CECCS 2024 Sustainability Summer Internship Program

We received many excellent applications from non-profit and government organizations to host full-time sustainability summer internships. Thank you to everyone who took the time to prepare and submit an application!

CECCS will be funding a total of five internships this year, listed below. Check this website often for the job posting ID numbers. These will be added as the positions are posted on the University of Toronto Career & Co-Curricular Learning Network (CLNx) for U of T students and recent graduates to apply to.

2024 Sustainability Summer Internships

  • Programs and Curriculum Intern, EcoSchools. CLNx job posting ID#: 235882. Application deadline: April 12, 2024
  • Environmental Science Intern, EcoSpark. CLNx job posting ID#: 235966. Application deadline: April 11, 2024.
  • Sustainability Summer Intern, City of Toronto Environment & Climate Division. CLNx job posting ID#: 236114. Application deadline: April 14, 2024.
  • Food Access Intern, Malvern Family Resource Center. CLNx job posting ID#: 235911. Application deadline: April 18, 2024.
  • Zero-Waste & Green Economy Projects Specialist, Toronto Environmental Alliance. CLNx job posting ID: 236457. Application deadline: April 30, 2024.

2024 Call for Host Organizations

Applications from host organizations are now closed.

Interested in being part of the University of Toronto Sustainability Summer Internship Program?  

The Committee on the Environment, Climate Change and Sustainability (CECCS) will provide up to $15,000 to non-profit community and government organizations to hire a full-time University of Toronto student or recent graduate (within one year of graduation). The summer internship term periods start as early as May and extend to the beginning of the fall semester in early September.  

Sustainability Summer Interns will support the host organization by using their term to work on a specific sustainability project or challenge facing the organization. The program’s purpose is to provide U of T students and recent graduates with work experience inside non-profit and government organizations addressing real-world sustainability challenges in the community.   

The deadline for host organizations to apply was March 1, 2024.  

Applications will be assessed on the following criteria:  

  • Clearly articulated, viable and compelling sustainability project or challenge for internship.   
  • Clearly articulated and compelling anticipated contribution, roles and responsibilities of intern.  
  • Clearly defined nature of supervision and engagement with host organization to provide support and mentorship (e.g. regularly scheduled supervisory and/or team meetings, opportunities for team collaboration).   
  • Clearly articulated and compelling expected output, outcomes, and impact.  
  • Differentiation/complementarity with existing internships. Proposals that address any United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, and/or human well-being dimensions of sustainability are strongly encouraged.  

Accepted host organizations must send internship job posting for approval by CECCS before posting. A template job posting is available below.  

Accepted host organizations must post the summer internship opportunity on the University of Toronto’s Career & Co-Curricular Learning Network (CLNx) platform, an online resource for students seeking work opportunities. CECCS can assist with application review and candidate selection, if desired.  

Accepted host organizations must sign a legal letter detailing mutual responsibilities to ensure both the student and partner organization benefit from the internship program. Interns will be expected to provide CECCS with an end-of-internship report detailing their work with the host organization. Participation in networking events with other interns organized by U of T is strongly encouraged.       

Successful host organization applicants will be notified by April 1, 2024.

For further information, please review the below Sustainability Summery Internship FAQ document, or contact kristy.bard@utoronto.ca.