse, extrapolate and translate key information, make scientific concepts relevant to life beyond in-class learning, and effectively communicate scientific knowledge to others. MIMSA achieves this through undergraduate research seminars, faculty research seminars, educational events, and more.Yimaj Ishakmimsa.utsc@gmail.comSDG4
Musical Minds Community Outreach (MMCO)St. GeorgeMusical Minds Community Outreach is a student-driven volunteer organization at the University of Toronto. We strive to make music education more accessible to children and youth who may not otherwise have the means or opportunity to learn music. We know how much fun it can be to learn an instrument! Our enthusiasm stems from the understanding that skills fostered through lessons can have long-term benefits beyond our studio. We partner with families in the community to empower lasting confidence and to foster a love of learning in children and youth. , We offer weekly one-on-one music lessons in piano/keyboard, guitar, violin, and voice every Saturday and Sunday on the University of Toronto St. George Campus. Lessons begin in October, and each April we give all of our students the opportunity to showcase and celebrate their hard work and growth with an end-of-year recital., Our instructors are a select group of energetic, dedicated student volunteers at the University of Toronto who share a passion for music and love working with kids. This team of experienced individuals have all achieved their Royal Conservatory of Music Grade 8 or higher and have formal education in music theory. If you are interested in volunteering, we would love to hear from you! musicalmindsco@gmail.comPeter Hongmusicalmindsco@gmail.comSDG4
MusicBox Children's Charity - University of Toronto Chapter (MBCC – U of T)St. GeorgeMusicBox Children’s Charity (MBCC) is a youth-run registered non-profit organization that strives to provide music education opportunities to financially, socially, or physically disadvantaged children and youth. , A formal education in music should not be a privilege limited to those who can support it. We feel that music is an integral part of a child’s early development, with benefits reaching far beyond the child’s developmental stage. Vulnerable children should be granted the same opportunities for growth and development that are available to their peers. , Through our partnership with the Yonge Street Mission, Beatrice House - YWCA, and Robertson House, we bring music to young children who need it the most. We fully subscribe to the concept of music as a developmental tool, and to its beneficial effects on a child’s social, academic, and emotional development. , As a youth-driven initiative, the directors of MBCC are strong proponents of “self-help” within a community. The needs of a community are best met by those living in it, and who better to enhance our programs than youth themselves. Youth volunteers with significant musical achievement provide mentorship to our participants in group and one-on-one classes., Our approach is two-tiered. We seek to enhance our children’s educations with the inclusion of music, as well as to enhance our volunteer youths who gain, from their participation in MBCC’s programs, self-enrichment and fulfillment., Currently we offer one-on-one instrumental lessons for ages 7-12 and early childhood music appreciation group class for ages 3-5, and we're always looking to expand our programming!Stella Hungmusicbox.toronto@gmail.comSDG4
Muslim Students' AssociationMississaugaThe aim and purpose of the Association is to serve the best interest of the Muslims at the University of Toronto at Mississauga, to provide support for our membership and an avenue for all students of UTM to engage with Muslims. Towards this end, the Association shall:, 1.Promote unity and joint action and Islamic Awareness among the Muslims; 2.Work towards encouraging a strong pro-active Muslim identity among students on campus 3.Arrange and hold congregational prayers and Islamic religious festivals at appropriate times; 4.Conduct religious, social, cultural, and other activities in the spirit of community and inclusivity 5.Avoid any wrong practices which are contrary to Islam and to strengthen a feeling of brotherhood and sisterhood. 6.Promote friendly relations between Muslims and non-Muslims; 7.Endeavour to make Islamic teachings known to interested non-Muslims. 8.Encourage long-term visions and plans for subsequent generations, with regard to prayer spaces, trust funds, scholarly resources, and anything that will benefit the Muslim community on campus.Lamia Hossainmsa@utmsu.caSDG4
Navigate WellnessSt. GeorgeThe mission of this organization is to support the wellness of international and domestic students on campus. The goal is to reach out to any student who may need support for their mental wellness and utilize campus and club resources to support their wellbeing. We will guide students to academic and wellness resources on campus through online and in-person outreach. We will hold wellness workshops to support members’ mental health. Workshops encourage members to create mini-communities where they can support each other’s mental and academic well-being throughout the year, even outside the club environment. We will connect alumni with members through one-on-one discussions that can provide essential guidance. Small support group sessions will also be coordinated throughout the year to ensure student mental health. Social events will advocate for mental wellness and seminars will educate students on various methods they can use to create their own positive space. The ultimate product is a student support network catered to both international and domestic students, advocating for positive wellness experience on campus for every individual.Jaewon Jeongnavigatewellnessuoft@gmail.comSDG3, SDG4
NDP Socialist Caucus U of T ClubSt. GeorgeThe Socialist Caucus of the New Democratic Party, U of T Club, promotes socialist policies, seeks to increase membership in the NDP, and works to persuade the NDP to embrace socialist policies and principles, a Workers' Agenda, and to actively support the struggles of working people for social justice.DANIEL TARADEdaniel.tarade@mail.utoronto.caSDG8, SDG16
New Democratic Students of ScarboroughScarboroughThe New Democratic Students of Scarborough (NDSS) is a student-run club affiliated with the Ontario New Democratic Youth (ONDY). Our primary objective is to engage the local student body in UTSC to address relevant matters within the New Democratic Party (NDP) and the local community. We also aim to raise awareness about elections, the voting process and voter rights. We are open and inclusive to anyone.Alexandros Grekosutscndp17@gmail.comSDG16
News Review (UTNR)St. GeorgeThe purpose of the UofT News Review is to provide palatable information about complex global sociopolitical issues and to encourage critical thinking among UofT students. We aim to engage the student body by providing them a platform where they can discuss such issues through the form of weekly podcasts and annual journals. Our goal is to showcase the investigative and creative spirits of UofT students through factual and critical analysis, and hold a yearly volunteering event, where members can shift their passion for social justice to action.Debasmita Bhattacharyauoftnewsreview@gmail.comSDG16
Nursing Undergraduate Society (NUS)St. GeorgeThe Nursing Undergraduate Society (NUS) represents all undergraduate nursing students at the Lawrence S. Bloomberg Faculty of Nursing at the University of Toronto. NUS plans numerous social and educational opportunities throughout the school year. , We aim to:, 1. To improve student physical, social and cultural welfare. 2. To represent the student perspective of campus life. 3. To promote full cooperation between students, faculty, and administration, in regard to student interests. 4. To promote channels of communication through which students’ opinions may be expressed. 5. To promote students’ rights and responsibilities. 6. To promote academic freedom and academic responsibilities. 7. To foster awareness of students’ position in the faculty, campus, local, provincial, national, and international communities. 8. To enhance professionalism by providing a forum in which members may gain experience in responsible leadership and community involvement.Rachael Shawask@uoftnus.comSDG4, SDG16
Nyantende Foundation Inc.St. GeorgeThe Nyantende Foundation (“Foundation”) strives to bridge the education gap that exists between the developed and developing world. We help the most marginalised children and youth in the Nyantende district of the Democratic Republic of Congo by offering them an opportunity to attend local schools. We believe education is a basic human necessity as it provides youth with the tools necessary to build their own future. We believe in the principle that knowledge is power and access to education provides the empowerment and self-efficacy to find a path out of cyclical poverty.Victoria Marinellivictoria.marinelli@mail.utoronto.caSDG1, SDG4
Obesity Canada - Students and New Professionals - University of Toronto (OC-SNP)St. GeorgeThe Obesity Canada - Students and New Professionals (OC-SNP) UofT is a local chapter that aims to connect individuals from all disciplines interested in obesity; from obesity research, treatment, education, and fighting misinformation. , Together we advance the knowledge base of future practitioners and professionals, and contribute to the growing interdisciplinary network across Canada by organizing social activities and informative seminars and workshops., We work with the Obesity Canada – Students and New Professionals National Executive team and its many chapters to maintain an academic, professional focus at the University of Toronto.,Vera Pietersocsnp.uoft@gmail.comSDG4
Ontario Water Works Association (OWWA) - Student Chapter (OWWA-SC)St. GeorgeThe U of T Student Chapter of the Ontario Water Works Association offers students interested in the drinking water industry the opportunity to learn more about the field through networking events, socials, technical seminars, and plant tours.Emily Curlingowwasc@utoronto.caSDG6, SDG9, SDG14
OUT@UTM (OUT@UTM)MississaugaThe main purpose of this club is to increase awareness and knowledge about the 2SLGBTQ+ community at the UTM campus. This club wants to celebrate the accomplishments within the community both locally and internationally. We also want to hold places where we can discuss international and local issues, and what steps we can take to improve them and find solutions. Lastly, we also aim to promote a sense of community and togetherness where the 2SLGBTQ+ community and their allies are able to have a space where they can exist safely and peacefully, whether they are out or not. We plan to achieve this by holding events where the members can interact with each other and learn new information, as well as use our social media presence to post about 2SLGBTQ+ history, achievements, and issues.Dishika Vaswaniout@utmsu.caSDG16
Peace and Conflict SocietySt. GeorgePeace, Conflict and Justice SocietyOlivia Smithpcjsociety@utoronto.caSDG16
Peace By PeaceSt. GeorgePeace by PEACE delivers an eleven week conflict resolution curriculum to Grade 5 students across Toronto. Through interactive activities, along with group discussions, four to five members volunteer their time in one particular classroom with daily problems to give them essential skills to create a more peaceful world. , If you are interested in finding out more about the program, feel free to call or email us, or drop by during office hours!, Our office is located in room 531 of the Sussex Club House (5th floor, corner of Sussex and Huron). , We are always available via email to talk. You can contact, “The most amazing and rewarding thing happens during those 12 weeks…while you’re teaching you experience their growth and change in attitude…It's an indescribable feeling, to see that change and knowing that you, in some way, made a difference in a child's life makes everything worth it.” - Testimonial by P.J. Sayo (Public Relation/Festival Co-director 04-06 and volunteer since 03), Philosophies, Recognizing Conflict Volunteers identify conflict and illustrate how conflicts can become progressively more serious. The curriculum teaches a variety of non-violent techniques that enable students to prevent conflicts from becoming violent matters. Example: “conflict escalator” which demonstrates that conflict continues to ascend unless they are able to stop it. , Communication Students are able to practice the art of communication through various activities. Communication is a key elements when de-escalating conflicts and withstanding tough times. Example: “I statement” which students use to express their feelings to overcome difficult situations., Respecting Cultural Difference Volunteers engage a series of activities with students where they can learn to respect similarities and differences among each other. This enables students to realize that each individual is unique while still part of a group. Example: group interactions about name meanings, culture and stereotyping., Win-Win Solutions Peace Games offer win-win outcomes because all participants are winners. These games offer students the ability to play games which do not single anyone out and where there is no loss. Popular games include: “Swamp Boards”, “Shake your Buns” and “Pass the Pulse”.Amna Nadeemcampusdirector.uoft@peacebypeace.caSDG16
PennyDrops UofTSt. GeorgePennyDrops is a student-run non-profit organization dedicated to the advancement of financial education in Canada. Our mission is to ensure that all Canadian high school and university students are adequately prepared to handle their personal finances upon graduation by providing financial literacy education nationwide. To execute our mission, PennyDrops UofT sends university-level mentors out into surrounding high schools to deliver our workshop-based curriculum and hosts financial literacy workshops at the University for students to attend. These workshops include banking, mindful spending, and investing.Byron Edwardsonuoft@pennydrops.orgSDG4
PERIODS: An Organization for Women's and Everyone's Reproductive and Sexual Rights (POWERS) U of T (POWERS)St. GeorgePOWERS U of T is a student group dedicated to raising awareness about Women’s Rights and Health, Sexual Rights and Health, Reproductive Rights and Health, LGBTQIA+ Rights and Health, and issues about periods, such as period poverty, period shame and period health. We aim to normalize talking about these topics and implement programs addressing these areas of inequality. We are also dedicated to supporting our local and global communities through outreach, fundraising and drives. , We have various committees through which we start and run initiatives to achieve our goals. These include our Research Committee, our Podcast Committee, our Events & Outreach Committee, our Education Committee, our Graphics Team and our Social Media Team. If you're interested in joining us and fighting for human rights with us, please sign-up as a Committee Member to get notified when positions within our club come up (at our website linked below!). We are always looking for new people to fill vacancies!Katherine Jungpowers.uoft@gmail.comSDG1, SDG3, SDG4, SDG5, SDG10, SDG16
Positive Psychology Student Club (PPSC)St. GeorgeThe Positive Psychology Student Club (PPSC) aims to create a safe environment for students to rethink mental wellness through the lens of positive psychology. , To date, much of psychology has been concerning the questions of “what is wrong with me?” and “how can I be fixed?”. Positive psychology is the scientific study of what makes our lives worth living, where the goal is to make normal life more fulfilling! Differing from the traditional approach of mental wellness advocacy, we hope to divert the attention from “what is wrong with me?” to “what is right with me?”. Under academic pressure, students can oftentimes be sidetracked by the achievement of others. We aim to deliver educational content on means you can use to reflect on your past accomplishment, start noticing the little things that bring you joy, and eventually allow you to realize how awesome you are! The deliverables will be in the form of open discussion via virtual gathering and onboarding panelists that specialize in the study of positive psychology to provide professional insights.Kaiwen Zhangutppsc@gmail.comSDG4
Pre-Psychiatry Student Association (PPSA)ScarboroughThis group will aim to create a safe environment for students having an interest in psychology and psychiatry to connect with one another. Opportunities will be presented to guide students in the steps they are required to take to achieve a career in psychiatry or a related field. Students will also learn more about the process, make connections and network with individuals in the field. Secondly, the club will also bring awareness as to why careers in psychiatry or mental health are essential to reduce the negative connotation, such as amongst South Asian communities and encourage students to pursue a career in this field. We will take innovative approaches to reduce the stigma of mental health amongst communities and take time to ensure that students are aware of resources provided to aid their mental health.Prameshta Prasathuoftpre.psychiatry@gmail.comSDG3
Project START! Science (START Science)ScarboroughThe purpose of Project START! Science is for undergraduate students to lead hands-on science modules and mini-labs for classes of elementary school students. Our goal is to spark the excitement of school children for science and learning. Modules include electroplating, fingerprint development, optical illusions and DNA Isolation among many others! We offer undergraduates an opportunity to share their love for science and academia, especially with young students who may otherwise be unable to afford extracurricular science activities. The modules are centered in STEM related fields, including Biology, Physics, Engineering, Health, Neuroscience and Chemistry. However, prior knowledge and/or a STEM educational background are not required, we are very welcoming of volunteers from any program or other backgrounds!,Ryan Appingsprojectstartuoft@gmail.comSDG3, SDG4
Project SunshineSt. GeorgeThe purpose of the UTSG Project Sunshine Chapter is to bring passionate student volunteers together to spark joy and deliver smiles in pediatric patients facing various medical challenges. Our student volunteers will help restore a sense of normalcy to the pediatric healthcare environment. UTSG Project Sunshine offers Sending Sunshine, Hospital Programming, and Remote Programming. Sending Sunshine involves delivering surgi dolls (to help children understand their medical procedures and serve as their companions throughout their medical journey), therapeutic activity kits, toys, and much more. Hospital Programming includes caregiver wellness events, arts & crafts, and many activities and special events. The Remote Programming is done on an online platform providing various educational and recreational games appropriate for specific age groups. All of our offerings promote creativity, self-expression, socialization, and learning. Most importantly, we ensure that the pediatric patient’s childhood remains a time of wonder, especially during emotionally and physically challenging times, while providing caregivers the resources to de-stress.Cherrie Zhuutsg@projectsunshine.orgSDG3, SDG4
Project Sunshine UTM (PSUTM)MississaugaThis is a Chapter in partner with Project Sunshine Canada. Project sunshine is a non-profit organization that provides educational, creative, and social programs to children facing medical challenges. Through in-hospital/virtual volunteering our volunteers spread sunshine, and help to restore a crucial sense of normalcy to the pediatric healthcare environment. Project Sunshine Canada’s programs may include Sending Sunshine (activity kits, making surgi dolls) and In-Hospital Programming/Remote programming (arts & crafts), and other special events. Surgi Dolls help children prepare for surgery, understand medical procedures, and express their emotions creatively. Volunteers sew blank dolls that patients can then personalize. These dolls remain companions throughout their medical journey. As a chapter we will strive to create an engaging connection with the children and their families through a variety of programs we will offer within the hospital. We hope to bring a youthful and joyous atmosphere that inspires the children and their families.Juils MotilalUofTMississauga@projectsunshine.orgSDG3, SDG4
Psychology and Neuroscience Departmental Association (PNDA)ScarboroughThe Psychology and Neuroscience Departmental Association at the University of Toronto Scarborough is a student-run group focused on enriching the academic, professional, and personal development of the UTSC student body. The PNDA’s purpose is to serve as a common and inclusive hub for all students, faculty, and staff of the Neuroscience, Mental Health, and Psychology Departments by providing resources and platforms for discussion, networking, and opportunities related to psychology, neuroscience, and mental health.Louise Caluagpresident.pnda@gmail.comSDG3
Public Health Sciences Students' AssociationA description has not been provided to the Office of Student Affairs.Subha
Pueblo Science TorontoSt. GeorgePueblo Science is a nonprofit charity that aims to improve STEM education in local, national and international communities that do not have the resources to do so themselves. Our club works very closely with the parent organization by helping with events, fundraising and helping to spread awareness about Pueblo Science within the local community.Rachel Kuahpuebloscience.uoft@gmail.comSDG4
RefugeAid UofTSt. GeorgeRefugeAid UofT provides humanitarian aid in collaboration with Médecins Sans Frontières/Doctors without Borders (MSF) and the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) while raising awareness about current and emerging trends affecting refugees and asylum seekers. RefugeAid UofT’s vision is to unite communities of diverse faiths, ethnicities and ideologies to work towards aiding communities put at risk by ongoing conflict in war-torn regions. Our goals will be to educate the university campus on different refugee situations around the world, to mobilize like-minded students in working towards raising money and awareness for refugees, and to encourage young people to broaden their mindsets and perspectives on refugees. To achieve these goals, we will potentially host various campus events to engage students like movie nights, fundraisers, bake sales, or brainstorming idea exhibits.Jessica Fisherrefugeaid@gmail.comSDG4
Regenesis Scarborough (RegenesisUTSC)ScarboroughRegenesis Scarborough is the UTSC chapter of Regenesis, a Canadian student-involved university and college based environmental and community-building organization. We believe in empowering students as initiators of change in addressing today’s social and environmental concerns, through advocacy and service in local chapters. Regenesis creates and manages initiatives and social enterprises that provide services to the university community as well as providing quality leadership experience for students.Yaoyan Huangutsc@regenesis.ecoSDG13
Regenesis UofTSt. GeorgeRegenesis UofT is the University of Toronto chapter of Regenesis, a Canadian student-involved university and college based environmental and community-building organization. We believe in empowering students as as initiators of change in addressing today’s social and environmental concerns, through advocacy and service in local chapters. Regenesis UofT creates and manages initiatives and social enterprises that provide services to the university community as well as providing quality leadership experience for students. All of the initiatives are inspired by the needs of the UofT community and raise the quality of life on campus. Students involved with Regenesis UofT get a chance to shape the place they spend so much time in and gain relevant experiential education opportunities in the areas of operational and event management, accounting, communications, fundraising, graphic design, and much more. We are a catalyst for social innovation and transformation., Regenesis established The Youth Food Centre in 2017 at 596 Spadina, which provides a space for people to come together to grow, cook, share and advocate for good food. This includes sustainable and local food procurement, as well as encouraging students to grow their own food in the backyard. This ties into The Dig In! Campus Agriculture Network, which is another Regenesis initiative. Dig In! exists to support, empower and grow small-scale, sustainable food production at the University of Toronto. Regenesis U of T also runs a Free Store out of the 596 Spadina space, which provides items for free to those in need, and encourages community members to give away the items they no longer want in their lives. By re-homing these items, Regenesis promotes awareness on waste reduction, wasteful consumption, and the repurposing of items. Regenesis U of T seeks to increase the awareness around environmental issues and empower members of the community to adapt sustainable behaviours. Other projects that are in development include a future Student Reuse Centre and Farmers Market.Jessica Spitzertoronto@regenesis.ecoSDG2, SDG4, SDG9, SDG12, SDG13
Relay for Life - University of Toronto (RFL UofT)St. GeorgeRFL U of T is a student group that aims to raise awareness on all aspects of cancer, with the ultimate goal of educating students about cancer prevention, and how they can make an impact on those suffering from cancer. Our annual event is a Canadian Cancer Society fundraiser, Relay for Life, which is a gathering to celebrate cancer survivors, remember those that have lost their battle with cancer, and fight back against cancer through fundraising and fun group activities.Sabrina Malouka Abdel Malakrelayforlifeutsg@gmail.comSDG4
Restorative Justice Student Network (RJSN)MississaugaThe Network is student-led and facilitates opportunities for UofT undergraduates to learn about and to contribute to discussions about Restorative Justice practices, to build strong, positive working relationships. The Network collaborates with and develops a community hub of Restorative Justice experts who can offer support and advice when contributing to student-engagement and empowerment to help create safer, happier and more effective work spaces for everyone.James Scottjd.scott@mail.utoronto.caSDG16
Rotman Commerce Sustainable Business (RCSB)St. GeorgeRotman Commerce Sustainable Business (RCSB) seeks to educate and inspire students about sustainable practices in the corporate world. Through events and initiatives, RCSB facilitates a multitude of opportunities for students to gain knowledge about sustainable business, take part in meaningful actions, develop invaluable skills, and network with diverse professionals in various industries.Bronwyn Williams, Elfine Caumontrcsustainablebusiness@gmail.comSDG7, SDG8, SDG9, SDG10, SDG11, SDG12
Sexual Education and Peer Counselling Centre (SEC)St. GeorgeSEC’s mission is to provide supplies, information, resources, and educational programming to the greater University of Toronto community, addressing any and all aspects of human sexuality, intimacy, and gender identity. SEC strives to serve the community in a non-oppressive and non-judgemental manner, with an emphasis on confidentiality, accessibility, and harm reduction. Watch out for excellent events throughout the year, and visit our office to chat, learn more about our services, explore our library, or just to hang out!Alice DesRochessexed@secutoronto.orgSDG4, SDG5
Skills & Thrills Association (STA)MississaugaThe Skills and Thrills Association's purpose is to provide a safe learning space for individuals to learn life skills that they may not have been taught. Our Mission is to teach financial literacy, home economics, and personal care. STA aspires to teach personal independence through various workshops and possibly guest speakers, whether financial or life management. We want to introduce hands-on experiences such as how to sew and informational events such as how to do taxes or kitchen safety. These events will be in a manner that is fun and exciting for the student body and club members. We will utilize games and prizes to attract more attention. The club will also be educational and have a friendly competitive environment. This club will be a safe space for the entire student body to participate in learning skills that seem familiar but may be difficult for others to complete. We will host events every month where we will teach a new skill!Gaganpreet Behalutm.sta@gmail.comSDG4
Small Business Ventures TorontoSt. GeorgeSB Ventures offers businesses various services that they may need free of charge and leverage’s its students' diverse backgrounds to do so. Students are not limited to Rotman Commerce, we encourage students from all specializations across the university to join: such as engineering, life sciences, humanities, etc. This will allow us to fulfill any needs the businesses may have and drive innovation in any one of the areas our students specialize in. All of our services are done free of charge; our goal is to help businesses grow and succeed, especially in these difficult and unprecedented times. By working with local businesses, our students are able to get hands-on experience in their fields of interest while giving back to the community.Dan Grigorayebsbventurestoronto@gmail.comSDG9
SMILE (SMILE)St. GeorgeThe purpose of this club is to engage students, faculty and other members of our community in activities that will increase the wellness of their mental health. The club wishes to modify how mental health is treated and change the points of view from which individuals look at it from. We wish to be a part of the forces in our community that are trying to break the stigma surrounding mental illnesses. SMILE strives to educate individuals on their mental health and how they can amplify their mental endurance. Education on these subjects will be done through seminars by guest speakers, workshops and especially, special activities during the examination/midterm periods (e.g. group game nights, exercises, study nights, etc.). Outreach activities, i.e. volunteering in the community, will also be done by the group in order to help students take a break from the stressors of school and their personal lives by giving back to the community. This club hopes to take initiative in helping students build larger social circles, by joining the family that is SMILE. This will ensure a healthier mindset through the school year for students. The motto of this club is Sincerity, Mental health, Inclusivity, Liberty and Education. It shall be practiced through the aforementioned. SMILE will also provide students with an emergency line by which they can contact when they are in extreme distress.Fion Lawsmileee.uoft@gmail.comSDG3, SDG4
Social Justice ClubMississaugaOur purpose and goal for this club includes focusing on current issues and helping causes that relate to people today. Our goal is to start with local issues and eventually move up to more global issuesMaryam Yousefipournigjehsocialjustice@utmsu.caSDG16
Socialist Fightback StudentsSt. GeorgeSocialist Fightback Students is a Marxist organization that seeks to organize socialist students in Quebec and Canada., We believe that in order to truly put an end to war, poverty, inequality, environmental destruction and all forms of oppression, we need to overthrow the capitalist system. We are internationalists and we believe that only a united struggle of the working class with all layers of the oppressed can achieve our aims. We combine serious study of Marxist theory with active participation in the student movement as well as the workers’ movement in order to advance struggles in the here and now. , We are a growing organization with the aim of spreading to every high school, college and university campus., We therefore invite you to join the Socialist Fightback club at the University of Toronto and get involved to help build the organization!Daniel Goldensfsuoft@gmail.comSDG1, SDG5, SDG8, SDG10, SDG13
Society of Healthy Active Living (SHAL)St. GeorgeThe Society of Healthy Active Living is created with the goal of educating students in Toronto about their health. In the busy Toronto life, students often forgo their healthy lifestyle compromising their mental condition, physical health, and social wellbeing. We aim to remind these students not only to take care of themselves but to serve as role models for healthy living., To accomplish our mission, we will begin by organizing a series of educational seminars within the University of Toronto focusing on various topics in the health of our students. Many of these students begin living away from their guardians at this time in their life, during which they develop their own lifestyle. However, the stressful environment of the University typically leads to unhealthy habits which may lead to complications later in life. Therefore, it is important that we ensure these students acknowledge their living habits and manage a balanced school life during this crucial period of development. In the future, we plan to expand our target audience to accommodate not only current University of Toronto students but aspiring high school students and people in the job industry. In the end, we hope to raise awareness about putting health first and foremost above all other roles they may have in their busy Toronto life.Fu-Tsuen Leecontacts.shal@gmail.comSDG3, SDG4
South Asian Students Association (SASA)MississaugaSouth Asia consists of a diverse group of people originating from Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka. South Asians comprise approximately 1.89 billion people, with millions living outside the region. Everyone has their own unique way of engaging with and celebrating their culture and identity. The South Asian Students Association (SASA) strives to provide political, social and cultural platforms for people to connect with South Asia, serve as a median for South Asian students to intermingle with each other, provide South Asian voices a platform to express themselves, through various forums of open dialogue about societal, political and human rights-related issues in South Asia.Saisha Ahluwaliasasa@utmsu.caSDG16
South Asian Women's Society (SAWS)ScarboroughSAWS is a group dedicated to raising awareness about/ tackling issues pertaining to South Asian women / women in South Asian countries. This group aims to tackle these issues through fundraising for a different cause monthly, which will be voted for by our members (i.e. medical aid, legal aid, lgbtq+ issues, mental health awareness etc.) This group is dedicated to creating a supporting environment where one can voice their opinions and problems, create discussion, and bring light to issues pertaining to South Asian Women that they feel need to be addressed.Hajar Seiyadsaws.utsc@gmail.comSDG3, SDG5
SRI Student Network (SSN)St. GeorgeSRI Student Network (SSN) aims to provide resources and opportunities for graduate students primarily located at Sunnybrook Research Institute (SRI)​. Many resources for graduate students are available at the UofT downtown campus, from professional development workshops to social networking sessions. Also, some health and wellness resources, such as fitness facilities and mental health counsellors, are located exclusively on-campus​. Due to the location, graduate students at SRI may find it difficult to access these essential resources. Therefore, SSN focuses on bringing 1) accessible professional development programs, 2) on-site fitness and mental health resources, and 3) social and research networking opportunities to graduate students at SRI.Moses Cookmoses.cook@mail.utoronto.caSDG3
Stem Cell Club (UTSG-SCC)St. GeorgePatients with blood cancers may require a stem cell transplant as part of their treatment. However, 80% of patients do not have a suitable match in their family, and must find an unrelated donor. Canada’s stem cell donor-database is used to match potential donors to patients. Individuals age 17-35 can register to join this database at stem cell drives, where they swab their cheeks to provide a tissue sample for a DNA test. Finding a match for transplant is difficult: currently, over 1000 Canadians cannot find a match., The Stem Cell Club aims to strengthen Canada’s stem cell donor-database ( We seek to recruit the most-needed stem cell donors, and advance health equity by improving representation of non-Caucasians (including Aboriginal Peoples) on Canada's donor-database. , Our club trains students to advocate for patients in need of stem cell transplant, and to develop leadership and teamwork skills. We instruct them to secure informed consent and to identify and correct medical errors., Our goal is to recruit and train hundreds of volunteers to advocate for patients in need of stem cell transplant, and present all students at UofT with the opportunity to register as stem cell donors.Rupal Hatkarstemcellclubuoft@gmail.comSDG3
StrengthIN (SI)St. GeorgeStrengthIN empowers youth by teaching them to take care of their mental health. We believe that educating young people about mental health is crucial so that they can deal with academic and life stresses effectively. We host free interactive workshops in the GTA and offer online content for middle school, high school and university students. Workshop topics include self-care, coping skills, and academic stresses., You can always reach us by email: strengthin.uoft@gmail.comShreeyaa Ramanastrengthin.uoft@gmail.comSDG3, SDG4
Student Chapter of the Association for Women in Math (AWM UofT)St. GeorgeOur goal is to create an inclusive community that supports and celebrates women in mathematics. This will be accomplished through social events, educational talks, career workshops, and community outreach. We are open to all members of the U of T community with an interest in mathematics. Members have the opportunity to attend events, start initiatives, join committees, or run for the executive team depending on their desired level of participation.Christy Yuawm@math.toronto.eduSDG4, SDG5
Students For Change (SFC)St. GeorgeStudents for Change is a gender-equity focused club that advocates for the rights of women and gender minorities, with an emphasis on equal access to education, leadership opportunities, and empowerment. By empowering women and gender minorities, we aim to help these groups achieve their full potential by working to eliminate barriers to their success. , In recent years, we have broadened the scope of Students for Change’s mission to gender equity club that focuses on empowering women and gender minorities in both Toronto and the U of T student body, as well as worldwide. We are dedicated to raising awareness through three pillars—advocacy, fundraising, and social events—to provide a safe space for open discussion surrounding topics such as intersectional feminism, access and equity.Willow Chadwickstudentsforchangeuoft@gmail.comSDG4, SDG5, SDG16
Students for Palestinian Human Rights (SPHR)St. GeorgeThis is an organization for all students, regardless of ethnicity, religion, nationality, etc. The aim of this organization is to systematically raise awareness for Palestinian human rights, in an effort to create a platform for healthy and productive discussion. It will focus on providing educational resources for those interested in learning more about the cause, while also introducing a community for Palestinian voices and international engagement. ,Hala Kayedutsphr@outlook.comSDG4, SDG16
Students for She's The First ChapterScarboroughWe aim to raise money for the education of adolescent girls around the world because when girls get the opportunities they deserve, poverty goes down, economies grow, families get stronger and healthier babies are born. The world, by all accounts gets stronger.Farhat Ullahstf.utsc@outlook.comSDG1, SDG3, SDG4, SDG5
Students for Vaccine Equity (SVE)St. GeorgeWe are a student group at the University of Toronto that seeks to raise awareness about stark inequalities in vaccine distribution and production during the COVID-19 pandemic, to create meaningful change by means of fundraising, advocacy, and education, and to offer valuable perspectives on vaccine equity as postsecondary students.Jasmine Ryu Won Kangstudentsforvaccineequity@gmail.comSDG4, SDG12
Students Supporting Israel (SSI)St. GeorgeWe are an Israel advocacy club made up of students who want to see a lasting peace in the Middle East. We are brought together by our passion for social justice and hope for coexistence between Israel and her neighbours., We support the Jewish people's right to self determination in their ancestral homeland. We provide students with education and facts about Israel's position in the Middle East as well as familiarizing students with history, current events, and Israeli culture.Naena Drazmanssi.uoft@gmail.comSDG4, SDG16
Students Supporting UHN (SSUHN)ScarboroughStudents Supporting UHN raises funds for patient care, research, and education at University Health Network (UHN) in Toronto. UHN includes Toronto General and Western Hospitals, The Princess Margaret Cancer Centre, and Toronto Rehab.Sara Amanssuhn.utsc@gmail.comSDG3, SDG4
Super Women Engineers University of Toronto (GradSWE)St. GeorgeWe are a U of T graduate student group of self-identifying women engineer volunteers working to build a supportive and inclusive community for students in STEM at U of T. We are supported by the Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering and organize community building and professional development events for the graduate students throughout the academic year. We are also engaged in collaborating with and supporting other student groups on campus., Our vision is to be a supportive, inclusive and diverse community catalyzing change for self-identified women engineers and their allies by promoting equity, dialogue, and action at the University of Toronto. , We hope to achieve our vision using this mission and these goals:, . Creating a social space for open discussions where students can engage in meaningful conversations with their peers and professionals that will help them to navigate opportunities and challenges of graduate life . Collaborating with organizations within the university and beyond to create positive change around inclusivity, diversity, mental health and wellness in engineering . Fostering social leadership and professional development through events and campaigns that evolve dynamically as our community grows ,Anupama Sharangradsweuoft@gmail.comSDG3, SDG4, SDG5
Sustainable Buildings Network (SBN)St. GeorgeThe Sustainable Buildings Network (SBN) is an association of Undergraduate and Graduate students interested in fields related to sustainable buildings and building energy. The SBN creates a collaborative environment to bring together building-focused sustainability groups across campuses., For undergraduate students, it offers an opportunity to take part in SBN-wide lectures and workshops, to access mentorship from the SBN graduate students, and to discover other SBN-associated clubs and design teams. Besides learning opportunities, SBN can also help clubs connect with other clubs, help host events, and help get them started with hosting or joining design competitions in the field of sustainable buildings., For graduate students, SBN looks to help student research and networking reflect the multidisciplinary nature of sustainable buildings. SBN offers a hub from which to attend – and host – lectures in their areas of research and interest. It also provides a platform for graduate students to act as mentors, working with undergraduate students in their design competitions and workshops. , SBN provides a platform for discussion and networking opportunities for all students. It brings together undergrad and grad students and faculty from multiple campuses and disciplines, and industry professionals, who all share an interest in sustainable building.Noah Cassidysbnuoft@gmail.comSDG7, SDG9, SDG13
Sustainable Innovation Group (SIG)ScarboroughThe Sustainable Innovation Group (SIG) was envisioned from a collective realization of the importance of sustainability in our business ecosystem. In a world with life-threatening problems like climate change, clean water sourcing and much more, instilling the highest levels of Corporate Social Responsibility has never been more crucial to our long-term sustenance. S.I.G. was created out of this necessity, and our mission is to increase awareness about careers in Sustainability, C.S.R. and Social Entrepreneurship amongst students by providing them with a comprehensive set of interactive events like case competitions, workshops and more. , Our belief is simple: “We only have one world, so business as ‘usual’ is not an option”. This quote embodies the culture that we hope to make an integral part of S.I.G. Moreover, this club will support students with learnings about the diverse career advancements in Sustainability Management, Corporate Social Responsibility and Social Entrepreneurship which are relatively underrepresented in the business world. , Our purpose is to provide students with a conducive platform to learn more about this high-growth and exciting industry as a viable career advancement. The market for sustainable products is currently valued at $150.1 billion. Our vision is to provide our student community with a glimpse into the world of sustainability that we believe is the future of business. , S.I.G.’s vision is to increase exposure and further understandings of careers in sustainability, Corporate Social Responsibility and Social Entrepreneurship. We believe that the most efficient method to bring value to our student community is by hosting relevant, unique and interactive events. Our member engagement activities are divided into two categories: events and an online platform.,Khushi Mansukhanisustainableinnovationgroup@gmail.comSDG6, SDG9, SDG13, SDG14
The Blood Donors Student Association at UTSC (BDSA)ScarboroughThe Blood Donors Student Association at UTSC works to advocate, educate, and raise awareness about blood donations and disorders. We work with Canadian Blood Services to organize blood clinics on campus and raise awareness about blood and organ donations, with the goal of educating people about the need for blood donations and how they can individually and collectively contribute towards saving human lives. We organize blood typing events on campus where students can find out their blood type and register for blood donation. We also educate people about various blood-related disorders.Fatima Aliutscbloodteam@gmail.comSDG4
The Centre for Women and Trans People at the University of Toronto (CWTP)St. GeorgeThe Centre for Women and Trans People is committed to providing a safe, harassment-free drop in space for all women and trans people on campus. We provide free support, referrals, resources and advocacy on issues of sexism, racism, homophobia, transphobia, ableism, ageism, violence, health and poverty through our workshops, events, services and programming., The Centre was founded by U of T women undergraduate students in 1986. They organized to create a safe, accessible space for all women at U of T to gather, seek support, and advocate on issues relevant to them. The Centre is a student funded, volunteer driven, non profit, campus, community organization governed by its Collective.Allos Abiscwtp@utoronto.caSDG1, SDG3, SDG5
The Citizens FoundationMississaugaThis club will be a chapter of an existing charity organization called The Citizens Foundation. Its purpose is to raise money and awareness for the education system in Pakistan which will be done through the use of events and seminars.Sana Altaftcfutm@utmsu.caSDG4
The Citizens Foundation - University of Toronto (TCF)St. GeorgeThe purpose, objectives, mission and/or mandate of organization is outlined here:, - Host social events for students, with the intention of raising funds to support education related projects and emergency crisis situations in Pakistan - Raise awareness and highlight current issues impacting Pakistan, through a series of engaging lectures and debates - Showcase documentary screenings and host seminars held by intellectual guest speakers to encourage dialogue on the development of Pakistan - Create a platform and community atmosphere for students concerned with the state of education in Pakistan.Imamah Nasirtcfatuoft@gmail.comSDG4
The Citizens Foundation (TCF)ScarboroughThe Citizens Foundation (TCF) is a non-profit organization whose goal is to promote and provide education for underprivileged children in Pakistan. This branch at UTSC would act as a support group for the TCF organization by spreading awareness as well as fundraising for the TCF schools. The TCF YouthCan Project is a subgroup within TCF Canada, which serves as a platform to mobilize support for education through Universities. This program allows university students to get involved with TCF Canada through university chapters.Nabeeha Asifsana.murtaza@mail.utoronto.caSDG4
The Diabetes Awareness SocietyScarboroughThe Diabetes Awareness Society is a student led club that serves to educate young people about the causes and risk factors of diabetes while also motivating them to take initiative to live a healthy lifestyle. This will be done by promoting physical exercise and healthy living through educational events and social media posts.Asma Chinadiabetessociety.utsc@gmail.comSDG3, SDG4
The Hang Out UTSC Student Group (THO)ScarboroughTo promote a positive and united student community to act as a support system that works to establish better mental health for UTSC students. This will be accomplished by organizing social events to build friendships and arranging various de-stressors throughout the year to achieve a caring and supportive association for students.Diala Istanbellythehangout.utsc@gmail.comSDG3
The PEARS Project (PEARS)St. GeorgePEARS stands for Prevention, Empowerment, Advocacy, Response, for Survivors. The PEARS Project is a grassroots, trauma-informed coalition that provides support and resources to survivors of sexual violence across the University of Toronto. Founded and led by survivors through survivor-centred principles such as autonomy, consent, equity, mutual aid, support, and care. PEARS recognizes survivors as leaders and the voices which need to be heard to implement policy change. The tri-campus initiative will form, train, and support 9 teams of peer supporters (one at each St. George campus college; one at each satellite campus). By formalizing a community and resource network that is by and for survivors we can better support one another and increase access to legal, mental health, and capacity-building supports. Furthermore, by integrating PEARS ‘nodes’/teams into authentic, pre-existing communities, PEARS will be better able to create mutual relationships with broader student communities and help promote the work of other divisional stakeholders.Micah
The Scientista Foundation Chapter at the University of TorontoSt. GeorgeThe Scientista Foundation at U of T aims to enrich the academic journey of women in post-secondary science, technology, engineering, mathematics, and medicine (STEMM), and promote a tight sense of community among the female science students at our vast university. Most importantly, we aim to provide valuable resources and support to aid our members in their future and current undertakings.Kashaf Salaheenscientista.uoft@gmail.comSDG5
The Shoebox Project for Women (SBP)ScarboroughThe Shoebox Project for Women strives to make women in the community feel seen and acknowledged. This is done by collecting luxury items including mascara, mittens, chocolate bars, etc, and wrapping them in shoeboxes during various drives throughout the year. The boxes along with handwritten cards are then delivered to women's shelters and outreach programs in the Scarborough area. In addition to this, the group participates in various workshops and events, empowering and supporting women.Elaine Boulougourisutoronto-sc@shoeboxproject.comSDG5
The University of Toronto Blood Services Club (UTBS)St. GeorgeThe UofT Blood Services team’s purpose is to raise awareness on the growing need of healthy blood donors in the Toronto area and encourage the UofT campus community to donate blood. This will be done by booths/events where we will help educate people about and promote blood donations.Hongyan Liuhongyanhl.liu@mail.utoronto.caSDG3, SDG4
The University of Toronto Mental Health Student Association (UOFTMHSA)St. GeorgeThe purpose of this association is to promote and educate staff and students on the significance of mental health around the University of Toronto campus. The association strives to promote healthy coping mechanisms to any staff or student struggling with their mental health, and to offer an outlet in the community to help others face these issues. The association hopes to achieve this by actively hosting meetings and seminars, as well as providing advocacy to any interested individuals. The association hopes to set up an anonymous phone line that students can text if they are feeling stressed, worried, anxious, sad, etc. In addition, the association hopes to host create and interactive workshops and activities around mid-term and exam seasons.Julianna Corbettuoftmha@gmail.comSDG3, SDG4
Trinity College Chinese Students Association (TCCSA)St. GeorgeThe Trinity College Chinese Students Association (TCCSA) aims to cultivate a platform for Trinity students with Chinese heritage and beyond. Since our founding in 2016, we have grown from a small team of seven to over twenty execs serving the Trinity community with a wide range of cultural, academic, and recreational events and initiatives., Our flagship event, the Lunar New Year High Table welcomes over 300 students, faculties, and alumni to Strachan Hall each winter. Besides the high table, we host monthly events throughout the school year such as film screenings, discussion panels, sports and culinary outings, and cultural holiday celebrations., We also work closely with both the administration and other student groups. Over the years, we have collaborated with the NRAC on Pre-TCM Dinners, with the Registrar’s Office on PoST panels, and various wellness and mental health initiatives. Since 2018, our Alumni Affairs team has worked with the Trinity Archive and the Alumni Office on the Oral History Project to document minority students’ experiences at the college at the turn of the century.Yi Peng (Yvonne) Raotccsa@utoronto.caSDG3
U of T Chapter Sikh Student Association (UTSGSSA)St. GeorgeThe Sikh Student Association is a club for students attending the University of Toronto who are interested in learning about Sikhi as a community. , Our club's primary goal is to build a community that focuses on physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. This club is a safe space where we promote learning, growth, and community-building.Balpreet Gillutsgssa@gmail.comSDG3
U of T Pencils of Promise (PoP)St. GeorgePencils of Promise (PoP) is a for-purpose organization that creates educational opportunities and improves education for children in developing nations. PoP's various programs support teachers, build schools and teach children about health and sanitation. , U of T Pencils of Promise strives to raise funds for PoP's literacy and infrastructure programs currently operating in Ghana, Guatemala and Laos. As students, we know firsthand the benefits of education and we believe every child deserves access to quality education.Fion Lawuoftpop@gmail.comSDG3, SDG4, SDG6, SDG9
Ukrainian Students' Club (USC)St. GeorgeThe aims and objectives of the Ukrainian Students' Club at the University of Toronto are: 1) To organize and represent students of Ukrainian background at the University of Toronto and provide a forum for voicing their mutual concerns and interests. 2) To provide a method for social interaction among Ukrainian-Canadians and non-Ukrainians, who are interested in Ukrainian culture. 3) To promote and propagate Ukrainian and Ukrainian-Canadian studies by bringing awareness of major historical events. 4) To promote and propagate Ukrainian and Ukrainian-Canadian culture and heritage. 5) To uphold, learn and promote the Ukrainian language. 6) To provide a structure for intra-group relations for its members. 7) To provide a structure for inter-group relations for its members. 8) To uphold the concept of democratic rights for all individuals.Sophia Holowatyuscuoft@gmail.comSDG16
UN Women University of Toronto (UN Women )St. GeorgeFulfill and advocate for the goals, objectives and mission of the United Nations Women organization. UN Women is the UN agency for gender equality & women's empowerment. It was established to accelerate progress on meeting the needs of women & girls worldwide. Our mission is to help advance the goals and objectives of UN Women including fulfilling their mandate of:, 1. elimination of discrimination against women and girls; 2. empowerment of women; and 3. achievements of equality between women and men as partners and beneficiaries of development, human rights, humanitarian action and peace and security , Our club’s objectives will be to advance and advocate for gender equality. UN Women recognize that gender equality is not only a basic human rights but also an indictor of socio-economic development. Evidently, gender inequalities remain deeply entrenched in every society. Such inequalities include lack of access to sustainable work, glass ceiling, gender wage gaps, denied access to basic education and health care and suffer violence and discrimination at an alarmingly higher rate than male counterparts. , UN Women at UofT will strive to help address these inequalities by mirroring the system of governance that is in place. UN Women works with government and non-governmental partners to help them put in place the policies, laws, services and resources that women require to move towards equality. During our weekly meetings we will strive to open the floor for academic debate on the policies being discussed at the UN Women. Each year we will host a conference that will bring together undergraduate, graduate, professionals and other members of the public to the conference to discuss issues pertaining to gender equality and women rights. This annual conference will touch upon a particular issue that the UN Women sets out to accomplish in their mandateOya Dariciuoftunwomen@gmail.comSDG1, SDG3, SDG4, SDG5, SDG8, SDG16
United Against Hate (UAH)St. GeorgeUnited Against Hate is a club formed to inform the UofT community about injustices that take place in the community. We strive to not only make the community aware of these acts but also to educate them on ways to mitigate these actions and how to confront them. Our group seeks equality among all and advocates for the rights of all marginalized communities.Daya Gosaldaya.gosal@mail.utoronto.caSDG4, SDG5, SDG16
United Nations International Children's Emergency Fund (UNICEF) (U of T UNICEF)St. GeorgeU of T UNICEF, a university group directly affiliated with UNICEF Canada, strives to raise funds and promote awareness of issues such as child labour, poverty, gender inequality, illiteracy, HIV/AIDS, and living environment. We operate through our two programs to target both the university community and local youth., 1. University Outreach Program - To host fundraising and education events, to provide opportunities for service in the Toronto region, and to promote awareness of UNICEF as a global organization and its endeavors., 2. Youth Engagement Program - To build a global citizen persona in children at local community centres, and boys and girls clubs by teaching them a UNICEF-based curriculum. Children will be taught about important children's rights issues worldwide such as those regarding education, health and gender equality. , We are looking for dedicated members to help make a difference on a local as well as international stage. In addition, volunteer hours will be recorded and certified at the end of the year. If you are interesting in getting involved, contact for more details.Vishnu Katyaluoft.unicef@gmail.comSDG1, SDG3, SDG4, SDG5, SDG8, SDG10, SDG16
University of Toronto Consulting Association (UTCA)St. GeorgeThe University of Toronto Consulting Association (UTCA) is a diverse organization that provides students from different fields with the opportunity to begin exploring the world of consulting. Through our workshops, case competitions, and other events, students learn to assess real-world problems and solve them through innovative solutions. We also host several events that allow students to network with representatives from some of the top consulting firms, learn more about career paths, develop meaningful relationships, and break into the industry. While our organization continues to evolve over the years, we stand by our consistent goal of expanding students' horizons through a platform of exposure and opportunities. Our organization also manages a volunteer Consulting Group (CG) which matches top students with local non-profits and start-ups to solve current business problems. Visit our website at for more information.Cathy Fenguoftconsultingassociation@gmail.comSDG9
University of Toronto Environmental Action (UTEA)St. GeorgeUTEA raises awareness about pressing environmental issues (e.g Indigenous water rights, sustainable energy, climate change, etc) and advocates for more effective government policies to address these issues at the federal, provincial, and municipal levels. The organization also works towards advocating for more sustainable campus policies at the University of Toronto. UTEA is unique in that it is a hub for innovative and interdisciplinary environmental research and sustainability advocacy solutions, and is open to all and any interested UofT students.Megan Vaziriutea.utoronto@gmail.comSDG6, SDG7, SDG9, SDG13, SDG14, SDG16
University of Toronto Females in Finance (UTFiF )St. GeorgeBridging the gap between females and the financial industry by empowering, educating, and equipping female students at the University of Toronto. UTFiF is a community of like-minded driven female students of all disciplines who are passionate about finance. Our goal is to provide valuable insights, resources, and skills to the greater student body of UofT who may not have a commerce background. We want to equip students with the necessary skills and knowledge to harness their interest in finance and to provide them with support in their initial steps into their professional career.Andrea Luiutfemalesinfinance@gmail.comSDG4
University of Toronto Global Brigades (UTGB)St. GeorgeThe University of Toronto Global Brigades (UTGB) is a chapter of Global Brigades, an international non-profit that uniquely implements a holistic model, aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, to meet a community’s health and economic goals. Every year, we coordinate skill-based weeklong summer brigades and currently host 3 different brigade types to Honduras (Medical, Public Health, Engineering) and the Business Brigade to Panama. Each of these programs fit together to strengthen the health, WASH, and economic development goals of our partner communities. Join us today in building a more equitable world!Cindy Zhanguoftglobalbrigades@gmail.comSDG3, SDG4, SDG8
University of Toronto Global Medical TrainingSt. GeorgeUniversity of Toronto Global Medical Training is a university chapter of Global Medical Training, an international humanitarian organisation that provides free medical and dental services to rural regions of Central American countries. , We organise yearly medical volunteer trips for university students to learn from local doctors and pharmacists, and witness first-hand the lack of accessible healthcare still experienced by many in the world today. During the academic year, we also organise events for the general student body and our trippers to raise funds and awareness, and gather donations for our cause. , By joining this group, you will be part of a global movement that will help provide free medical care to those that do not have access to it, gain insight and experience useful for future careers in healthcare, and have the chance to become a more conscious and passionate global citizen.Audrey Yeegmt.utsg@gmail.comSDG3, SDG11
University of Toronto MEDLIFE Chapter (UTSG MEDLIFE)St. GeorgeMEDLIFE is a non-profit organization aiming to help families achieve greater freedom from the constraints of poverty, empowering them to live healthier lives. The organization have partnered with motivated individuals in poor communities working to improve their access to MEDs: Medicine, Education and Community Development. Currently, MEDLIFE operates in Ecuador, Panama, and Peru and our staffs seek out the poorest of the poor in each country., As a student chapter, we aim to raise awareness of MEDLIFE on campus. We seek motivated undergraduate and graduate students to provide support and promote awareness of MEDLIFE organization through fundraisers. We also seek out student volunteers to partake in MEDLIFE Mobile Clinics where they are given the opportunity to travel abroad to work on a development project in the local community, as well as shadow physicians, dentists, pharmacists and other healthcare professionals. Students who participated in a local school chapter and/or a Mobile Clinic will be able to further pursue leadership positions in the organization on the Student Advisory Board, the MEDLIFE Expansion Team, or an internship position in one of MEDLIFE's branches in Latin America.Alessandro Montelliutsg.medlife@gmail.comSDG1, SDG3, SDG4
University of Toronto Mississauga Global Brigades (UTMGB)MississaugaGlobal Brigades at University of Toronto Mississauga is a secular, international student-operated volunteer organization whose mission is to provide sustainable development to underserved communities throughout the world. It will offer 9 Brigade Programs: medical, dental, water, public health, microfinance, business, environmental, human rights, and engineering. Along with affiliate groups at other distinguished universities, our UTMGB team recruits student volunteers and professionals, gathers supplies, and then travels overseas to set up free medical and dental clinics, design and build schools and health centers, design and implement clean water projects, run educational programs to improve public health and sanitation, and design and help implement small business plans, provide access to loans, savings, and financial literacy, provide legal consulting, and assist in recycling, reforestation, and composting programs, in a variety of underserved Honduran, Panamanian, Nicaraguan and Ghanaian communities. Our current emphasis is to help the impoverished communities of Honduras, Panama, Ghana and Nicaragua. Each Brigade Program will hold one or two trips per year. We will recruit dedicated students, engineers, nurses, pharmacists, dentists, doctors, and other professionals to volunteer on each trip. Along with their Brigade Program, students will visit several community projects that aim to also better the quality of life in these impoverished areas.Rene Loboglobal.brigades@utmsu.caSDG3, SDG4, SDG6, SDG8, SDG12, SDG13, SDG14, SDG15, SDG16
University of Toronto Policython (UTP)St. GeorgeUniversity of Toronto Policython aims to educate and challenge students interested in Policy and Government, Diplomacy, and related fields by holding an annual Policython. This event combines the educational insight offered by MUNs and the fast- paced, high pressure nature of hackathons to allow students to put their abilities and skills to the test in a fun and fulfilling way. At the end of the event, participants will have created a policy brief to be judged by experts and potentially awarded., Additionally, UTP’s educational mission is to equip students looking into careers related to government and diplomacy with beneficial knowledge and skills on diplomatic tools of government through Policython training. , UTP is committed to making U of T an inclusive environment. The policies proposed must be progressive and respective of marginalized populations facing significant obstacles both domestically and internationally. We are also committed to accessibility and will hold these missions central to all club actions moving forward.Miu Huuoftpolicython@gmail.comSDG4
University of Toronto SDG Student Hub (UTSDG)St. GeorgeThe official SDG Student Hub of the University of Toronto. Our mission is ensure that all students and faculties in the university are aware of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), understand their importance to the wider community and have opportunities to take action towards their implementation.Li Ching (Valerie) Chiuvalerie.chiu@sdsnyouth.orgSDG8
University of Toronto Students Digital Society Collective (DigiSoc)St. GeorgeUofT Students Digital Society Collective is a community at the University of Toronto that facilitating open discussions on societal impacts of technology. The mission of our club is to provide a safe space for students to educate themselves on technology and its impacts on society.Ruhika Sriharshauoftdigisoc@gmail.comSDG4
University of Toronto Women’s Student Association (UTWSA)St. GeorgeOur mission is to equip self-identifying women with effective resources and empower them to tackle their goals. Our objectives include the following: - Bring awareness to the social gaps and lack of opportunity in the professional industry for self-identifying women and provide a space to facilitate this conversation at the university level. - Form a community wherein students can find a safe space to seek advice or support through our tailored programming while empowering members to seek out new experiences within and beyond post-secondary education. - Educate and encourage the University of Toronto community to broaden their knowledge and practice allyship through participating in campaign initiatives and events which promote female empowerment.Krisha Mansukhaniuoft.womens@gmail.comSDG4, SDG5
University of Toronto: Women in SportSt. GeorgeA community for woman-identifying student-athletes competing or having competed at Varsity, Club and/or Intramural level, that provides them with a supportive environment to share their experiences, meet new friends, celebrate their achievements, and have access to resources and opportunities that will facilitate their success as athletes, scholars, coaches and volunteers in sport. It will also provide them with an environment in which they can discuss issues which are particularly prevalent within the woman-identifying athlete community such as, but not limited to: body dysmorphia, mental health, inequality, life after sport, time management, careers in professional sport, respect and recognition.Lauren Dundeelauren.dundee@mail.utoronto.caSDG3, SDG5, SDG10
Unload (Unload UofT)St. GeorgeUnload is a non-profit, student-run organization in Ontario which offers a platform for undergraduate students to share their mental health issues while also providing them meaningful opportunities to get involved and network on campus. The U of T Chapter of Unload strives to empower its students to prioritize their mental health so that they can excel in the academic, professional, and social aspects of their lives. This will be achieved by establishing an organic connection with the student body through outreach and events/activities hosted by the Unload UofT community. The goal of Unload Canada UofT is to establish a sense of community among the student population that is built on a sense of belonging and care for one another. Unload UofT envisions a community where each student feels safe to express themselves without fear of judgement. Unload UofT will work as a platform which encourages students to empower one another by focusing on the importance on mental health.Maytal Lazarovicmaytal.lazarovic@mail.utoronto.caSDG3
Urban Design Association of the University of Toronto (UDAUT)St. GeorgeUrban Design Association of the University of Toronto (UDAUT) is a research based, interdisciplinary group, specializing in crossovers of urban planning, architecture and landscape design. The Group’s objective is to achieve academic and research exchange seamlessly between nations, schools, various disciplines and subject matter while building relationships between students, professors, and professionals through the medium of academic research and contemporary issue discussion. http://www.udaut.orgZhiyuan
Urban Studies Student Union (URSSU)St. GeorgeThe Urban Studies Program at the University of Toronto aims to provide students with a multitude of lenses through which to observe, interpret, and understand urban life., The Urban Studies Student Union (URSSU) is the student union representing those in the Urban Studies Program and is a part of the larger Arts and Science Student Union (ASSU). Its executive is composed of elected undergraduate students who organize urban-focused academic and social events, provide peer support, and raise awareness about urban issues.Ian Hwangurssuinfo@gmail.comSDG11
UTM ACADEMIC SOC - Concurrent Teacher Education Society (CTES)MississaugaA group designed to bring together students who wish to pursue a career in teaching.Patricia Clerigoctes@utmsu.caSDG4
UTM ACADEMIC SOC - Student Association of Geography and Environment (SAGE)MississaugaThe Student Association for Geography and Environment (SAGE) at UTM is an Academic Student Association. The Society not only represents the Geography and Environment student body, but also extends to other students who share a common interest in either subject. We're here for all UTM students but most importantly for Geography, Environment and GIS students to network, get academic help and to have lots of fun together. We work together with our Geography Department, our Academic Skills Centre and our Recruitment Office to ensure that our members are fully equipped for any need that may arise at any time during their university career., Our prime goal is to bring Geo-Enviro interested students together under this club and to get them involved and active through a series of events, whether they be academic events, such as our informative Graduate Preparation Semairs, or social events, such as movie nights, hikes, and BBQs. , We are constantly striving to expand and improve our Geography community at UTM as well within our own home of Mississauga. We have a fantastic Faculty that works endlessly to help put the students first, as well as work on projects that benefit our community.Sydney Millersage@utmsu.caSDG13
UTM AFFILIATE - Sexual Education & Peer Support CentreMississaugaUTM SEC offers a number of free and confidential services to students of U of T at Mississauga. The services currently offered include: phone-in service, one-to-one peer counselling, library services, general information, referral services, and Sexuality Awareness Week. , Drop-in Centre: The Sexual Education and Peer Support Drop-in Centre is staffed by trained volunteer peer counsellors. Feel free to visit the Drop-in Centre during our operating hours, please check for availability (currently posted on the door). The Drop-in Centre provides general information, one-to-one counselling, referrals, free condoms and lubricant, free literature and pamphlets, and reference books and videos (lending for University of Toronto students). All visits to the Centre are free and confidential. The peer counsellors accept without judgment the diverse range of human sexuality and recognize that all people benefit from open expression of sexuality, supported by a safe and accepting atmosphere. ,Taylor Maccaroneutmsecanonymous@gmail.comSDG4
UTM AFFILIATE - Women's CentreMississaugaThe UTM Women's Centre is a non-profit organization located on campus. Our mandate is to increase student awareness on issues pertaining to contemporary women at both a local and global level. , The center offers various events and educational workshops available to staff and students throughout the school year. The UTM Women's Centre is an excellent place to hear about upcoming events that relate to women's issues both on campus and in the community.Amrit Gill SDG4, SDG5
UTM Psych Talks (PT)MississaugaUTM Psych Talks hosts student-led discussions on psychology or psychology-related topics, in order to initiate further academic discussion outside of the classroom. Our main goals are: 1. To discuss topics of contemporary relevance by welcoming a variety of psychological and educational perspectives. 2. To encourage credible sourcing and critical thought of discussed topics. 3. To provide a space where students feel safe and supported to share personal experiences relating to the topic.Bernadette Costautmpt@utmsu.caSDG4
UTSC Stem Cell ClubScarborough“Stem Cell Club aims to improve the quality and quantity of membership on Canada’s stem cell donor database. Our work improves the chances that patients in-need of stem cell transplantation will find the one match they need to save their lives. In addition to our efforts to advance stem cell donor recruitment in Canada, our group works to advance Canada's blood health, including through blood donor recruitment and by supporting the activities of Canadian Blood Services. Altogether, our work promote the health of Canadians by improving Canada's blood and stem cell supply for patients in-need of these treatments. , In addition, our club trains students to advocate for patients in need of stem cell transplant, and to develop leadership and teamwork skills. We instruct volunteers to secure informed consent and to identify and correct medical errors.Karen Barbozautstemcellclub@gmail.comSDG3
UTWind (UTW)St. GeorgeWe are a self-directed group of students at the University of Toronto who will design, build, test, and compete a small scale wind turbine! Besides designing, our mission is to learn more about wind energy and to pass that knowledge on to new students, to prepare more young professionals for this rapidly expanding field., We also aim to raise awareness more generally about wind energy and the potential it has to improve quality of life in developing communities. Wind energy is a great way to power our world without polluting it, and we want to be involved in making that happen!Suraj Bansalandrew.ilersich@mail.utoronto.caSDG7, SDG14, SDG15
Veg Club (Veg Club)St. GeorgeThe University of Toronto Veg Club is a student-run group that promotes Meatless Mondays across campus, hosts veg-friendly events, as well as supports and educates others about veg*n diets, for the sake of the planet, our health, and all animals. All U of T students, alumni, and staff practicing a vegetarian/vegan diet, along with those curious about the lifestyle, are welcome!Kim St-Cyrvegclub@utoronto.caSDG3, SDG4
Veterinary Medicine Club (VMC)St. GeorgeUofT’s Veterinary Medicine Club aims to bring students interested in the veterinary field together. Although not limited to only those who want to pursue a career in veterinary medicine, our main focus is to have resources and information made readily available for students who are preparing for and eventually applying to vet school. We will hold bimonthly information meetings to discuss anything and everything in this field from newest technologies, drug therapies, current research, surgical procedures, patient cases, vet school applications, to discussing opportunities for volunteer placements. Some of the events we hope to have include trivia nights, documentary nights, guest speakers, a field trip to the zoo’s new wildlife health centre, touring the Ontario Veterinary College, attending seminars and workshops, and raising awareness for issues and charities such as the Toronto Humane Society. This competitive field requires hands on experience and this club additionally hopes to provide a place for networking with professionals in the field. We want to help students passionate about veterinary medicine to learn from each other in a friendly and encouraging environment; It can be very difficult for aspiring veterinary students and we hope to make this journey a little bit easier.Sarah Havmc@utoronto.caSDG3
Warmworkers UTMMississaugaWe are a group that focuses on helping the homeless in the GTA by leading them to an independent lifestyle. We do so by providing essential items for survival, fundraising and donating and raising awareness.Alain Estefanosalain.estefanos@mail.utoronto.caSDG8
Water Environment Association of Ontario- U of T Chapter (WEAO UofT)St. GeorgeThe purpose of the student chapter is to promote student interest in the water environment and to provide an avenue for professional development and exchange of information between chapter members and members of the WEAO. Student chapters liaise with WEAO through the WEAO Young Professionals Committee for the initial chapter set up, training, and also for the coordination of joint events, such as technical seminars and site tours.Sourojeet Chakrabortyweaouoft@gmail.comSDG6, SDG13, SDG14
Water.Org University of Toronto Scarborough Chapter (WOUTSC)ScarboroughThe purpose of University of Toronto Scarborough Chapter will be to raise awareness of water scarcity and fundraise to provide access to sanitation and healthy water for people across the world. University of Toronto Scarborough Chapter will focus on organizing fundraisers, events, advocacy campaigns, and more to ensure that the not-for-profit organization is actively represented at UTSC.Syed Turab Hasansyedturab.hasan@mail.utoronto.caSDG3, SDG6, SDG14
Women and Gender Studies Students' Union (WGSSU)St. GeorgeWGSSU acts as a source of information & support for University of Toronto students, working to combine student activism with academic studies., The WGSSU at the University of Toronto provides students with the opportunity to develop friendships, work relationships, and a strong academic learning environment. Each year, the WGSSU organizes several events, both academic and social, for the undergraduate student body in Women and Gender Studies., Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Choiwgssu.utoronto@gmail.comSDG5
Women and Trans CentreScarborougha) To consciously raise awareness and promote education about feminism as defined as the following: ?a movement to end sexism and sexist exploitation, and oppression.? , b) To provide resources and references on women?s issues pertaining, but not limited, to feminism, health, and equity., c) To provide an open and anti-oppressive space at the University of Toronto at Scarborough., Our goal at the Scarborough Campus Women's Centre is to improve the condition and status of women at the University of Toronto., Who are we?, Our administrative body is comprised of the Women's Centre Collective: a group of women acting together to organise and maintain the Centre., Who is it for?, All students, faculty, and staff at the University of Toronto are welcome to use the facilities and to participate in all our events., What do we do?, We are committed to raising awareness about the following issues:, Cultural Awareness & Anti-Racism Sexism Women's Health Homophobia Violence against Women Eating Disorders The Women's Centre provides a comfortable and safe environment in which all students are welcomed to enjoy., Do you need to talk to someone with a sympathetic ear? Do you have questions about sex, pregnancies or other related subjects? Do you need a liaison with other campus groups or community organizations? Do you need a referral service about issues concerning women? Do you just need a pad or tampon? If you answered 'yes' to any of the above questions, you've found the right place.Shagun Kanwarfinancecoordinator.wc@gmail.comSDG3, SDG4, SDG5
Women in Business Association (WIBA)ScarboroughWe are committed to providing opportunities that offer skill enhancement and foster the development of a professional network so that we can accomplish our goal of supporting women beginning their business career. This would be accomplished through our podcast, our mentorship program, skill-building workshops, and networking event.Freni Jivaniwiba.utsc@gmail.comSDG5
Women in Computer Science, Statistics and Mathematics (WiCSM)ScarboroughTo create a community of female students that are typically marginalized in CSM. Essentially we are a group that creates communal, academic, and skillful events that are organized to work towards enhancing inclusion and diversity in the CSM community as our top priority.Sheeza Azizwicsm.utsc@gmail.comSDG5
Women in Law (UTM WIL)MississaugaUTM Women in Law aims to empower women in the legal profession and strives to build a community among future women law students and lawyers while providing opportunities for them to connect with legal professionals. UTMWIL also aims to increase the conversation around how women are affected in the legal profession by raising awareness through social media platforms and interactive discussions.Neha Sharmautm.wil@gmail.comSDG5
Women in Science & Engineering (WISE) at U of T (WISE)St. GeorgeWomen in Science and Engineering - University of Toronto (WISE U of T) is a co-ed student organization open to all persons in the University of Toronto community. We are a recognized campus organization that hosts a broad range of activities throughout the year including professional networking opportunities, community outreach events, a high school outreach program, and an Annual National Conference. We work to create an inclusive community for our members to share their experiences and advocate for gender equality in STEM.Khadija Ranapresident@wiseuoft.orgSDG4, SDG5
Women Stronger Together (WST)St. GeorgeUniversity of Toronto's Women Stronger Together strives to create an inclusive and empowering community for students along varying points of their wellness journey who are seeking mentorship, peer support and are wishing to learn more about women’s health. WST matches general members based on common fitness interests with a “fitness buddy” or mentor/ mentee and also hosts virtual seminars, allowing members to interact, support each other on their fitness and wellness journeys and build everlasting bonds with other members.Rhidita Sahawstuoft@gmail.comSDG3, SDG4, SDG5
WomenatthecentrE University Of Toronto Chapter (WATC UofT)St. GeorgeWomenatthecentrE is a non-profit organization that works to eradicate violence against women, women-identified, gender queer, 2-spirited and trans-identified people through personal, political and social advocacy. As the only organization created by survivors, for survivors, we use our shared experiences to help change public perceptions and policy., The UofT chapter serves to increase knowledge and spread awareness around gender-based violence in the UofT community by assembling resources and planning events that make this information accessible and digestible across campus. To create a safe space for survivors to report and share their experience, and provide a support system for their recovery, To initiate meaningful collaboration between the University of Toronto and WomenatthecentrE.Tiffany Apaawatcuoft@gmail.comSDG5
Women's Health Collective (WHC)St. GeorgeThe Women’s Health Collective (WHC) is an inclusive student-run initiative that aims to promote the health and well-being of women on local and global scales. Specifically, the underlying and motivating objectives of WHC are: 1. To arm women with information that empowers them to lead healthier lives; and 2. To spark meaningful, cross-cultural discussions on the healthcare challenges that women face. Through community outreach, health promotion workshops, and research symposiums, we seek to foster a community of healthy and empowered women.Mariam Zaidimariam.zaidi@mail.utoronto.caSDG3, SDG4, SDG5
WomINclusiveSt. GeorgeWomINclusive U of T aims to provide a networking and discussions platform to visible minority women in various industries. Statistics Canada describes visible minority as “persons, other than Aboriginal peoples, who are non-Caucasian in race or non-white in colour”. Our events include speaker series and networking events on how women from minority groups can challenge the status quo, battle workplace discrimination and establish a place for themselves in the world of business. The larger aim of the club is to mobilize people from different walks of life in fighting the battle against intra-gender discrimination together. People of all backgrounds are welcome to attend the events.Parnian Puramatwominclusive@gmail.comSDG4, SDG5
World University Service of Canada (WUSC)ScarboroughOur purpose at World University Service of Canada (WUSC) UTSC local committee is to foster human development and global understanding through education and student refugee sponsorship. Student Refugee Program (SRP) consists of supporting students fleeing war or persecution in developing countries to continue their studies in Canada. The WUSC committee will enhance the educational, recreational, and cultural environment of the University of Toronto Scarborough by providing: - First hand knowledge about refugee issues; - Skills to organize, fund raise and carry out public engagement activities regarding refugees and education; - Opportunities to put social consciousness into action; - Development internship opportunities with WUSC/Uniterra; and - Opportunities to attend conferences and leadership trainings.Yumna Vaidutsc.wusc@gmail.comSDG4
Yayra Si Youth Foundation Canada (YSYF UTSC)ScarboroughYSYF UTSC will support the mission of Yayra-Si Youth Foundation (YSYF) to amplify the rights of women and youth in Ghana for economic, educational, and health development through advocacy and action. YSYF UTSC will fulfill this objective through fundraising, outreach and youth mobilization.Tanzeel Sultansyeda.een@mail.utoronto.caSDG3, SDG4, SDG5, SDG16
Young Leaders in Public Health and Medicine - UTSC (YLPHM UTSC)ScarboroughYLPHM - UTSC is a chapter of a greater organization named YLPHM. It is designed to aspire young leaders in public health and medicine with a platform to learn leadership skills and provide experiences and skills which will be useful for their bright future. The aim of this club is to serve the community through initiatives surrounding medicine and public health. This will accomplished by using resources such as our connections to the people in the public health and medicine industry to provide seminars for undergraduate students on various topics. These include getting into the industry, career panels, and general information surrounding how undergraduate students can succeed in their future career paths. For more information on events, resources, and leadership opportunities, be sure to check out out social media pages! We also encourage you to check out the Tri-campus YLPHM pages, as we work alongside them for many public health and medicine related initiatives.Bisma Aliylphm.utsc@gmail.comSDG3
Young Leaders of Public Health and Medicine (YLPHM)MississaugaYLPHM- UTM is a chapter of the greater YLPHM organization. Our mission is to improve the world by providing future doctors and public health officials with the experience and opportunities they need in order to succeed. We hope to educate our community by holding workshops and career panels, as well as shining a light on those that made medical advancement before us.Katherine, SDG4
Young Leaders of Public Health and Medicine- University of Toronto St. George Chapter (YLPHM UTSG)St. GeorgeThe overall mission of this club is composed into two parts. The first is to serve the community through initiatives surrounding medicine and public health. We will do so by hosting fundraisers where people can purchase products and the proceeds will be donated to various community groups. The second part of our mission is to use resources such as our connections to the people in the public health and medicine industry to provide seminars for undergraduate students on various topics. These include getting into the industry, career panels, and general information surrounding how undergraduate students can succeed in their future career paths. How we intend to raise money for fundraisers for community initiatives is to reach out to specific organizations and create an event surrounding their cause so that we can collect donations. How we intend to use our connections is to reach out to a variety of organizations and create meaningful relationships with them so that we can ask them to offer their expertise. Since we are a chapter, the organization will be reaching out to us on a monthly basis providing us with resources that they have found and checking in on our process. They have given us free reign of what direction we want to lead the club in however, we are required to comply with the organizations’ guidelines. The product of our group is a community of students who are interested in public health and medicine who are getting involved with their community and receiving valuable information about career paths that they have considered. We are trying to send the message of community building and career enhancement.Katerina Bavarobavarokaterina@gmail.comSDG3
Youth Support Network (YSN)St. GeorgeYouth Support Network (YSN) aims to provide an opportunity for youth with physical and mental disabilities to communicate with each other and with other non-disabled children in order to form connections while also learning. This will be done through monthly educational events for the youth to allow them to engage with YSN group members and amongst themselves (ie. science experiments). YSN also aims to establish a speaker series with professionals that work in the disability field to educate and promote justice for disabled youth communities. YSN also aims to fundraise for charities that support youth with disabilities.Parnian Puramatysn.uoft@gmail.comSDG4, SDG16
Zero Waste University of Toronto Mississauga (Zero Waste UTM)MississaugaZero Waste UTM - encouraging more sustainable lifestyles on and outside UTMCamille Jutardzerowasteutm@utmsu.caSDG12
α - Helically Educating Life-sci Induced Challenge-Enjoying Students (α-HELICES)St. GeorgeOur club’s mission is to assist first years with their transition into university. We will host pre-midterm/exam seminars for the life science courses that students often find the most challenging. Each session, we will go over sample questions from past tests and clarify the trickiest/most tested concepts for each course. We hope to present the material in a way that makes it most accessible to students of this generation– via both standard lecturing as well as millennially-relevant memes, metaphors, and student discussion. As all our instructors have first-hand experience with these courses, we believe we understand what students are struggling with the most. We hope to become an integral part of student success in life science, allowing for student discussion and Q&A, all in a highly productive study setting.Stephanie Chuanguoft.helices@gmail.comSDG4
Graduate Environmental Students' Association (GESA)St. GeorgeThe Graduate Environmental Students' Association fosters a sense of community at the School of the Environment, and represents graduate students’ interests within our programs.Prarthana Narayanangesa.utoronto@gmail.comSDG13
Rotaract Club at the University of Toronto ScarboroughScarboroughRotaract clubs are part of a global effort to bring peace and international understanding to the world. This effort starts at the community level working up. Rotaract will focus on organizing a variety of projects and activities with the focus of professional development, leadership development, and service.Aliza KhaitinrotaractatUTSC@gmail.comSDG16
University of Toronto Mississauga Global Health Organization (GHO)MississaugaUTM Global Health Organization (UTMGHO) is committed to global health promotion by providing insight to health disparities and promoting careers in global healthcare fields. The club will help students with knowledge of healthcare, health equity, building networks, and gaining insight into the many interdisciplinary fields of global health. The club is meant to provide a learning environment for growth and development of students in the UTM community while providing the opportunity for involvement in global healthcare systems.Sara Yoshimiglobalhealth@utmsu.caSDG3
UTM Rotaract ClubMississaugaThe main objective of Rotaract is service – in the community and throughout the world. Rotarians build goodwill and peace, provide humanitarian service and encourage high ethical standards in all vocations. The Rotary slogan is Service Above Self. The purpose of Rotaract is to provide an opportunity for young men and women to enhance the knowledge and skills that will assist them in personal development, to address the physical and social needs of their communities, and to promote better relations between all people worldwide through a framework of friendship and service.Dina Bahramigiuliana.bertoia@mail.utoronto.caSDG16
Green Hope FoundationGreen Hope Foundation is a youth led Not for Profit registered in Canada and with operations in 25 countries.

As a global social innovation enterprise, we combine grassroots action with advocacy at the highest levels of policy making to create a just, equitable, peaceful and nuclear-weapons-free world. The anthropogenic impacts of climate change and biodiversity loss disproportionately affect regions and communities least responsible for it – amongst them young people, the old and the infirm, women and girls, indigenous communities – most of whom are from the global south. Our actions are therefore driven through a human and planetary lens, built on the pillars of multilateralism, collaboration and intergenerational solidarity.

We use Education for Sustainable Development as a transformative tool to empower youth and adults alike, providing them with the knowledge, skills, attitudes and behaviors to think and act for a sustainable future. We use innovative communication modes of Art, Music, Dance, Drama Sport, Eco-Fashion and Writing as well as STEM education in our interactive workshops and conferences, and supplement these with ground level action campaigns that target the accelerated implementation of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals. Our actions are guided by the United Nations mandate of “Leave No One Behind” and our engagement programs are especially directed towards the empowerment of the world’s most marginalized sections such as refugees, orphans, the destitute, COVID-19 affected communities and the homeless. The issues that we focus on are Climate Justice, Social Upliftment, Land Degradation, Clean Water & Sanitation, Sustainable Consumption and Production, Peace and Nuclear Disarmament, Gender Equality, Biodiversity Conservation, Clean Energy, Future Justice and rebuilding better through the creation of local circular economies.
Kehkashan Basukehkashan.basu@mail.utoronto.caSDG4, SDG5, SDG6, SDG8, SDG10, SDG13, SDG15, SDG16
CAFFIENDS at Victoria CollegeSt. GeorgeCAFFIENDS is a student-run, volunteer-operated cafe at Victoria College in the University of Toronto. Caffiends not only educates volunteers on social justice issues and the importance of purchasing Fair-Trade, ethical products, but also fosters an intimate community where students can study, relax, and interact. We have levy status at Victoria College and sit as an honorary member upon VUSAC.Sharon SDG16
Green Chemistry InitiativeSt. GeorgeThe Green Chemistry Initiative (GCI) is a student-run organization based in the Department of Chemistry in the University of Toronto. We aim to provide green chemistry resources in order to promote sustainability in chemistry research and education.

Since the start of the GCI in September 2012, we have established ourselves as a reliable source of green chemistry information by hosting an ongoing Seminar Series, an annual Workshop or Symposium, and a weekly Trivia Challenge. Through these regular events, we cover a large variety of topics related to green chemistry and sustainability, which demonstrate applicability across all areas of chemistry and draw in audiences with diverse backgrounds.

We have a large group of members who are all passionate about promoting green chemistry. Everyone's personal interests have also allowed us to branch out and grow our list of projects, including: undergraduate curriculum development, a video series on green chemistry, community outreach events, proper disposal of chemical waste, and energy reduction campaigns, among others in development. For a more complete description of each initiative, check out our list of current projects here.
Matthew Gradiski green@chem.utoronto.caSDG4, SDG7, SDG12
University of Toronto Environmental Law Club (UTELC)St. GeorgeThe Environmental Law Club is made up of students interested in learning about environmental issues and exploring opportunities in environmental law. We host social events that allow students to connect with their like-minded peers, as well as educational seminars that seek to inform them about environmental legal issues and the practice of environmental law. In doing so, we strive to promote a vibrant environmental consciousness at the Faculty of Law.utenvirolawclub@gmail.comSDG4, SDG13, SDG16
Greenpeace University of Toronto Local GroupGreenpeace Student Network is an alliance of passionate leaders, fighting against environmental crimes and injustices with grassroots power.

We are a faction of Greenpeace, whose core values are
-equitable sustainability
-empowering people everywhere to act
-a respect for nature

We organize locally and act globally! Come and join us for our first meeting here on campus, and join in the fight for a sustainable future!
Aalialeila PaixUTGPSN@gmail.comSDG13, SDG16
UC Sustainability CommissionSt. GeorgeThe UC Lit, also known as the University College Literary and Athletic Society, is the student council of University College. It is the oldest democratically elected student government in Canada. The UC Lit aims build a strong community by enriching the everyday experiences of its students, both academically and extracurricularly. The Sustainability Commission is dedicated to making University College more vibrant, green, and environmentally responsible by encouraging more sustainable practices both on council and throughout the UC community.sustainability@uclit.caSDG13
Clean SMCSt. GeorgeClean SMC is an environmentalist club whose mission is to fight global warming and climate change at the micro-level.
Currently working towards a Carbon-Neutral Campus!
Sustainable Engineers AssociationSt. GeorgeSustainable Engineers Association aims to provide students, professional engineers, and all in the field of STEM and beyond with greater knowledge, passion, and experience with evaluating their field through a sustainability lens. As a team, we collaborate on initiatives to implement sustainable change on and off campus. We also promote critical thinking and a multidisciplinary approach to engineering problem-solving. We hope to advocate and provide a platform for all to engage in conversations and opportunities concerning the health of our planet, social justice, and innovation.chair@sea.skule.caSDG9, SDG16
University of Toronto Human Powered Vehicles Design TeamSt. GeorgeThe Human-Powered Vehicles Design Team (HPVDT) is a student organization at the University of Toronto that is focused on the design and construction of innovative, high-performance, human-powered vehicles. Our goal is to provide students with practical, hands-on experience in engineering design while promoting efficiency, sustainability and the use of human power as a means of reducing society's impact on the environment.Calvin Moeshpv@hpvdt.skule.caSDG9, SDG13
Rotman Net ImpactSt. GeorgeRotman Net Impact is the principal student club focused on sustainability at the Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto. RNI has continually been at the forefront of positive change. It is the local chapter of an international community of more than 60,000 students and professional leaders creating positive social and environmental change in the workplace and in the world. Spanning six continents, Net Impact membership comprises of one of the most influential networks of MBA students and professionals.

Our mission is to inspire, educate and collaborate with Rotman students to harness the power of business in creating social and environmental impact, and to help them secure rewarding careers in sustainability.
Isabella Brito Gondimnetimpact@rotman.utoronto.caSDG4, SDG13
Oxfam Canada at UTSCScarboroughEnding global poverty begins with women's rights
Our Vision: A just and sustainable world

Our Mission: We fight inequality and patriarchy to end poverty and injustice
ocutsc@gmail.comSDG1, SDG5, SDG10, SDG16